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Tell me it gets easier!

Posted: 05/01/2015 at 13:14

Thanks guys, I am glad you still remember me!  I feel really bad about not running for a while but I've been moving here, there, and everywhere and been a bit ill so I've never really had a proper stretch to get back into it.  I've signed up for a 10k in May and am already panicking that I won't be ready in time, especially if I'm starting from the beginning.  Even giving myself a couple of extra weeks, I should be finished my couch to 10k at the end of March so that gives me less than two months to get from there to a 10k.  Scary!  I don't know if that's doable.


I am looking forward to getting back into it though and having something to focus on again.  It's been a horrible few months so I'm excited about having something where I can hopefully progress every week and use that to build my confidence up a bit, in every way, not just in running.


Looking forward to catching up with everyone, and once again, well done to those who are still going. 


PS Thanks to those who have kept the thread going, when I started it I wasn't sure anyone would even read it let alone reply, and I am more than amazed that people have actually said it has inspired them.  Hopefully I will not be slacking off again and will be back to join you all in your adventures!

Tell me it gets easier!

Posted: 04/01/2015 at 20:46

Happy New Year everyone!!!! 


After a loooooong hiatus, I'm back, and feeling rather guilty.  Many life events got in the way of running/posting, but I am amazed and really pleased to see the thread's still going.  I'll have to take some time to catch up with everyone's progress.


As I've been out of it for a while, I've decided to start my couch to 5k from the beginning.  Probably in a couple of weeks as I'm away from home and without my running gear at the moment.  So, I'll no doubt be back on here with regular updates (again!) on my progress.  Looking forward to it all again and catching up with everyone, and hello to any new posters on here too


See you all soon!  And well done to everyone who's kept it up and making progress!

Completely New To Running

Posted: 10/10/2014 at 23:29

Just to echo what everyone else said about slowing waaaaay down - I feel sometimes that I'm running on the spot I'm going that slow, but it definitely helps to last longer that way.  Best of luck!

Tell me it gets easier!

Posted: 10/10/2014 at 23:18

Oh that's weird, I was just coming on here to say welcome to him. ??  Strange!

(And also to say that I am female, not male! )

Sorry to hear about your dad KattC, hope you're holding up and glad to hear that you're finding running is helping with the stress.  You're doing really well with the parkruns so keep it up!

Shedboy - congrats on the marathon place - remember to keep us up to date on your progress.

NickyMmm - I am indeed just about to start week 5 although I might do one more run of 5 mins intervals first.  It's a bit tricky now because now that I'm running for longer I need to find a more suitable route otherwise I'm going to be running round the block five times in a row!  There is a park sort of nearby but I'm not really sure if it's the safest park in the world to be running alone in so I think I'll stick to streets for now, especially as it's getting dark in the evenings and early mornings.

Hopefully be back with an update of another run tomorrow.  Have a good weekend folks x

Tell me it gets easier!

Posted: 01/10/2014 at 10:07

12 down, 15 to go!

Well I managed it!  On the third run of week 4 I actually managed to do all of the runs without walking during them, and I didn't even pause the podcast like I thought I might have to.  The start of the run was worse than usual, I struggled all the way round but I did it!  Even the steep hills right at the end when I was exhausted.  I am so pleased 

I think I might do one more run of week 4 before moving on to week 5 (which looks hellish!)  Hopefully today wasn't a fluke!  I'm not really feeling that my fitness is getting any better but I suppose it must be.  I do remember struggling with one of the week 2 runs, and those were only 90 second runs.  That would be bliss at this stage!  So maybe I am improving, albeit very very slowly.

Tell me it gets easier!

Posted: 30/09/2014 at 11:12

Well done on your park runs KattC - you're doing great with them!  Getting under 40 mins is brill, I'd love to get to that stage!

I'm not sure I'm running too fast bigeater, I honestly don't think I can run any slower, but at the last 5 min run I just feel like I've not had enough time to recover from the previous run (90 seconds walk).  I think if I could have another minute just to get my breath back I'd be able to do it, so I'm thinking about cheating a little and pausing the podcast for a minute before attempting the last run to give myself a slightly longer walking break. I would feel as though I had cheated though so I'm not sure.  I'll see how the next run goes and how I feel at the time.

I definitely do the trick of running lamp post to lamp post, or to the next wheelie bin!  Usually I tell myself just to go to there then I can stop if I want although I never usually stop, it's just psychological.  Right at the end I've found that it isn't so much being out of breath that makes me stop, it's that my legs don't feel like they can keep moving any more and it feels like they're not a part of me if that makes sense 

I do love getting a lot of hellos from all the other runners I see - a man overtook me running and turned back just to wave and say good morning which was lovely.  Makes me feel like part of a wee community, especially on here! 

Tell me it gets easier!

Posted: 29/09/2014 at 10:08

This thread's been quiet the past few days - how's everyone's running going?  I must admit this morning was my first run in two weeks, I've had a hectic couple of weeks along with ankle pain.  But no pain today, not even in my knees!  Did my second run of week 4 with the 5 min runs but I still can't seem to be able to complete all of the last run without stopping.  It's so frustrating!  I did half of it today.  On the one hand I'm annoyed with myself but on the other I'm telling myself that at least I had a go at it and managing some of it is better than nothing.  Plus it wasn't a bad effort after having two weeks off.  I'm hopefully back on schedule now although I might have to repeat this week next week because I don't want to move on until I can do all of the runs without stopping.

Hope everyone is still out there and enjoying their parkruns, shuffles, plodding etc 

PS I suppose it's still 11 down, 16 to go!  (not counting my repeat week)

Tell me it gets easier!

Posted: 18/09/2014 at 12:50

Hi all,

Welcome Searow, the more the merrier, and welcome back NickyMmm!  I've had a few days off myself due to a bug as well, am hoping to get back into running tomorrow morning.  Am going out for a walk today to see how I go.  My last run was pretty good so I'm hoping I haven't gone backwards in my few days off.  

I also bought a foam roller but I haven't the foggiest what I'm doing with it!  I googled some exercises but I still can't seem to get the hang of it.  For example, when I'm rolling my calf muscles, I need to support my weight off the floor with my hands which I find difficult after a few seconds.  Am I doing this right or is my upper body strength just really pathetic?!  Some of the exercises seem to have you keeping your weight on the ground from what I can see, but then I can't get a lot of room for the rolly movement.  I quite fancy getting a tennis ball to roll out the wee bits around my ankles because the foam roller doesn't really get into them.

Will be back tomorrow with, fingers crossed, another run done (in a new park - woo!) 

First 10k done

Posted: 15/09/2014 at 09:32

Congrats Mrs Chev, amazing time too!   Marathon next? 

Tell me it gets easier!

Posted: 14/09/2014 at 16:40

Fab news Em-68!  Sounds like you did really well.  And great time too, I'd love to have a time like that when I do m first 10k!

Went out running this morning - it's now 10 down, 17 to go!  Started the dreaded week four today with the 5 min runs that I thought would kill me, but it was totally fine and a lot easier than I thought!  I'm so chuffed with myself.  I was walking around with a huge grin on my face all morning!  Knees are better too so feeling pretty good at the moment.  I did almost swallow a high speed wasp but catastrophe was averted at the last second.

I'm still really scared about week 5 - up to a 20 minute run!!  I'm nowhere near that yet!

Hope everyone else has had a good weekend, running or no running 

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