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RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 28/08/2014 at 08:40
Pink - nice to enjoy a run. Unless I'm doing a session like tempo or intervals I do most of my runs without a watch - just run on feel. I do find I enjoy them a lot more that way!

Oompa - hope yesterday's run went well.

Nightmare this morning....I think we must have a wasps nest somewhere near the house...when I went for a shower and turned the light on the shower room was invaded by about 10 of the buggers attracted to the light. So there I was under the shower and no way was I coming out (being a bit of a woos!). I made OH get out of bed and come and sort them out with the bug spray before I ventured out. Needless to say he was not best pleased (well it was 5am!). Hopefully he'll get the pest people round today to sort it out.

Hoping to get some intervals in later, although they might be postponed until tomorrow. It's my birthday on Saturday and I'm half tempted to do the YKW as a treat

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 27/08/2014 at 08:36
kfc - well done, still a great time

Been off for an extended long weekend - didn't touch my phone or computer which was bliss! Got a few good runs in including a new route for my LSR on Sunday - the more undulating part of Suffolk, quite tough in places but a nice run, 12.75 miles in total, averaging 8.22.

Back to the office today - tough getting out of bed this morning!

Will read back later.

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 20/08/2014 at 10:36
Barry - my OH keeps banging on at me not to use the treddie when I have injuries, as it means each step is exactly the same, so if you have a problem with your achilles it just goes over the same problem with each step. Better to run on uneven ground like grass - it'll hurt more initially I expect but better in the long run. Mind you I rarely take his advice myself, but there is some logic in it!

Kiwi - hope the knee settles down soon

Nell - great reps

I was on 800m intervals yesterday. Only 6 of them but I'm more keen to get some speed back rather than do loads of them. Times were ranging from 3.25 down to getting there

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 18/08/2014 at 08:29
Great mileage kiwi. And I'd agree with the others, a 10k 2 weeks out sounds like a good idea.

kfc - that sounds like a great marathon to do. I'd also go out at 3.20 pace and see what happens

Nell - nice 16, good pace too in that wind.

Windy on my run too yesterday - 12 miles, but I surprised myself with my pace - averaged 8.03, but it was progressive, and they were all sub 8's after about mile 5 or so. The last one was 7.28. Not sure where that came from but it felt good!

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 14/08/2014 at 08:48're having a slow poo? The mind boggles...anyway, I hope it was a good one

Tempo yesterday, pretty much the same as last week - average pace for the effort (3.5 miles) was around 7.20. I don't feel I can go much quicker yet over a sustained distance, but at least I'm starting to regain some leg speed. Interesting interview BTW on MT last week about running action, cadence etc - worth a listen.

Euros good again last night for the Brits. Pleased Andy Vernon got the silver - he seems like a gutsy runner, very strong but hasn't turned it into bling before now. I thought he was going to come fourth as that last lap was happening, so it was good to get the silver.

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 13/08/2014 at 08:16
Kiwi - don't forget you've had a lot longer out of running than I have - I think I must still have some residual speed from the spring marathon training. Your pace will come back

A nice easy 5 yesterday, tempo planned for later today.

How good was Jo Pavey again last night???!!!

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 11/08/2014 at 08:42
Great to see you back Oompa

kfc - enjoy the taper

Chick - hope the 20 miler went well

Nell - that's a good time in the heat. 3 seconds quicker than my PB anyway!

Pink - sounds like you're putting together some good training. Have you got a tri in mind?

Kiwi - well done on the long run

So Saturday I ventured to the gym for a treddie interval session. Managed 6 x 800 @ 6.57 pace, and they felt really tough, but hopefully the speed will come back. Yesterday was 11 miles, pretty windy and a few heavy showers along the way, but glad to get it done.

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 08/08/2014 at 13:25
Nice swimming pink & barry. Take care on the bike pink!

Hope the Spanish contingent are having a good time

O4S - a few HMs will get you back in the swing. I thought about entering a few in September/October myself but then decided against it. Norwich is 23 November, and I might do one earlier that month depending on how I feel.

Chick - that's a good pace in humid weather

My tempo run on Wednesday was surprisingly OK - the tempo bit was 3.5 miles at average 7.22. The first mile felt really quick but once I'd settled in it was OK. Today was another 6 but easy pace - very windy out there.

I should get out tomorrow (intervals, yikes!) and then looking at 11 on Sunday. Not a huge amount of miles but just building up very gradually. The weather looks like a shocker over the weekend with thunderstorms so hopefully we can dodge those.

GFA London Marathon 2015

Posted: 07/08/2014 at 14:34
I think as long as it's a UKA recognised event (or overseas equivalent) it can count, doesn't have to be chip timed. I got my first GFA from the Bungay Black Dog marathon - small event in Suffolk with a couple of hundred runners.

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 06/08/2014 at 08:46
Hi folks....

Good to see some decent mileage going on - especially kiwi on the comeback trail

Nell - that is one fast mile reps session

Chick - I knew you wouldn't resist the thought of a marathon for too long

I'm slowly getting my running mojo back. Still have pain in by feet/ankles but it's manageable and wears off so I'm keeping at it. To get my head in the game I've worked out a schedule to take me through to the Norwich Half in November - started with a trendy 5 yesterday of course! Today is a tempo session - will be 6 in total with 3-4 @ MP-ish. Mind you I'm not sure what that is at the moment, but hopefully around 7.30s. Could be interesting!
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