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Treadmill Hire Advice

Posted: 25/11/2015 at 14:28

£19.99 / month - no contract

Treadmill Hire Advice

Posted: 25/11/2015 at 14:25

I keep looking into buying a treadmill have some great deals, a chap at work has recently bought one for £600 on interest free credit, (£20/month) and raves about it.

BUT - I have a gym membership at PureGym that is £16.99/month for life and 15 minutes walk from my house. £600 is 3 years of gym membership at that price.

There's lots of cheap 24-hour gyms around at the moment, PureGym, EasyGym, TheGym etc... Probably a much better option

Mental Struggles

Posted: 25/11/2015 at 08:51

r.e. Switching off.... I was at the gym this morning doing my normal 30-minute treadmill session after a weights workout and was very "switched-off" and daydreaming about random stuff when this thread popped into my head!

That got me thinking... I've done quite a lot of boring, flat long distance running, e.g. 50k on a treadmill, a track marathon, flat-ish looped 24-hour events. I wonder if that sort of experience helps with the disassociation.

I know a lot of people would say they'd rather swallow razor blades than run on a treadmill, or do a track marathon - but maybe the diversity and experience is worth it?

Just a thought

And r.e. thinking you can't finish a race, that's actually a motivator for me! I like to push my boundaries a bit. My "feature races" take me out of my comfort zone into a place where I'm not sure if I've bitten off more than I can chew. It's almost exactly the opposite - if I go into a race "knowing" I can finish it, then complacency becomes apathy and that's a downward spiral when things get tough...

Mental Struggles

Posted: 23/11/2015 at 19:07

amylmw - are you talking about the mental struggles or the strategies to deal with them? Or - as I suspect a combination of the two! 

The "mental struggle" is the problem - the coping strategy is a potential solution, they're different things.

Mental Struggles might be:

  • I can't concentrate on this technical trail to be able to run it quickly
  • I've done 25 miles, (of a 100-miler) - I can't imagine doing this 3x again
  • I want to sleep
  • Why am I bothering with this? It's not important to me

And Coping Strategies might be:

  • Slow down, walk a bit and eat food as you're glycogen depleted
  • Take it one step at a time, just aim on getting to the next Aid Station, top of the hill, tree 100 yards away
  • Have some caffeine / coke / coffee
  • Because I've paid £xxx for it, I don't want to let people down, if you finish then you can have a reward, (e.g. new TV)

Mental Struggles

Posted: 23/11/2015 at 14:58

I can only "switch off" on non-technical, flattish terrain. It's just about being in the moment and focusing on something other than the effort/pain and how much further you have to go. Once that happens I'll zone-out a bit and start daydreaming, generally I need a trigger to initiate this - such as counting. When it happens it's great, I think people call it "Flow" - when everything just works smoothly and efficiently.

Counting is as simple as counting on each footfall from 1 to a number and repeating, I'll never go much further than 10 before starting again. Paula Radcliffe famously uses the same technique. 

Music doesn't work for me because it's not repetitive enough - a single song on loop might work, but I've never tried it.

Mental Struggles

Posted: 23/11/2015 at 14:18

When you know it's going to be a sufferfest early on, recently I did a 100-miler and was struggling in the first mile! It took 10 hours to turn that around - and I wanted to quit for every minute of that 10 hours!

If it hadn't been for the fact I was in the USA and 6,000 miles from home I'd have gone back to bed.

As it was - I just kept it simple, one aid station to the next - and then I told myself "well, what else are you going to do today/tomorrow"?

It took 27.5 hours, but I finished

Mantras and counting work, if I can "switch off" and go into autopilot for a while that normally helps too!

Oh - and smile, say hello to other runners and volunteers at Aid Stations - you'll be able to feed off their positive vibes. Likewise, get away from anyone who is being negative 

Wasatch Front 100 race report

Posted: 27/09/2015 at 14:32

Bad luck Ben, altitude effects people differently and you never know how it's going to hit you until you try it.

i did the Bear 100 a couple of years ago which also in Utah about 100 miles north of SLC - it's similar to Wasatch and spends most time up at 8-11,000' it was my first time at altitude.

I find above 8,000' things get tougher - especially going up hills, and over 10,000' it's very hard! Since then though I've been up at those heights in Tahoe, Transylvania and  the Alps and not really noticed it as much. Maybe I'm just a bit more used to it?

if I was going to something like Hardrock I'd get there 1-2 weeks earlier to acclimatise a bit, I have friends who've used those altitude tents, the verdict is out as to whether they helped or not.

Cape Wrath 2016

Posted: 22/08/2015 at 20:56

As a bit of an appendum to this topic - yes, I did Dragon's Back this year.... and i'm doing asking King Offas Dyke 2016 which is £245. But that's non-stop, no overnight camps...

the only reason I'm doing KODR is I have loads of mates doing it, and the camaraderie will be epic. That's exactly why I did DB which, even at £750 was one of the most rewarding weeks of my life.

when you get into the epic stuff, it's about more than a tent, cup of water and sandwich, (though you get a lot more). The contacts, friends and experience really is priceless - it sounds like a cliche, and probably is. I'm one of the most cynical people around and the £750 I spent doing DB was money o will never regret spending

SW100 03/06/2016 (South Wales)

Posted: 07/08/2015 at 15:56

Good luck MTri, I'm also Cardiff-based. I won't be entering the SW100 but can vouch for the RunWalkCrawl crew having met them, and marshalled at the Vale Ultra earlier in the year. Ben and Joe know their stuff and are veterans of UTLD and Dragon's Back amongst others

You probably already know about the MCN, (Might Contain Nuts) events - ideal prep for the Brecons section and you'll meet a lot of people doing SW100 on those days. 

The Beacons are only 45 minutes away, so lots of opportunity to get familiar with the territory - especially the sections in the dark, it should be a cracking course - about time South Wales had a really good 100!

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