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RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 28/01/2015 at 11:47

Carrot - yes, 2 x 20milers and 1 x 21 miler.  Not sure on pacing strategies yet - the first 20 is on 22 Feb, will probably aim for some MP miles but really just aim to finish strong.  The 2nd 20 is 5 weeks before VLM - this is the one in the past where I've done full on MP for the whole thing, but it's normally been a bit earlier and I'm thinking 5 weeks might be a bit close. The 21 is the week after that, so that will all depend on what I do for the 20! 

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 28/01/2015 at 07:58

You're braver than me putting the incline up AA

I managed a tempo run yesterday, 5 miles @ progressive pace, ending with something around 6.45 pace.  Rest day today.  I need it as I am still on the early trains this week and it is starting to take its toll!

RW F7 – aiming for 3.15

Posted: 28/01/2015 at 07:56

Brilliant session Tiny 

5 mile tempo for me yesterday - not quite so quick as you pace on the TM, starting at just over 7 and ending at about 6.45 pace.  But I felt like i could do a few more miles at that pace, so all good.  I had one of those "competitive guys" on the TM next to me who tried to keep up with my pace every time I pushed it up a notch - epic fail.  If I was mean I would have pointed out that a sprightly 20-something man should really be able to keep up with a woman old enough to be his mother... 

Rest day today

RW F7 – aiming for 3.15

Posted: 26/01/2015 at 08:11

That's a great run Tiny - excellent pacing.  I can never to MP when I run my long runs on my own - just can't get the pacing right.  But for some reason I can do it in races - I have two 20 mile races and a 21 mile race in my schedule and will use those to get some MP miles into the long runs.  In the past couple of years I've done one of the 20 mile races at MP for the whole thing - not sure I will this year as it is only 5 weeks before VLM so might be a bit too close (the previous years it was 6 or 7 weeks out which felt do-able).  Probably need to make sure I have my sensible head on that day!

I had a completely stupid weekend - hard intervals (mile reps) on Saturday, and then 20 miles @ MP+60 yesterday.  Average pace came in bang on 8.20....but boy my legs were hurting in the last few miles!  I shouldn't have done the sessions back to back like that, but hadn't been able to get any intervals done during the week and wanted to get them done.  Hopefully this week I can space them out a bit

RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 26/01/2015 at 08:03

Chick - you're getting your mileage back up there again, nicely done

2old - well done on the long treadmill run....I only resort to that sort of distance if the snow is too bad to run. Fingers crossed that won't happen this year.

O4S - well done on the prize

So after my 7 on Friday where my legs felt awful I through caution to the wind and did my intervals on Saturday. 4 x 1 mile with 0.25mile recoveries. Paces were 6.57, 6.48, 6.39, 6.31...well actually that last one would have been quicker as I increased the pace gradually over the last half mile, finishing at 6.00 pace....never seen that before on the treadmill, and it was only for about 200m or so, that was enough! But overall I felt OK.  Then 20 yesterday at 8.20 pace on average.  Legs started to feel heavy again at about 10 miles so it was tough going at the end, but lovely day for it and nice to get another 20 in the bag.


RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 23/01/2015 at 13:57

Carrot - I tend to do long-ish intervals, anything from 800m to mile reps, with very slog jog recoveries.  I don't worry too much whether I need 200m recovery or 400m or even longer! My pace on the TM gets up to 15kph, sometimes a little quicker, but I just don't have the legs for 16 or 18!  Have fun at the XC champs

Loving the raccoons Chick

7 miles easy today - lovely cold, sunny day for it. My legs felt really heavy though - not quite sure why!

RW F7 – aiming for 3.15

Posted: 22/01/2015 at 11:01

I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes to bed early. My alarm goes off at 5.20 (actually this week I've been getting an earlier train so it's a 4.50 alarm call!) if I am to function at all I need to be asleep by 10, often in bed a lot earlier. 

Well done on the snow running Tiny

Malcs - hope you're doing well, sounds like you are injured though...hope it clears up soon.

Tempo for me yesterday - nothing too stretching, 5 miles at a progressive pace.  And 6 easy this morning.


RW Forum Six - Sub 3:30

Posted: 21/01/2015 at 13:53

Some of the interval paces you lot are doing really puts me to shame.  But I was listening to a MT interview today with Lorraine Moller (NZ elite marathoner from the 80s) who is an advocate of the Lydiard training regime - basically loads of aerobic stuff and hardly any intervals which suits me down to the ground

Minni - I sent you a text with OH's email address so you can contact him about the S&C stuff.  Tri club sounds scary

Tempo this morning - never feels great first thing but good to get it done.

RW F7 – aiming for 3.15

Posted: 20/01/2015 at 07:53

Yes very impressive Tiny - too damn cold for me that time of the morning. I'll be doing a tempo session on the deaded treadmill this evening.

And of course you're on blue - I'd missed you had the champs place already - excellent. Might see you at the mile 1 merge point

RW F7 – aiming for 3.15

Posted: 19/01/2015 at 17:04
That was meant to be a smiley at the end - stupid phone! Try this one
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