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Thursday 15th September 2016

Posted: 15/09/2016 at 16:55
Cx season so every week until January .

With a small break in Amsterdam as I am pace making in the half

: - )

Thursday 15th September 2016

Posted: 15/09/2016 at 14:54

I have just done the Coast to Coast with my brother. Still mainly a cyclist but ran a 35.xx 10km this year.

I lurk a little and rarely post.

What: 100mins on the bike AM
4 miles ru ning at lunchtime
Handicap tt (running) PM
Why: no real time for running speedwork so a fun event keeps the leg speed
Last hard: Tuesday
Last rest: Monday
Lyrics: yes again

Wednesday 14th September 2016

Posted: 14/09/2016 at 09:24
Usual suspects in here

Stunned to say I know the lyrics

What: hills on the bike AM
Jog lunchtime
Coaching intervals PM
Why: old runners never die we just adapt
Last hard: today
Last rest: Monday

Scotland Coast to Coast 2016

Posted: 13/09/2016 at 19:41
Well done. We had similar issues with the disorganisation.

Looking at the results and working out teams my brother and I were 6th , 3rd team and 1st vets team.

No final kayak in the 2 day.

Excellent on lots of levels but very underwhelmed at the end finishing in a sports centre.

Scotland Coast to Coast 2016

Posted: 01/08/2016 at 13:06
Ah... Reading , have cx bikes and own a van

Scotland Coast to Coast 2016

Posted: 01/08/2016 at 11:37
Sorry but I have my own bikes and tools. Nothing to chance.

I shall wear a tri suit on day 1 as nicer for running in.

On day 2 the transition is free time so I shall ride in cycling kit and them change for the final hike.

Can't help on kit I have just bought stuff.

Scotland Coast to Coast 2016

Posted: 20/04/2016 at 14:26
I will be in Salomon Speed cross

They just work well for me

Scotland Coast to Coast 2016

Posted: 26/03/2016 at 21:21
Cheers Cougie

Scotland Coast to Coast 2016

Posted: 26/03/2016 at 20:54

So here I am in Scotland and have just done the first run and first ride.
Cougie - I just left the Limus on and put 55 psi in them : ?? )

Question about tomorrow

The 14 mile run - Can you ride the course ?

I am here with my brother and he is a little done in after today so fear he may not have the legs for a 14 mile run.

Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??

Posted: 23/02/2016 at 21:16
I just carry on
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