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Just a Little Bit Further - 2014

Posted: 27/01/2014 at 13:58


Nandy -well done on your 10ks .....Nope didn't get any running done but the weather was awful anyway.

AF...that's a shame about the glow run but at least you enjoyed your curry and natter. Well done on the 6 miler yesterday

Chris...Well done on your challenging run along the seafront..Hope todays one is nicer.

Had a nice 10 miler this morning and am just back from Chico walk...Coffee and rest now.

Just a Little Bit Further - 2014

Posted: 27/01/2014 at 09:38

Morning All

Mathschick..had a chuckle at your comment..Bed is very comfy but alas I was working at the weekend so no long lie ins for me. Hope you are feeling better today.

Been to gym this morning and now going to go for a wee 10 miler.

Deejay Great to hear from you and looks like you are making steady progress.

Lainey Well done on your 10 miler.AND your parkrun PB

Chris How was the 7.5 mile along the seafront?

Jo...11m/m is miles is very good.

AF How did the glow race go???

Will pop in later after my run


Just a Little Bit Further - 2014

Posted: 24/01/2014 at 08:52


Hi Jude...Oooooooooooo you get holidays today yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.Well done on your fast 10k on Mr Tready...yep treadys aren't so enjoyable but you will find it does help your outside running.

Mathschick......Well done on the non stop 4 miles.....

Waiting on bed arrival so no gym or running today...will make it a rest day.

Speak later guys and dolls.......have a great day and its

     FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY so you guys can party as its the weekend for you but not for me sadly as its my working weekend.

Just a Little Bit Further - 2014

Posted: 23/01/2014 at 16:01

Hi everyone

Welcome to lainey and well done on your interval training.

Chili..belated Happy birthday.

Loula...those ultras look amazing. you will need to come up here and train on our skyline.

MC Think it was just one of those days as feeing fine today...Mind you I am on days off so that helps...ha ha

Jude Your daughter is amazing.Hope you feel better soon.

Jo well done on the 4 miles and gym session

Sluggish And you too for the 4 sunny miles.

Nandy I have a few HM this year. the 1st one is at the end of May in Edinburgh.

AF...Well done on your speedy coastal run.

Me and Chico headed for the hills this afternoon and did 8.6 miles. He is becoming a great wee hill runner.

New bed arrives tomorrow and hope it want be so comfy that I don't want to get out of it or there will be no running done.

Have a good evening everyone. Oh AND LOULA yeah lets go for that lil trip...I have been far to good this year so far and think some nortiness should be on the cards.



Just a Little Bit Further - 2014

Posted: 21/01/2014 at 12:24


Well done on the running everyone

Chili 3 Miles is better than zero miles but please take care of yourself.

Jo Well done on your daughter getting you to pick up pace on your run

MC Hope the swim was good last night

I was at gym this morning and then was supposed to do 30 mins interval training but cut that short as really wasn't feeling that great either. Dunno why ?????

Anyway work this avvo for me until 10pm.

Have a good day eveyone

Just a Little Bit Further - 2014

Posted: 20/01/2014 at 15:58

Woo Hoo NANDY..that is a fantastic time especially as your training hadn't gone well and that the race was a tough going.Well done for sticking in when the going got rough. I am hoping to go sub 1.50 this year

Deejay. So pleased you have found a reason for your knee problem and am sure you will be up and running in no time at all.

MC Hope you enjoyed your swim

AF Wow what amazing weekend mileage.

Jude Congratulations to your daughter.

Jo Well done on your 4 miles yesterday and quite agree that the smell of fresh baked bread would be very tempting and hard to resist.

Hope everyone is well and has had a good Monday. Have a nice evening folks.

Just a Little Bit Further - 2014

Posted: 18/01/2014 at 10:20


Was going to go to Parkrun this morning but just didn't feel like it so just went doggy walking to muddy park instead and then home for some bacon and egg roll.

Nandy - I am sure you will be super fast on Sunday at your HM coz your leggies will be raring to go

MC Well done on your run and turbo yesterday.

Jo You will run a sub 2 hrs HM.......just believe in yourself and train well.

AF Sounds like your run on Friday was interesting....I love runs like that  Hope you enjoyed your curry last night and have a good child free weekend.

AND yes Boss I am gonna be a good girlie this year.......... even Loula won't be able to lead me astray

Have a good day folks

Just a Little Bit Further - 2014

Posted: 17/01/2014 at 15:17

Jo- that is a great time to be starting off with especially as you have only been running a short while and it gives you a baseline to improve on. Good to have events in the calendar to keep you motivated. Very well done.

Not sure where everyone is today but am sure they will be along to welcome you real soon.

Just a Little Bit Further - 2014

Posted: 17/01/2014 at 10:18

Morning folks

Welcome to the fun thread Jo Web- there are lots of peeps in CRAC towers who do all sorts of distances right up to Ultras.And we like to have fun and chat about anything. What is your next event? and what time did you do your half in?

Nandy-How is the training/tapering going this week for your race on Sunday?

Mathschick Sounds like you are very busy at work. Hope you get out your run soon.

No running today just gym session.

Hi AF, Chili,Deejay,Ecky,Jude,Loula, Chris,Sluggishwonder,Nandy,and everyone.

Have a good day

Just a Little Bit Further - 2014

Posted: 16/01/2014 at 14:25


Just the 5 mile run for me this morning.

Hope everyone is well

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