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What diid you get from Santa?

Posted: 31/12/2012 at 14:57

He has gont lovely silky hair & I DON'T fantasize about him. He's my son, what sort of a weirdo do you think I am? 

I do my running in the rain!

Posted: 31/12/2012 at 14:44

I love running in the rain, oh absolutely! It's beautiful. 

What diid you get from Santa?

Posted: 31/12/2012 at 14:42

I don't celebrate Christmas at all, no interest in it but I did ask one thing from Santa ...

That my beloved 18 year old son, who I absolutely worship, be happy & the same about my ex, (son's dad), who I also worship. The 2 greatest men in trhe universe (apart from Waylon Jennings!)

I couldn't give a hoot for materialistic things as long as my boys are fine! 



Posted: 03/12/2012 at 02:00

Oh I had an odd dream of my son last night! He's 18 & I've never heard him intentionally swear yet, honestly. But a couple of nights ago when I was driving my bus & he had finished his shift as a bus driver he came round with me until I clocked out of the garage at 12.50 am this morning & he accidentally said the f-word althought he didn't actually mean too as he hates that word., I was playing him up jokingly as I drove & it just slipped out, which made us laugh even more. Then as we were cashing up at the garage my brother, also a bus/coach driver was playing him up & they were laughing & joking so my son started chasing him around the room.

In reality my son is a walker but he's not a runner. He walks seven + miles at a time 

During the night I had this dream where he was an undercover agent of some sort, maybe CID or CIA or something & he was chasing this bloke who was running hard to get away from him & my son ran twice as hard & caught him up at a twelve foot tall wire fence. Man could go nowhere else. Nowhere to run. My son was coming out with the most foul language while chasing him & trying to get him to stop, calling him every name under the sun!

He was gasping for breath & doubled up for air but my son, as he would in reality, stood there with his hands on his hips not even breathing one hard breath!

He's my hero in life & hero in this dream as I've never actually seen him run, only walk! His lovely silky collar-length black hair was flowing as he ran!

It was a lovely dream! No idea who the baddie is! 

Jocky Wilson RIP

Posted: 03/12/2012 at 01:48

R.I.P Jocky. A true sportman & a true gent. Gone but never forgotten.

What's good and bad about your job?

Posted: 03/12/2012 at 01:47

As a bus & coach driver ... good things: 1:Some of my workmates are total w****rs but most are ok, some are good personal friends of mine. Most I connect to on Facebook. A few I socialize with off duty.

2: Good genuine passengers who stick with us through thick & thin. We appreciate them!

3: While the pay isn't that good, it's not that bad either. A lot more than some people get. 

Bad things: 1: Passengers who do nothing but moan & groan & abuse us no matter what we try to do for them.

2: Workmates who do nothing but moan about their 'rubbishy' job. There are thousands on the dole who would happily do it for them AND be paid for it too!

3: Our management! Our Union is brilliant & do a good job but the management are self-obsessed!

So there's good &  bad things involved with our industry but I love driving buses & coaches It's a job & a wage which I appreciate.

big girls run too!

Posted: 03/12/2012 at 01:31

I'm only 5'1 & about 12 stone so I'm no skinny minny but I know how to run & walk 22 miles without stopping for any more than a couple of minutes at a time!

It's only recently that my workmates on the buses have discovered my 'secret life' & some are shocked. They come out with 'oh, YOU run? What, Every two night for 22 miles at a time?'  

Urmmm  yes!

'But you can't because your fat!'

I CAN & I DO, so there! And I'd rather be fat than obnoxious! 

I look at their thin or skinn frames & say 'you are slim, you have a lovely figure (to both male & female) but come on a 22 miler with me & we'll see who is the fittest of us!'

They suddenly decide they urgently need to go on duty or make a cup of tea!

My husband & ex think I'm lovely as I am & my son, slinky, does seven + miles walk at a time but they don't believe him about his walking as he's so slim & slinky, they think he'll break! 

However I do draw a line at shorts & sleeveless running wear. It's sweatshirts & trousers for me at all times while in public even though I run alone in the early hours in the pitch black!

Astrology - do you believe?

Posted: 03/12/2012 at 01:18

Try Nora, (American), nice looking middle aged lady with gray hair. 

Her information is spot on & I've signed for her daily horoscopes in my e-mail inbox.

Russel Grant is another.

Yes, I believe.


Staying in contact with your ex partners.

Posted: 03/12/2012 at 01:15

I love my ex! He's a great & brilliant man. Always has been, always will be. 

We had our 18 year old son, both of us worship him, he's grown to be just like his dad, intelligent, hard working, humourous, totally lovely. I'm dead proud of them both.

My husband is best of friends with my ex, which make things a whole lot easier for all four of us. All of us work together as bus/coach drivers for the same company!

Long live my Nick! (ex)

Having a Damn Good Cry When Running

Posted: 03/12/2012 at 01:00

Something happened to me in 2010 which rocked me completely. I'm married but fell deeply & desperately in love with a lad I work with.

We are best of friends & text each other almost every day, often in the early hours as we're both night owls. We work together several times a week. He loves me to bits & shows the most exceptional emotions to me, I love him so deeply it hurts, it really does, but he could never love me back in the way I so desperately need him too. I'd marry him if I ever had the chance.

                                               He's gay.

                                               He's 29 years younger than I am.

I have cried my heart up to him twice in the two years we've known each other, once literally on his shoulder & the other via mobile, telling him I love him deeply as a friend, work mates, my own flesh & blood (I love him like a younger brother) & he has totally accepted it & often hugs me & shows other physical emotions like holding my hand & gently stroking it, but I can't ever tell him my TRUE feelings .   I'd lose him forever. That would kill me.

I'm in tears each day, each night for life now, & running & walking alone beats things out of me. 

Because I can't tell him exactly how I feel I can't channel those feelings & emotions, they have nowhere to run too so it builds up & has me in tears.

I rely on my running/walking for miles at a time to get me through it, alone, early hours, I can cry my heart up while thinking of him in ways I shouldn't. 

We don't find love, it finds us, & it squiggles beautifully around inside us but love can also be seriously cruel & torturous at times ... 

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