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Nike Air Zoom Vomero 2

Posted: 30 July 2007
Overall: I hope the mark 2 Vomero addresses the durability problems, because in many ways these are a great trainer, reminiscent of older model Pegasus'. I'd still recommend them as they are but be prepared to change them pretty soon after buying them!

Science in Sport Rego Total Recovery

Posted: 20 November 2006
Overall: A recovery drink that really seems to have a positive effect. Of the three SIS drink products probably the least essential for a novice runner (I'd say the hydration drink is the must have), but very useful for serious athletes who want to recover quickly between sessions or those who struggle to eat for hours after a race.

PowerBar PowerGel

Posted: 13 November 2006
Overall: More people I know rave about this gel than any other. I know ultra marathon runners who swear by it and my brother loved them when he cycled from John O'Groats to Lands End. I used three of them in this year's FLM and felt a real boost each time I have them.

Science in Sport Go Gel

Posted: 13 November 2006
Overall: If it works for you then this is the best on the market, but personally I prefer the kick of a Powergel.

Science in Sport PSP22

Posted: 13 November 2006
Overall: 8 years on and it is still my drink of choice on a cool day before a big race. I would use it for more daily exercise but it works out to be quite expensive.

Science in Sport Go

Posted: 13 November 2006
Overall: The best rehydration / energy drink I have used and I have for many years, although the cost puts me off using it more often and is generally saved for extremes in weather or exercise effort.

Saucony Grid Trigon 3 Ride

Posted: 30 January 2006
Overall: Alternating with the Mizuno Wave Rider 8, this is the shoe I tend to wear for the long marathon training runs or runs at a steady pace. I'm sure try would be great for speed work and races but don't quite have that feeling of speed that the Mizuno's have. They are a good alternative for the Nike Pegasus if you liked the 04 model of that shoe but are not so keen on the 05 version.
This review was done after 180 miles of running.

Mizuno Wave Rider 8

Posted: 30 January 2006
Overall: A good alternative for the failing (In my opinion) Nike Pegasus if you are a supinator.
I found them superb in a recent distance race, but prefer my Saucony's for long (16 mile +) runs as they seem to have a little more cushioning.
This review was written after 160 miles of running in them.

Nike Air Pegasus

Posted: 21 November 2005
Overall: I'd like to stick with the Pegasus as I have (touch wood) had no serious injury problems with them in the 18 months I have worn them and for me I can wear them for all types of training and racing. But the durability of the 04 model and the squeaking in the 05 model may make me look elsewhere.