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Just a little bit further - 2011

Posted: 27/07/2011 at 06:53

Mooooooooooooooooornnnnnnnnnnnning Loulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..............

Yes its sunny here to Pity about havin to work.

AF - well done on your 6.3 miles yesterday. Speedy as ever.

Chilli - Sounds like your haveing busy summer hols - Enjoy

Joe - Hows the knee today?

No running for me yesterday or today but hope to get out for a longisg one on Thursday when I'm off.

Hello to everyone else..............................Have agood Wednesday

Just a little bit further - 2011

Posted: 26/07/2011 at 07:43
Am no sure abooot the marmite bit. Cheese oh yeees. LOL

Just a little bit further - 2011

Posted: 26/07/2011 at 07:05

Goooood Moooooooooooooooooorning Boys and Gals.

Loula................cheese and marmite flavour.......................??????

Have a nice day ya all.................................................

Scottish Runners

Posted: 25/07/2011 at 20:36

Gillian - Did Edinburgh last year and this year. Enjoyed the run but was such a shambles at the end though but I washappy cos I took half hour of my time from last year.

Just a little bit further - 2011

Posted: 25/07/2011 at 20:33
Some of your lovely flapjack sounds good

Just a little bit further - 2011

Posted: 25/07/2011 at 20:32
Ooooooooooooooh yes please Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Scottish Runners

Posted: 25/07/2011 at 19:31

Gillian - well done on your 10k at Mussleburgh. That will be why you weren't at parkrun on Saturday. Shocking that Edinburgh are adding more stuff to the weekend. As you say they need to get the basics right.I am still tempted to enter though !!!!!

Just a little bit further - 2011

Posted: 25/07/2011 at 11:27

Morning Folks,

Sorry never managed to get on here yesterday.

Spartak - very well done on your race yesterday- It sounds like it was a tough one so shows great determination from you to keep going. Hope your injuries are feeling better today.

Jude - You are getting to be one speedy gal in the heat now. well done.

Joe - Hope that knee gets better.

AF - Hope work isn't too busy for you and you get out running soon.

Loula - That really is annoying about you havin to cancel some of your hols. Hope you manage to get away soon. Well done on your runs over the weekend.

Hi to Ecky,Chilli, Rachel.DJ8,Matt,SL.............................and anyone I've missed.

Happy Monday All.

Just a little bit further - 2011

Posted: 23/07/2011 at 14:00

Loula - its always good to have goals to aim for. For me I am not going to be upping my dstance of any more than 14 miles before the winter BUT aim to do my 13.5 mile run that I do in less and less time Hopefully Well thats the plan. And then at the start of the year I will be upping the distance again as I will probably do the Edinburgh marathon again for the 3rd time and will hopefully be faster than this years 4.36. I just pray that we don't get as a severe winter as last year as I hate running in the very very cold wet wind and rain and ice and snow. it was so difficult to just walk on the pavements/roads this winter without even running in it.

You will meet your 15/16 mile goal no problem as you have such commitment and you will slasha sub 50 10k time too. Don't stop believing.We can do it if we try.

Just a little bit further - 2011

Posted: 23/07/2011 at 13:15

Loula - We are so alike inthat respect - always wantin to be faster. Think we are much the samish speedwise and shame we don't live near each other as think we would make goood training/running partners. We would always be pushin each other on LOL

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