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Scottish Runners

Posted: Yesterday at 08:24

I'm needing to stock up on shoes too TP. Mine are all worn out and I am abotu to break out my last pair. Maybe the sales will provide a bargain or two.

I am really tired at the moment so have ditched a few training sessions, and been doing things like dozing on the train on the way home

Scottish Runners

Posted: 15/12/2014 at 12:25

We are a quiet bunch these days. I am easing back into training and being a bit of a fair weather runner and opting to use the spin bike on days the weather not good

The official photos and and video have been released for the Volcano marathon. I will post photos on my website over next day or so and get my race report out.

Here is a link to the video

Here is my blog entry covering the acclimatisation

So, got a WHW place  My 2015 is looking like this: North Pole marathon in April followed by the fling 2 weeks later (fling could be dependant upon delays etc from NP), WHW in June, Glenmore 24 in September. Just a light year then

Loch katrine entries will open on entry central on 30th December sometime mid- late morning. Also looking for marshals so if anyone fancies volunteering let me know.

Scottish Runners

Posted: 05/12/2014 at 12:53


Mmm chocs  Well done Elspeth.

I have a couple of blog entries ready to post for the volcano marathon, but am waiting on the relase of the official photos which be particulalrly slow  Might just go a head ans post with the pictures Mr FFB took which are great except he did not catch me crossing the finish.

The WHW entry is being decided over the weekend - eek!

Scottish Runners

Posted: 26/11/2014 at 12:44

I am going come down on the pro support team for WHW. having supported a really experienced ultra and trail runner last year I definitely think it should be there as an option.

DOTH is quite tempting. That could be a triple crown for me in 2015, assuming I get in to the WHW. That said North Pole Fling (entered but might no make due to North Pole), WHW and Glenmore 24, adding in the DOTH might just be a race too far

I missed the whole malaria post when reading back  My brother got amoebic disentry - not good. He had survived travelling out east easting from the street stalls, but then got ill when put into a 5* Hilton  he was in the Philipines at that point and things kicked off, so they got all the vistorrs herded into hotels at the airport and guess what .....

TP, I too am coming to the conclusion that the artificial sweeteners in sports products casue stomach issues. I do not undertsand why they have to add the artifical ones as well as the real ones.

I struggled in Chile. Eating and drinking left you gasping for air, chewing real food was nigh on impossible and the altitude supressed apetite. Blergh.

Scottish Runners

Posted: 21/11/2014 at 08:43

Boing - I'm back!

Sorry to hear that you have been unwell TP. Sounds horrible. Hope you are recovering well.

Well, that was bloody awesome 

The hardest, most gruelling thing I have ever done. Combine altitude, windy conditions, heat, epic climbs, soft sand and technical terrain and what do you end up with: altitude sickness and a finish line collapse and oxygen  

24 runners started including  6 women. 21 finished and I was 3rd woman. The worl champion stair runner from Mexico city who was marked for 2nd place dropped out, as did 2 of the Chilean runners.

So, it may have taken me an appalling 7.16, but I finished. I will get some blog entries up soon.

The Atacama is an amazing place, bleak, majestic and awesome. Mr FFB loved it too and was a regular David Bailey. We have some great photos. One of the other British runners gave him her mega DSLR camera with huge zoom lens which he went mad with, so hopefully we will get those pictures too. There will also be the official photos once the photographer gets back from Antarctica,

Good to see everyone planning for next year. I have put in an entry for the WHW  and have entered the North Pole Marathon. Neither a definite  as I have to get through WHW selection and need to sort finances for north pole which is very expensive. Looking for some corporate backing - so if anyone knows of any big corporates looking to off load some profits let me know 

Just as I was departing for Chile I got word that I had been given an Exceptional Volunteer award from Alzheimer Scotland 

Scottish Runners

Posted: 14/10/2014 at 14:47

Meant to say - update on the Loch Katrine Ultra. So, I have been a bit short of time recently which is why the 'trial' invite run only has not happened.

I have now reccied the whole route and some 'add ons'. There are a few logistics isseus around getting folk to the start, where to actually finish it. There is also the small matter of the path going through the middle of a working farm at Brig O'Turk. Been chatting with the Trossachs path person and what I might do is arrange a trial run to coincide with the official opening of the path next easter, then look to get a full event scheduled for autumn. It is going to be quite tricky to find a good time to hold it so that it does not clash with other ultras.

