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Is this your 1st Marathon, no matter which one

Posted: 29/04/2013 at 20:23

Well done Russelelly & Perezoso....fantastic times...!!

Russelelly.....u done amazingly considering your longest run was only 16 miles...!! You must be really proud...!!

I've put in for the ballot for london 2014 too...!!  

Is this your 1st Marathon, no matter which one

Posted: 26/04/2013 at 20:24


fids wrote (see)

Well done Darcy, as Russellelly said, it's the fact that you finished even when the going got tough. congrats marathoner. Do you think you'll do it again?

I'm thinking of putting in for London on Monday....!!

Thanks guys.....coming to terms with my time now and as you say....I'm a marathoner...!!

Went for a little 2 mile run last Friday to see how the knee felt.....was still really painful and I've had to have more physio hoping to rest for another week and see how it feels.

Hope everyone is training well and good luck to anyone with upcoming marathons..!! 

Brighton Marathon 2013

Posted: 17/04/2013 at 22:56
Just been reading through the posts since!! Some fantastic times and well done to all on your pb' must feel absolutely amazing...!!

I have to admit that I nearly walked away from the start line.....nerves, mixed with that fact that I had no idea how it was going to feel to run on my injured knee, almost got the better of me....if it wasn't for my O/H I really think i would have...!! I kept telling myself that it didn't matter about the time....just getting round & earning the sponsor money I'd raised was all that mattered but would have liked to finish in 5:30 (before my injury) but when told on Wednesday that I shouldn't run I tried to get time out of my head. So I started out really cautiously (probably a little too cautiously) and the knee felt ok, by the time I got to 4 miles I was quite confident in it but held myself back as wanted to make sure I made it round. By 16 it was absolute agony.....carried on to 20 and the pain was just too much so thought I'd walk for bit....prob the worst thing I could've done as it just seized up completely when I tried to get going again. Anyway, several attempts at getting going again failed miserably and I ended up finishing in 6:07.....massively disappointed...!!

The day was amazing though and I am glad I done it, support was fantastic and the atmosphere was like nothing I'd ever imagined.

I can't stop thinking about the young man that died, and since then, the Boston bombing, just so awful.

I hope everyone that has entered again next year has an even better one.....I won't be running again, although my finish time pains me every time I think of it, 'to complete a marathon before I turn 40' was on my bucket list....I have achieved that goal.

Well done, once again, to everyone....!!

Is this your 1st Marathon, no matter which one

Posted: 17/04/2013 at 14:24

Hi All,

Thought I would update post Brighton marathon.

I managed to finish...!!  But was very disappointed with my time  as my knee really started to hurt by the 16 mile point. I started out really slowly as I wanted to keep any pain at bay for as long as possible but by 16 it was really quite bad but i managed to carry on until just before the 20 mile when I thought it might be an idea to walk for a little bit but my knee stiffened pretty quickly and I found it really hard to get it going again.  To cut a long story short, I pretty much had to walk the last 6 miles but I did get to the end and I got my medal..!!  Finished in 6:07 but would've liked 5:30. It was an amazing day that I will never forget, the crowds were fantastic and there were lots of amazingly inspiring people. 

Was terrible about the young guy that died.

Sounds like everyone is getting along with their training, good luck to anyone with races coming up...!!

Brighton Marathon 2013

Posted: 12/04/2013 at 13:12
Loving this banter...!! I hope I find someone to make me laugh on Sunday...!!

Brighton Marathon 2013

Posted: 12/04/2013 at 11:55
MarkD - only if I start now..!!

Thanks've cheered me right up.....I am going to enjoy my first marathon..!! I'll be in pain at the end of it anyway, injury or not...!!

Karen Clinton - I have read so much about taking painkillers when running a marathon....bad for your kidneys etc. so was in two minds on it. Have been on diclofenac for last 2 days as my physio advised and he also said take some on the morning but I just don't want any long term effects...!!

Gonna get on my bike now and get excited for Brighton tomorrow...!!

Brighton Marathon 2013

Posted: 12/04/2013 at 11:02
Sorry Liz Joiner - just seen the info about train station - thank you.

I had no idea about this 'power station bit' what's that all about...??!!

Long or short sleeves for tomorrow do you think...? Oh my goodness....the things running through my head....must remember the mantra...!!!

Brighton Marathon 2013

Posted: 12/04/2013 at 10:38
Thanks Ryan - the mantra is working already...!!

And thanks Barbie1976 for the info.

Brighton Marathon 2013

Posted: 12/04/2013 at 09:59

I haven't seen this thread before (don't know how...!!??) but I'm running on Sunday and this is my first marathon. I'm travelling from Essex tomorrow by train to the expo to pick up my number but could only get a hotel in Three Bridges as I left it too late...!! I haven't booked any park & there a train station near the start does any one know...??

I am in a bit of a state this morning thinking about Sunday....I've trained so hard as I've never done anything like this before. I picked up an injury last week (twisted my knee climbing up my twins bunk bed ladder...!!) and didn't really notice it until I tried a 30 min run Tuesday evening. Went to see a physio yesterday afternoon, fortunately it is muscle and not ligament, and I have decided to give it a go on the advice I've been given.....if I don't try I'll never know and I'll regret it. But I'm not running now until Sunday and I'm panicking as I'm in pain from the physio....I just want to get round and am not bothered about time but I feel so unprepared now....!!! Sorry for the rant just need to get things off my chest I think...!!!

Is this your 1st Marathon, no matter which one

Posted: 12/04/2013 at 08:47
Hi all,

Thought I'd update, I went to my GP on Thursday and she told me I have pulled a ligament on the lateral side of my knee. She told me that I should absolutely not run on Sunday. I then spoke to a colleague of mine who has had lots of sports injuries (including a years rehab for a crutiate ligament) and he said to get in and see a physio before I take my GP's word for it. I was lucky enough to be able to get in and see a physio, who was recommended by a friend and it turns out that its not ligament but a pulled muscle and a tight ITT band from overuse...!! Probably the result of consecutive 15, 14, 13, 15, 20 & 15 mile LSR's for someone that really only ran 5k 3 or 4 times a week before I started training.

Having worked on my knee and thigh, the physio advised 20 minutes on the bike today to see how it feels. Plenty of ice, anti-inflammatories and, should I run, it will be painful but there shouldn't be any long term damage.

I have decided to give it a go, I will regret it if I don't try and even though I can defer my place until next year, I will be another year older, the training is so time consuming and I have a young family and a very patient husband to think of. The thought of going through it all again is not very appealing at all....!! So it's all or nothing now and hopefully I'll get myself to that finish line.

Feeling very apprehensive now though as I'm not running until the day now so won't know how it feels, full of self-doubt and can feel the panic rising if I think about it too much....!! I'm hoping this is normal..!!??
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