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Just a little bit further - 2011

Posted: 29/07/2011 at 15:29

Loula - My burfday is 16th September......................Whens yours????????????????

Nice shoozies will need a wee handbag to go wiv em now...............................Emmmmm you wear them to work????????????????? LOL Very high. I like my high heels tooGot some really high ones from when I taught the poledancing.

Jude - sounds like you had a fab day and well done on your run. You are getting fast and I bet it was hot too.

Just a little bit further - 2011

Posted: 29/07/2011 at 14:43
Loula - i think Joe should treat you to that new pair of shoes you were wanting and if he is really generous a new outfit

Just a little bit further - 2011

Posted: 29/07/2011 at 14:40
Loula - I am a virgo too and cannot abide mess and untidiness. It's my weekend on for working and its supposed to be sunny Booo Never mind when 3pm comes on Monday that will be me off till the next Monday.

half mara taper question

Posted: 29/07/2011 at 14:36
Agree with what Pethhead says - no harm in doing a 5k on the Saturday.It will give you a wee boost before your race the following week and as pethead says you will be in good shape. Good luck

Just a little bit further - 2011

Posted: 29/07/2011 at 14:27
AF -Shame about the club run and hope you get out this afternoon.The speed you go at AF you could do 15 miles in no time at all LOL

Just a little bit further - 2011

Posted: 29/07/2011 at 09:49

Good Morning everyone. Your all up with the lark as usual.

I have been to the gym for my weight session - not running today but going to parkrun in the morning and hoping my time will be on the up again  Then its work for me at the weekend Boooooo

Loula - that sounds like a good plan about meeting your friend at the latter part of your run.

Chili - you are so well organised. Are you a virgo by any chance?????? enjoy your camping.

AF - Hope you have a good club run this morning. Seafront runs will be lovely.

DJ - Hope you manage your 13 miles at the weekend and glad your heel is much better.

Hello everyone else.............................Happy Friday

Just a little bit further - 2011

Posted: 28/07/2011 at 16:15

LOL Loula Its amazin how those miles clock up when you don't think about it. Just think what your mileage is goona be once your in the full throws of marathon and ultra training.

How come you got hot sunny weather..............................we have rain rain rain but its fairly warm just not sunny.Hope you get out for your run tonight.

AF -yeah when i go on hols I hope to run and do at least one 13 miler but I reckon in the end it will be just the short runs i will end up doing but we'll see. Where you off to??????

Just a little bit further - 2011

Posted: 28/07/2011 at 14:30

AF - I try to run between 3-5 times a week- it just depends on what else is going on and my weekly mileage can vary from 21 miles to 32 miles. I know its probably not that structured and training coaches would tell me I am doing it all wrong but it works for me and I am careful about injury and know what I can cope with.Well done on your 2 runs yesterday.Its quite a good way of  getting in those miles.Have been  known to do that myself sometimes but haven't for a while.

Jude -  If I did not do that run once a week I would be worried my fitness level would decrease LOL I know it won't though if I missed the odd one its just I do love doing that run and would like to keep that base for that run through the winter so as if Idecide to do the marathon next year again then I can build up my mileage easier. Well done on your run this morning. You really are making the most of your time off. When I go on hols in September I hope to get a couple of runs in. Hubby has even offered to cycle alongside me if i want to do a longer thats good but it wll have to be early though.Glad the little ones ear infection is better.

Ecky - enjoy your plod with the kids.

Welcome Nandy - you will pick up loads of tips on here.

Just a little bit further - 2011

Posted: 28/07/2011 at 09:57

Morning Everyone

Hope we are all well this Thursday morning.

Managed my 13.5mile run this morning just before the heavy rain came on and am pleased to report was 20 secs faster than last weeks run. not much I know but an improvement all the same.

I have to confess also that I to ream about running. My hubby tells me my legs never stop movin at times some nights LOL

Chilli - Don't despair at havin to stop during your short run. We all get days like that and that tummy fat - it is the last and worst area to shift.just remind yourself that you are probably the fittest you have ever been,what with running around after your kids and all the other good stuff you do.I think your superb.

AF - How you can concentrate with 4 kids around I don't know LOL Well done on your runs too.

Ecky - nice to have you back. How is everyone doing????Good luck with race on Saturday.

Spartak - Good your feeling the itch to run again especially after that race you did. A good sign but take it easy at first.

Loula - Did you get out for your run last night. Hope your work not too busy.

Joe - Glad your knee is feeling better after its rest.

Hi everyone else Have a good Thursday.

Just a little bit further - 2011

Posted: 27/07/2011 at 06:53

Mooooooooooooooooornnnnnnnnnnnning Loulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..............

Yes its sunny here to Pity about havin to work.

AF - well done on your 6.3 miles yesterday. Speedy as ever.

Chilli - Sounds like your haveing busy summer hols - Enjoy

Joe - Hows the knee today?

No running for me yesterday or today but hope to get out for a longisg one on Thursday when I'm off.

Hello to everyone else..............................Have agood Wednesday

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