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Timex Ironman 150-Lap Sleek

Posted: 18 May 2010
Overall: I've had mine a couple of months now, really got it to sort my swimming splits/times. After the frustrations of bogus lap initiations caused by accidental wrist/button contact (I moved the watch to my right wrist) it's not happened since. The Tap screen sensitivity is adjustable (best set to hard).

I like it, mines gray but they come in different colours and have seen quite a few at the pool, so proving popular.

Salomon XT Wings

Posted: 18 September 2009
Overall: Great straight out of the box, never had a problem with them.

Lore Of Running by Timothy Noakes

Posted: 22 August 2009
Overall: Very usefull book to have as a reference guide

Hilly Monoskin Supreme

Posted: 22 August 2009
Overall: Normally wear Thorlos, these are great for warmer weather.
No feet problems at all during runs of up to 20 miles +
Expensive though.

Lucozade Energy Gel

Posted: 22 August 2009
Overall: Orange flavour is pleasant, could do with being more fluid less sticky otherwise not a bad product.

Asics Gel-Evolution 5

Posted: 22 August 2009
Overall: Great fit, will need to place more miles to see if they keep the injuries at bay.

Lucozade Sport Recovery Drink

Posted: 06 April 2009
Overall: Cheap but very nasy way to make your drink. Not at all like the other powder mixers and by far the most awkward of the Lucozade powder drinks.

Garmin Forerunner 405

Posted: 13 September 2008
Overall: I've had it a month and I like it, although it took a couple of software loads to get the Garmin Training Centre to load and auto update, much preferred instead of the Garmin Connect option. Ant stick option allows for an upload whilst I'm drinking after a run so when I look at the computer it's all there. I still miss the 301's visibility and robustness even though it took a time to get a signal but overall it's a good piece of kit.

Garmin Forerunner 301

Posted: 13 December 2007
Overall: Virtual Partner makes it all worthwhile, when you have to run alone. I think it's a great running aid and worth the money I paid.

Asics Gel Kayano XIII

Posted: 02 May 2007
Overall: Great value, do shop around, got mine for half RRP