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Tell me it gets easier!

Posted: 25/08/2015 at 22:23

I am going to try to work on my speed a little bit tomorrow for the first time, I'll not be massively faster but I'm going to try to up it for a few hundred metres then slow again etc.  Just as a bit of a change from running my usual route at the same pace.  I'm used to running as slow as I can to make sure I complete the distance so I'm not sure how far I'll get doing this but I'll have a go!

Good luck Pez for your half, let us know how it goes.

Tell me it gets easier!

Posted: 24/08/2015 at 22:12

Thanks Jonjay, it's frustrating isn't it?

I have some sort of good news though - this morning I ran 6.5k!  My longest ever!  The first three kms were horrendous, actually the first half km was horrendous, but I told myself I would be so annoyed all day if I didn't manage to do it all.  And actually the last couple were probably the easiest!  I think it's because I knew I was nearing the end and mentally it was easier to just push on for that last little bit.

Have started to get a niggly pain in my leg/hip though......hope it doesn't turn into anything bad.....

It is helpful to read that other people are in the same boat - not to wish problems on anyone but it helps to read that others have come through similar things.

I might try to do a parkrun or two before the 10k - if I get irritated trying to avoid dogs and small children in the park, I'll not know what's hit me when I have to run along side thousands of other people! 

First 10k race in 4weeks and still only run 5k!

Posted: 23/08/2015 at 19:46

I'm afraid I don't have any advice because I'm in exactly the same position!  Due to run a 10k in a few weeks and seem to be stuck at 5k.  Good luck, and here's hoping what they all say is true - that the adrenaline on the day helps you round.  

Let us know if you find anything that helps!

Tell me it gets easier!

Posted: 23/08/2015 at 18:25

Oh, I'm not in any way aiming for 10 yet!  I've been trying to get to 6 for the past few runs and am struggling getting to 5 even though I've done it before.  I find myself stopping more than I used to and once I do that it's fatal because I then find it harder to get going again.  I just can't seem to distract myself from the fact that I'm running, and I'm still concentrating on getting to each marker in sight.  I thought I'd be past that once I'd completed the couch 2 5k 

This morning I went out aiming to do 6km - I managed three then had a walk break which turned into almost a km, then I found it hard to get my legs running again after that.  My progress seems to be all over the place - I seem to take a big leap forwards, then have several bad runs, then another step forward, then some back etc.  I suppose as long as I'm progressing overall it shouldn't really matter, but after a bad run I think at least the bad run's out of the way this week, then I have two more after that as well!  

On the plus side, a couple of months ago I'd have been delighted to be saying I "only" managed 3km in a bad run!!

Tell me it gets easier!

Posted: 23/08/2015 at 15:49

Right, who was it that said going from 5k to 10k is easier than building to 5k?  I want a word with you.........



I just can't seem to get past 5k!  I've done it a few times now, and actually surprised myself when I timed it and found it took 33-ish minutes - I was pleased with that!  I didn't think I could possibly run any slower.  But since then it's felt a real struggle.  I've even moved my route from a hilly one to a flat one but I just can't seem to get past this point.  I need help!

I know everyone gets bad runs every now and then, but lately it feels like 3 out of 4 of my runs are bad, with the odd decent one thrown in.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong!  I'm plodding along as slow as I can (I mean it, I probably walk faster than I "run").  I've got this 10k in six weeks and I'm really starting to panic!  I just hope I'll be able to get round it. 

It's really disheartening to feel like I've hit this plateau.  Anyone else been in the same position, and did you manage to get past it ok?



Tell me it gets easier!

Posted: 10/08/2015 at 20:04

Thanks loopyloulou, it feels great to reach a milestone, doesn't it?!  I know what you mean about the runners - I used to see them all out and about and wonder how they managed to do it and now I'm out with them!  Although I'm sure I don't look anywhere near as graceful as most of them.... 


Also congrats Niknak for finishing the couch to 5k!  We're all doing so well, even if I do say so myself!

Tell me it gets easier!

Posted: 10/08/2015 at 18:46

Just read your post loopyloulou, and I wouldn't worry at all about not running 5k in 30 minutes!  I would just be pleased that you can do one or the other.  I've only in the past week been able to manage 5k and I'm nowhere near doing it in 30 minutes.  But I don't particularly care, not at the moment anyway.  That will come in time.  But congratulations on getting to the 30 minutes!  You should feel proud, because it isn't easy!  And I bet when you started you couldn't imagine you'd ever be able to run for that long - I know I didn't! Just keep going and hopefully one day we'll be posting our sub-30 5k times!

Tell me it gets easier!

Posted: 10/08/2015 at 18:39

Hi everyone, not been in here for a few weeks, been away and not had a lot of chance to run.  So when I got back into it a couple of weeks ago I had taken a bit of a step backwards, but thought that any run was better than no run.  I was struggling to get to 20 or even 15 minutes where previously I'd managed 25 so was a bit disheartened, but then suddenly a few days ago I decided to just go out and run for as long as I could round a 5 km route and not worry about time.  And I did most of it!  Walked for 0.5 km in the middle up a hill but ran the rest.  Then today I ran the full 5 km!!  My first ever!!!!  I am so happy! 


I don't know why or how I managed to suddenly make the leap from 15 minutes last week to 35 this week but I'm not complaining!  I think it helped that for the first time I didn't follow the couch 2 5k podcasts and just listened to my own music, going by distance rather than time.  When I last used the podcasts I had done week 7 but was really struggling to get past 25 minutes and hadn't even managed that the last few times.  Now I don't really see much point in going back to weeks 8 and 9 because I've done 35 minutes twice since then, so I'm going to count that as having graduated! 


I'll not pretend the 5k is easy - I really struggle in the last km although I manage to speed up for the last couple of hundred metres (when I can see the end in sight!).  I'm hoping to do it a few more times then try upping one of my runs a week.  I've gone and signed up for a 10k which is in exactly 8 weeks, and I'm petrified I will not be ready by then.  But it is keeping me pushing on, because otherwise during the last two runs I would have normally stopped long before I did.  Knowing that I have this race to aim for made me keep going and that's how I ended up getting to 5k. 


Anyway, sorry for waffling, I'm just really excited!  I'll need to go back through and catch up on everyone's progress.  Welcome to the newcomers too! 

Tell me it gets easier!

Posted: 09/07/2015 at 11:25

Ah, really disappointed today.  Was supposed to be doing 25 minutes which I've already done twice, but only managed about 18 or 19 minutes.  I don't know what was wrong but I just wasn't feeling as comfortable.  My legs were screaming at me to stop from 12 minutes onwards.  I hope I am actually going to finish this couch to 5k, because at the moment it seems a long way off!

Tell me it gets easier!

Posted: 08/07/2015 at 23:08

Don't worry Emma, breathing definitely does get easier!  That is the main thing that I found to improve in the first few weeks.  During the first couple of weeks I found myself gasping for breath after each run section, and not being quite ready to run again after the walk break, but by week three or four the difference was amazing.  I found that I didn't even need the full walk break to recover.  Just keep pushing through, and remind yourself that every run you do, no matter how horrible and unbearable it seems at the time, it is helping to build your fitness so the next one will be easier. 

Jonjay, well done on your run, 5k sounds pretty good after a break - I'd love to be able to run that!

Hope everyone else is going strong and injuries are all healing

I'm out tomorrow for another 25 minute run - my third in total.  I've done it twice now so I know the first wasn't a fluke!  There's no way I'll be doing 5k though in 30 minutes.  I'd be lucky to get 4 out of it!

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