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UTMB points - how important are they?

Posted: Today at 11:14

Have just had a look at the Centurion Events - TP100 is 2 points, NDW100 is 4 points . As 4 is the maximum you'll never get more than that - no matter what the race, though I think something like The Spine / Dragon's Back should automatically qualify you 

UTMB is 7 over 3 events I think, which means you HAVE to do at least a 3 or 4 pointer to qualify. From the various races I've done, 3 and 4 pointers are more than a "day out in the hills" and are definitely a step-up from the 40-50 milers that you can jog around in 7-8 hours!

A little off-topic - but Western States is tightening-up it's entry criteria from next year to 100k under 16 hours or a 100m finish in qualifying races only - it's nice to see LL100, WHW, TP100, NDW100 and SDW100 included in the list though...

Downhill PB - Do they count?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:17

From Wikipedia, accuracy not guaranteed!

UTMB points - how important are they?

Posted: Yesterday at 13:57

As I currently have no ambition or desire to do UTMB or any of the associated races the points aren't of any relevance to me - however...

Where I have done races that have UTMB points, the number of points seems to reflect the difficulty of the course quite nicely, e.g. Fellsman = 3, Country to Capital = 1, NDW100 = 4 and the MCN One Day series are generally 2 each.

Having UTMB points also, (for me - rightly or wrongly) gives me the perception of a established and well organised race! I can't think of any that I've done where I've come away thinking "that was a shambles" - so, from an organisers perspective, the kudos of the UTMB logo may be worth it?

Just my thoughts 


Any Ultra Runners in Pembrokeshire or South Wales

Posted: 29/03/2014 at 22:44


Top work Jase, flying down that hill when you passed me at 50k, hope the headwind into the finish wasn't too bad.

Quality event - hope to be running next year instead of sweeping, although enjoyed the 26 miles I did today 

Photo attached of Superglue, Tash and friends at 10 miles in!


Isle of Wight Coastal Path

Posted: 20/03/2014 at 20:59

I say get on with it   as long as you're either carrying enough food and water to keep you going, or know or resupply points. Coast path running at night is no more dangerous than any other type - and for me, better as long as I keep the sea on my left/right I'm on the right route! You'll probably find there are pubs / churches / WCs with outside taps en-route, but don't count on it... I often find myself in someone's garden filling water bottles from outside taps

I did the Adventuehub Exmoor coastal ultra route, (44 miles/9,000') last weekend solo, really enjoyed it - not being in a race takes the pressure off a bit and allows you to enjoy the day!

Green Man Ultra 2014 Bristol

Posted: 06/03/2014 at 08:59

Official results up on the website

blakester - you'll enjoy Exmoor  it's a monster of a course, but fairly decent underfoot. The second loop of the 10k at the end can be tricky after several hundred runners have churned up the course!

Just breathtaking views on the SWCP, would recommend it to anyone - even though I think it's overpriced...


Green Man Ultra 2014 Bristol

Posted: 01/03/2014 at 22:28

Well, not sure how everyone else found that - but I found it a long, tough old day... Over an hour slower than last year, managed to get lost a couple of times and just found the relentless mud really energy-sapping.

still, a great event - good checkpoints, though I think an extra one to break up the big distances to CP3 and CP4 would be a good idea.

hope you all had a good day... 

Green Man Ultra 2014 Bristol

Posted: 27/02/2014 at 10:03

Only a couple of days to go - weather looks "OK", possibility of a bit of rain, but otherwise calm and cloudy looks promising 

Any updates from the locals as to conditions underfoot - similar to last year? Maybe a bit muddier in places I guess - especially in the first half?

The Gwent League is at Blaise Castle again on Saturday - so watch out for that, they'll probably have all packed-up and gone by the time I get there though...

Haha new ultra plan :)

Posted: 14/02/2014 at 21:41

Sounds really sensible - I prefer a 25:5 minute ratio on flattish courses, otherwise it's all effort based depending on the terrain - i.e, walk the ups, run the downs and jog the flats.

120 is low, I train using the Maffetone 180-age+5 which gives me a training max of 142 - but, if you're happy at that level then good news, you should be firmly in the aerobic zone at that level

one thing I found from doing lots of this sort of training last year was that I found it REALLY hard to run for an extended period as I was so used to taking walk breaks! So, this year I'm trying to run for long, extended periods at a low HR, (sub 142 for me) 

you you also might want to look at nutrition a bit, eating smaller, more often - look for 300-ish calories an hour. I find 100 cals every 20 minutes easier than one block of 300 an hour! Drip-feed it in, you should be able to digest food at the pace/effort you are running


good luck...

Thames Trot ultra 50 2014

Posted: 02/02/2014 at 05:08

Hope you all had a good day, a mixed bag of weather and terrain - impossible to have perfect clothing/shoes - I was glad of trail shoes, though wondering for the first 12 miles

kudos to Go Beyond for keeping the race on in the face of adversity, not sure I'll enter next year though, unfortunately I feel the TP I a becoming an unviable option and there is other stuff around, e.g Peddars Way / Pilgrims.

Still a good day out

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