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P&D spring marathon 2017

Posted: 04/01/2017 at 18:35

Happy New Year all. Having read back, totally in awe of the annual mileage totals for 2016. Presumably you people do other things in your lives apart from running?? Astonishing.

Also good to see that there’s already been lots of miles run in 2017. Spoons, Reg, Bluemoon, hope the injuries clear up quickly. Presumably an injury involving a PC and a toe would call for a re-boot…

Am well into week 4 of the up to 55 schedule. All good at present. Yesterday was just a recovery so as a new parkrun is starting in our area on Saturday, had a jog up the canal to have a look at the off-road part of the course. When I was almost there, met this family of 4 walking with 5 dogs, 2 on leads and 3 running free. Have to say I don’t have a problem with dogs and find that most owners are very responsible. On this occasion however… one of the dogs, a small rat-like creature, was on the longest lead I’ve ever seen, so I was well within range. It came across the towpath barking and baring its teeth, it hadn’t got many but seemed to know how to use them. Then one of the free dogs, looked like a Bull Mastiff or similar, came over to help his mate. I just stopped not quite knowing what to do. Certainly my way past on the towpath was pretty well blocked. At this stage, the guy holding the lead of the rat had done nothing, but eventually he reeled in his charge saying ‘Come on, people are allowed to jog on the canal’. The Bull Mastiff obviously thought this was a reasonable comment and also backed off. I just stood there shaking my head and the other 9 just carried on down the towpath as if this was a regular occurrence. Hope they’re not around Saturday morning to watch the parkrunners go by. Thankfully uneventful 10 mile GA today. 

Snowdonia Marathon 2017

Posted: 03/01/2017 at 17:57

Happy new year all. Was in Wales on New Years Eve for the Nos Galan races so back at the hotel seemed appropriate to enter another Welsh race. Which wasn't that easy in my slightly inebriated state but got there in the end. 2nd-timer after 2012 debut. Weather was quite nice that year.

P&D spring marathon 2017

Posted: 16/12/2016 at 11:30

Early morning slow 12 as the sun came up on the muddy towpath of the Staffs Worcs canal. Lovely day and spent a mile following a kingfisher. Obviously it had to keep stopping on a convenient branch to let me catch up. Bacon sandwich to complete a great morning.

Just a 4 mile recovery tomorrow to complete the first week. That will be parkrun with a 1 mile warm-up. Will be running the 5k at the same pace as the warm-up. Love parkrun. Still interested in trying to push the time down a bit but definitely enjoy it more when I take it slowly and can take in the atmosphere and ambience.

P&D spring marathon 2017

Posted: 13/12/2016 at 08:33

Cheers Joe. The start of these schedules certainly never gets any easier and there's lots of hard work ahead. But it feels great to to have started on another journey 

P&D spring marathon 2017

Posted: 12/12/2016 at 14:47

Well, I'm off and running. First session, 8 with 4 at H/M pace done this morning. Not easy at all but got through it. Promised myself I wouldn't, but in the end couldn't help going back on Garmin Connect and comparing it to last year. It looks pretty similar to be fair so encouraged. 

P&D spring marathon 2017

Posted: 08/12/2016 at 19:29

Can remember the Doog's home debut when he scored a hat-trick against Hull. Now, the 3rd goal.... nah, need to stop now.

P&D spring marathon 2017

Posted: 08/12/2016 at 17:40

Cheers guys, seems to make some sense.

Reg, just combines a couple of the things that have been in my life for a long time. The gold relates to the colours of the team involved and I’ve loved Eagles music for over 40 years. Have to say that the pleasure that the Eagles have given me in no way compensates for the purgatory that results from being a Wolves supporter.

P&D spring marathon 2017

Posted: 08/12/2016 at 12:29

So, the 18-week schedule for Boston starts on Monday. I know Monday is a rest day in the schedule but being retired I can shift it around a bit and I always run on Mondays. So already know that it’s 8 miles with 4 at half-marathon pace. I also know that it sounds easy and will be ridiculously difficult.

Also need to consider my approach. London in April was a means to an end to get a BQ. So I committed 100% to P&D as written. Virtually every session completed as required. Everything went brilliantly and injury free. Already feel a bit more defensive re Boston. I shan’t get another chance to run this. Whilst obviously I would love another sub-4 finish, the ultimate aim has to be to be fit when I reach the start line. The early stuff doesn’t seem to be a major problem, and obviously there is more time to overcome any niggles. What does concern me is the VO2 max stuff. Can’t help but feel that the injury risk increases over those weeks, which are also the heaviest weeks of the schedule. Will see how things go and take a view. Did 15 slow yesterday and will be over 30 for the week so feel in decent shape to get this thing underway. 

P&D spring marathon 2017

Posted: 23/11/2016 at 22:18

Have entered 4 Villages half in January which gets good reviews. Wouldn't normally look to be running a half so early but had an awful run in the Brum half in October. There were probably a couple of good reasons for that but need some confirmation that I'm getting back on track. Then have Ironbridge half in March, another I haven't done before, and Ashby 20 which really is one of my favourite races. 

P&D spring marathon 2017

Posted: 22/11/2016 at 20:03

Glad someone can count 18 weeks. Obviously I can't. So Boston schedule starts on 12th not 5th as I originally thought. 

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