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Posted: 20/05/2016 at 16:34

Looking forward to the WP smackdown this weekend - hope it goes well for Gul and Poacher and may the bets man win 

I like scotch eggs too, so definitely don't want to know about Lorenzo's experience...

GD - is Dorking 10 hilly?  Couple of good club sessions there.

OO - smashing 10k 

Not a lot of interesting running from me this week - one sort of tempo and a few steady runs, plus some weights (leg press mainly).  Looks like a fairly decent weekend for running so will get out both days I expect.

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Posted: 17/05/2016 at 08:06

All this talk of ultra training makes me feel slightly inadequate! Badbark - that was a mental Saturday

Leslie - great to get a comeback race

GD - I say go for it.  Have faith in your coach!

Jools - nice parkrunning

Poacher - I've done Druridge Bay before, once when we were on holiday in Northumberland.  Lovely place, nice flat fast course as well.  Minni was meant to meet me there but she wimped out

Abbers - the new job is going well, thanks.  Longer days and I am proper knackered by Friday evening, but it's a good place.

I did a lovely 13 miles on Sunday - an out and back route between two pubs we go to (and no, I didn't stop for a sharpener!).  Some gentle hills along the way and just a light breeze was perfect.

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Posted: 13/05/2016 at 07:54

Catching up after not being able to get onto the forum all week.

SJ - wow that was some epic Fred Whitton! No wonder you puked

Great 400 reps PMJ

I'm definitely not up for any speed work yet.  Even 8min/mile feels quick at the moment.  I'm going to keep doing steady pace for another week or so and then introduce something a bit speedier. 

Anyone racing this weekend?

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Posted: 04/05/2016 at 14:03

Wow Badbark - that is a fabulous result at Belfast, and mega mileage over a couple of days!

Started new job yesterday, and joined a gym right opposite the office.  Expensive (this is Canary Wharf after all) but it is absolutely huge and very well equipped (about 30 treadmills I think).  It even has the tallest climbing wall in Europe - never given that a go but I could be tempted! 

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Posted: 29/04/2016 at 12:37

Neil - Kielder is a beautiful place to run, but the route would be very hard I think - pretty much no flat stretches.  I've not done the marathon but have run on quite a lot of the route before and it is not easy.  My vote would go to Chester!

The list is looking good.  I'm almost certainly not going to add to it for the autumn!

Ran 6 miles yesterday and 7 today, legs feeling remarkably fresh! 

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Posted: 27/04/2016 at 09:58

Do I win the prize for the worst overtaking stats? I passed 90 and 975 passed me

My legs feel pretty good today, achilles still a bit tight but apart from that no aches or pains.  Will probably go for a short plod tomorrow or Friday.

How long is a marathon?

Posted: 26/04/2016 at 09:52

27.1 in London on Sunday.  I was close to the blue line for much of it, so just shows it all goes haywire with the underpasses.  Still, does this mean I can claim to have done an ultra?

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Posted: 25/04/2016 at 16:11

So a report...

I got to the blue start around 8.30 and headed straight for the changing tent to keep warm. And although the portaloos weren't posh, there was no queue at all when I got there, and even later the queues were very short.  Overall though I think I prefer the green start - as I had expected, because I was going to be one of the slower runners off the champ start I had loads of pen 1 guys overtaking me in the first mile and I got bumped and barged a lot.  A runner was pushed over right beside me as well, lots of tripping and swearing going on! But after that first mile it was OK - I just tried to settle into a rhythm, and was running around 7.35-7.40 pace apart from the downhill bit in mile 3-4 which was around 7.00. 

So the first half was OK, although in the back of my mind I did feel I was perhaps overcooking it, tried to relax and put it out of my mind! Half way in 1.38.27.  But after that things got hard pretty quickly - I just ran out of energy, and then my hamstring started to cramp up a bit, and by mile 17 I had to stop and try and stretch it out a bit.  From that point I more or less lost the will, stopped checking the mile times and just took walk breaks every 5 minutes or so.  At one point I thought if there was a tube station right there I would have jumped on it!  But then I gave myself a talking to and just looked for mile markers and landmarks to see me through. 

My mum and sister-in-law were at Westminster, and I stopped there briefly before battling the last KM.  Rounding Buck palace my left quad went into a spasm and I hobbled down the mall and over the line.

Thankfully my baggage lorry was the first one so I could get layers on quickly.  Then a quick drink at the Red Lion before heading home for food and a glass of wine.

My Achilles are really complaining today - but apart from that my legs don't feel that bad.  I think the walk breaks have helped there!

Not really sure how I feel about my result.  I know my training and build up had been compromised, but I was disappointed at how quickly I unravelled. I'm not sure what's next, other than concentrate on shorter distances for a while.  I also need to see how much time my new job will allow for training - if I can't get the miles in there is no way I'll do another marathon any time soon.  But last year's time is good for the champ start again in 2017, and this year's will be GFA for 2018 so I have VLM as an option for at least another two years.  We'll see!

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Posted: 25/04/2016 at 15:52

LB - you held it together a lot better than I did from 17 miles!

Poacher - as above! Hope the GFA times stand

ssc - well done for that, and a great end to your race

Lorenzo - congrats on the PB, sub 3 next time!

Speedy - well done, sounds like a better than expected result

GD - great new PB, and more to come next time I bet

moof - brilliant PB with a negative split

OO - so close to the sub 3!

PMJ - solid result for you.  Why your last?

DG - massive chunk off your PB!

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Posted: 25/04/2016 at 10:41

Absolute shocker from me - 3.40.40, which included a 20 minute positive split....just goes to show you can't wing a decent marathon on hardly any speed work for the last 8 weeks.  I'll post a bit more later, but let's just say I "adopted a run walk strategy" from mile 17....

Will read back to see how the rest of you got on....but wanted to say to Jools, so sorry you didn't make the start line.  Must have been a tough call.

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