Scottish Runners

Posted: 14/10/2014 at 14:39

Well done TP - your marathon was almots a replica of mine including the times at halfway and finish

It was really good to see Elspeth and OH at Loch Ness especially at the finish.

I am totally at sea with my events for next year. I did not particulalry want to do the Fling again, but I am probably going to enter WHW and everyone was saying that I 'must' do the Fling in preparation. I was actually fancying the Kintyre Way, but everyone says that is too long to close to WHW. Arghhh  Problem is, that if I do manage to raise backing to to the North Pole, that is in April and I am pretty sure that 2.5 weeks recovery for the Fling won't be enough. So, I have enetered the Fling not knowing if I will actually do it. If I don't I will have to take the rsik of doing the Kintyre Way, so will probably have to enter that to ensure I have a place, so either way it is going to be a not insignificant entry fee wasted

Scottish Runners

Posted: 12/10/2014 at 17:52

Well done Samantha and 57.5  I am slowly getting back into things and have done another hypoxic session. Hoping to get a couple of weeks solid training in before a short taper into the Volcano marathon. Only 4 weeks away

Have been nominated for the Alzheimer Scotland individual volunteer fundraiser award. My fundraising now at £13.5k  Ironically the award event is on the 7th November just as I go out to Chile and hope to raise more funds

Did I say that I somehow managed to come 2nd in my age group in the SUMS long series  and 5th overall in the long series.

Here is a wee blog post for Loch Ness

Scottish Runners

Posted: 08/10/2014 at 10:11

Hi All, another extended absence on my part  LN was a disaster  Actually, collapsed - yes - woman down - at 24.5 miles  What happened? Well, no ntirely sure, but I think I went too fast and too hard with not enough recovery from Glenmore 24, and possibly not enough food.

I was wearing an HRM to get some data for the sports sicentists who are doing my hypoxic training, and really should have paid attention to the readings. Going great to 10 miles at which point I decided to eas back a bit as my HR as hitting 172ish. Still good at half way which I got to in 2.08. At 15 was beginning to feel it a bit and my HR was sitting at 177 . Anyway, I pushed it to the hill which I decided to walk. Felt fine at 20ish miles/top of hill and started to motor on again. HR was still high though. Got to 23 and felt a bit  so walked a bit then got back to running. Just passed 24 I started top feel dizzy and light headed and then at 24.5 I decided to walk again. At that point my legs went to rubber and refused to go one in front of the other and I started to stumble about. Just as a motorbike marshall arrived my legs went, I started to black out and crumpled

Sat at the edge of the road and a couple of first aiders came along. I had some water and took another gel (had already taken on at the previous water station a mile or so back). I was sure a hell not getting lifted so asked them to lift me up. They got me on my feet and steadied me and I started that awful wobbly walk that we all laugh at on You Tube. The marshall decided to tail me.

Just past 25 miles Sue Walker caught me. She was a god send. She grabbed my arm, got me walking straight and breathing properly and even got me running again for about the last 3rd of a mile.

Still managed to finish under 5 hrs, but quite a scary unnerving experience. Then had the most horrendous doms last week. The started on the Monday and did not clear until Friday

Anyway, fine now and easing back into training. Bike and weights yesterday and a run later today hopefully.

Good to see everyone else running well

Scottish Runners

Posted: 20/09/2014 at 14:10

Boing! Back

Final G24 mileage 95.03 and I was 4th lady  Still a bit disappointed with my mileage and based on the speed of my recovery I suspect I could have pushed a bit harder and bagged that extra 5 miles. Oh well, next year.

Loch Ness for me next week.

Did another hypoxic training session yesterday and did 35 mins running (slowly) on the treadmill  Coped well. Oxygen saturation went down to 61 lowest, but settled roundabout 63 to 64%. My heart rate shot up rapidly, but then settled at about 148. Stats came back very quickly after stopping too.

I have been manically busy at work and have been avoiding web and social media over the last few days.


BTW not sure if I mentioned, but the Loch Katrine Running Festival will be on Sunday 22nd March.

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