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Sub 3h15

Posted: Yesterday at 16:58

13th Feb - Rio Resort, Klerksdorp -BI - sub 3:20
10th April - MANCHESTER - SJ- sub 3.15 (if can get some miles in) Run-walk experiment

10th April - MANCHESTER - Gerard - No fixed time goal as yet, the training in the next few months will determine that.

10th April - MANCHESTER - Poacher - tba

10th April - MANCHESTER - knight rider - sub 3

18th April - BOSTON - VTrunner - sub3:15 hopefully (but training conditions may dictate); have fun above all else though.

18th April - BOSTON - MsE - sub-2:55 (if I can work out how to run downhill better)

24th April - VMLM16 - Joolska - 2.44 - 2.48

24th April - VMLM16 - PhilipMJones - sub-3 if possible, if not enjoy it.

24th April - VMLM16 - G-Dawg - Just enjoy my first GFA. Probably be too warm for sub-3.13 (PB)

24th April - VMLM16 - Lorenzo - aiming for sub-3 at the moment but will take stock closer to the time

24th April - VMLM16 - Freemers - undecided on time goal but will enjoy the champ start I hope and not disgrace myself

Sub 3h15

Posted: Yesterday at 14:36

Of course - Cheers to you too

Sub 3h15

Posted: Yesterday at 14:05

GD - if I remember rightly you ventured over to a certain wine bar in SW London from time to time in your youth 

GM - that's good running in Spain.  The weather here will hit you like a brick when you get home!

Nice double Hilly

Abbers - nothing wrong with backing off a session, better to get the miles in the bag I'd say

KR - well done on the prizes!

Mile intervals for me this morning - 4 of them with 0.25mile recoveries. As usual it was on the TM, progressive pace (first one 9.1mph or 6.35 min/mile, last one 9.4mph or 6.22 min/mile). New running shoes so nice and bouncy

Tomorrow will be a few miles in wind, and then I'm really hoping it quietens down a bit for Sunday when I have 20 planned, followed by Sunday lunch out at a local pub we keep meaning to try. Yum

I'm interested in the tips on running in Canary Wharf. When I start my new job in May I'll be based there so will be looking for routes to try - lunchtime runs mainly so 5-6 miles I would expect.  Any tips would be good!

Sub 3h15

Posted: 04/02/2016 at 17:00

GD - hope you're not getting the lurgy.  Take it easy.  You too SJ

On the mixed session I do cheat and do it on the TM so hitting the paces is pretty much taken care of.  Plus to my shame there isn't a huge difference between my MP and HMP as I probably have the worst conversion rate going (or the best depending on how you look at it).  My HM PB was set off 7.10 pacing, and my marathon PB was 7.24 pacing.  In fact when I went through half way in London last year I clocked my second fastest ever HM .  On the TM I do tend to run around 6.50-7's and just pretend I can run that for a HM - which I really should be able to do but just have never got it right! 

7 miles steady today.

Sub 3h15

Posted: 03/02/2016 at 09:03

Hilly - well done on getting out in that weather!

OO - now that sounds like my kind of trade

Abbers - nice hard mile times

Minni - great to see you! Reall can't believe your bad luck with the stress fracture.  But you sound quite chipper

And as you are here, I should say I am doing the Minni-special session today of alternating 5 mins @ MP, 5mins @ HMP for 45 minutes.  One of the best...

Sub 3h15

Posted: 01/02/2016 at 16:26

Abbers - 50 miles is pretty comparable, it feels about the right level.  I'd have 2 or 3 weeks over that normally - as I said my max ever is only just over 60 though, and I'm OK if my max is anywhere between 55 and 60 if I'm honest.

BI - living the high life

Sub 3h15

Posted: 01/02/2016 at 11:40

Lorenzo - yes, Cranleigh in Surrey. Although I live in Suffolk I have family in Surrey and love this race so come and stay with them for the weekend to run it.  It's been a great one for me over the years for pacing strategy with the various laps, and not too many hills to contend with!  The parkrun there sounds like fun (not!).

Jools - well done on the XC and team silver

Gul - 4am long run, rather you than me 

Badbark - well done on the MT podium

Hilly - wise to cut the long run short when you're feeling rubbish. Still mega mileage for January though

Birch - hope the knee isn't too bad?

Speedy - great long run, bet that was painful getting out of the car though!

My January mileage was a paltry 152, which is well below par.

