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IM Lanzarote 2017

Posted: Today at 16:36
Not sure after the Haria and Rio climbs you will want to ever see your bike again in Lanza

PSOF Championships 2017?

Posted: Today at 15:29
MC - my nan has one of those Tombola things at her OAP home, I'm happy to put all the races into it on little bits of paper and live streaming the big draw.

IM Lanzarote 2017

Posted: Today at 15:11
Oh and only 33 weeks to go.....

IM Lanzarote 2017

Posted: Today at 15:10
Sunnysider, we'll be flying from London on the Wednesday and coming back on the Monday if that helps and will be staying at the Ocena village like we did this year. PM me if you want a chat about anything

PSOF Championships 2017?

Posted: Today at 15:05
I think the not wanting to go back to places we have been before rules is in purely to stop the Outlaw being the champs every year as it will always attract 20+ pirate entrants.

IM Lanzarote 2017

Posted: Yesterday at 17:01
Welcome to the party Sunnysider Phil

PSOF Championships 2017?

Posted: Yesterday at 15:47
Hamburg has a 15hr15 cut off, could make thing interesting.

PSOF Championships 2017?

Posted: Yesterday at 14:17
Easily sorted, we exclude all races we have had previously, so Outlaw is we out as it was the champ race in 2012.

PSOF Championships 2017?

Posted: Yesterday at 12:26
Maybe next year, we should just open a thread in April, where everyone can put forward their suggestion for the next champ race and then we vote on it, here on RW. The one with the most votes by end of May wins.

PSOF Championships 2017?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:03
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