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Options for Kit

Posted: 20/11/2016 at 19:04
M...eldy wrote (see)

Fusion do some nice kit, for me it doesnt seem to fit

Raceskin do our club kit and that *feels* quality

I for one do believe that we should explore other avenues, it should not be taken as a personal attack on anyone, just a natural evolution.   LG is so behind the times in respect of lead time and exchange rates and to some extent prices and minimum order, most of the companies that I contacted had a minimum order but they were made up from different kit items

I have recently dealt with kit from Impsports, personally do not think the kit is up to our standard and sizing was a massive issue, the size 10 was childlike.

I know Posh Twat had some very nice kit made up, I am sure he will be happy to share and of course Rich M was more than happy also to guide us through a process ...

I will say tho that the cycling jacket from yesteryear is still standing the test of time, the only criticism is that it is totally black on the back, i'm all for safety and the second run of all yellow was much better although harder to clean! 






The tri suit PT had made was from Cuore, it is amazing, both in look and quality, the price is steep but if it last a few years its worth it.

I showed it to people in Lanza and at Outlaw, got a good response.

We agreed at the start of this thread to get a selection of other prices/quotes and examples of other suppliers....as far as I can see no one else has done this.

People can recommend any number of other kit suppliers but it needs people to do something about it.


IM Lanzarote 2017

Posted: 08/11/2016 at 16:03
Crooky, your dropping into this thread a bit too much........

IM Lanzarote 2017

Posted: 26/10/2016 at 20:31
Oh and less then 30 weeks to go......

IM Lanzarote 2017

Posted: 13/10/2016 at 10:15
Do it Crooky!

IM Wales 2017

Posted: 10/10/2016 at 10:52
Wales? Go and find a big hill and ride up it a lot, then run up and down a lot.

Awesome race.

IM Lanzarote 2017

Posted: 10/10/2016 at 10:50
Ah man, can't believe that.

IM Lanzarote 2017

Posted: 09/10/2016 at 12:06

But they do open said bar early the day after for us, like 7am early.

IM Lanzarote 2017

Posted: 08/10/2016 at 09:26
It's got a hot tub.

is there a kit order this year?

Posted: 07/10/2016 at 21:04
Missed the official one for 2016 pal, new one opens in about Feb I think but will not be here by Lanza, I wouldn't have though.

IM Lanzarote 2017

Posted: 07/10/2016 at 12:46
Wednesday to late Monday for us
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