17 LSR yesterday @ average 8.20, but progressive pace with last few nearer to 8's.  Legs feeling surprisingly good.  5 recovery miles this morning nice and easy.

Hopefully this week I can get out a bit more than the last few weeks and get my week's total closer to 50.  I've never been one to do huge mileage (I think my max week ever is around 62) but I do need to pick it up.


Sub 3h15

Posted: 29/01/2016 at 16:40

Intervals done

GD - I've been around and about on a couple of sub 3.30 threads mainly and ticking over I guess!  You'll like the Green start - you should get allocated pen 2 (celebs get pen 1) and so long as you get in there early you can get really close to the front.  I think it took be less than 10 seconds to cross the line last year....then it's a bit of a scrum to get past the TOWIE and Eastenders wannabe runners but you'll be running at the right pace within a few hundred metres.

Hilly - that's a lot of parkruns!  I'm a lightweight with 25 to my name - there are 3 or 4 I could do but all of them are a 50 mile round trip.  Norwich is closest but it's a madhouse there now with over 400 runners in a park where the paths aren't really big enough for that number.  I discovered Thetford and Fritton Lake more recently and they are much nicer, with a mix of terrain which I prefer.

My spring races consist of one HM (Broadland), two 20's (Tarpley and Wymondham) and one 21 (Cranleigh).  I like doing those to try some pacing strategies as I find putting MP blocks into my long runs a real struggle when I'm running on my own. 

Hope the wind dies down for the weekend - I don't mind rain, cold, snow or heat but hate running when it's really windy.  Anyway, tomorrow will be 5 or 6 easy and then Sunday around 17 or 18.

Good luck with the XC Jools and anyone else racing over the weekend.


Sub 3h15

Posted: 29/01/2016 at 09:22

Hi sub 3.15 fredders

I've posted on and off here before but aiming to do so a bit more regularly....I lurk a lot and like the fact there's a huge variety of times/speed/ambition on here so lot's to talk about!  Plus Minni's sub 3.30 thread has got really quiet .  And G-Dawg is an old acquaintance from the sub-3.45 thread so glad to see him on here  (BTW did you see Stoker has popped up out of the wilderness?!) aims right now are to get my a*se in gear to get back on track for VMLM in April.  I had a great first half of 2015 with PBs over the marathon, 10k and 5k (at the age of 46....47 now so interested in earlier comments!), the last few months of the year wern't great - a few niggles and then a lot going on at work which just meant I couldn't get out as much as I wanted.

But things are more settled - by which I mean I resigned my job and am serving out my notice, so should with any luck be able to slow down a lot (with work) and speed up a lot with running. I'm a bit behind where I was last year in terms of overall mileage and in particular speed, but did get my first 20 miler in last Sunday and that felt better than I expected. 

Marathon PB from London last year is 3.13.43.  I doubt whether I will repeat that, but something in the 3.20 area would be good.  I'll be off the champ start for the first time - something I never thought I would get to - so I want to give a good go of it and not look like I'm not meant to be there! 

Today's session is 800m reps.  For my sins I do my intervals and most tempo runs on a treadmill - work is central London with a long commute so my options are limited.  Trying to run quick on a weekday in the City is a non starter.  But I like the TM if I'm honest and it's worked for me over the years.  So 8 x 800m at 15kph or quicker should be a good session.  A trick from Marathon Talk I learnt a few years ago is to do each rep quicker than the last one and I try to stick to that.

I'll catch up later and try and keep up with the fast moving thread  


RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 26/01/2016 at 14:07

Hi folks - been AWOL from the forums for a bit with a hefty case of the CNBAs if I am honest....running sort of ticking over before Christmas but seems to be getting back on track. 

I managed the first 20 of the VLM campaign on Sunday - actually turned in a 21 as I took a wrong turn on a new route.  Felt surprisingly OK though.  I'm trying to do fewer 20s this time around, alternating them so this weekend will be something like 15 or 16. 

Speed wise I feel a bit slow but hopefully that will pick up.  My prblem though is motivation....I think because I achieved a time I never thought I could do I can't find it in me to think about getting any quicker. So not sure on VLM targets as yet - try and enjoy the champ start would be good

I have finally sorted out a leaving date with work - 6 April, then not starting the new job until 3 May so almost a month off.  Which will be a great taper for VLM and a holiday.

Will read back and find out what everyone's been up to...

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