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Posted: Today at 08:17
I used to work a lot in Harrow, at Northwick Park
Always amazed me that when we were buying our first house for 150k 12/13 years ago, a four bed detached in Yorkshire was cheaper than a studio flat in Harrow. And I'd think, how does anybody afford to raise a family here?

Anyway, Gordon Brown abolished Boom and Bust Ric, your diagram is redundant now....


Posted: Yesterday at 12:30

In a great misuse of percentages on the Today programme on R4 the other morning it was reported that the value of the Rouble has fallen by 100%. Which it clearly hasn't because that would mean it's now worthless.

You're on a theoretical 11 hour flight to Los Angeles...

Posted: Yesterday at 06:00
That's a remarkable improvement in your literacy skills in your last few posts Marcus....

You're on a theoretical 11 hour flight to Los Angeles...

Posted: 16/12/2014 at 20:21
I don't mind business class, it's better than first was 20 years ago. Business is light years ahead of economy, especially on a long eastbound flight where you can fold the seat flat for a good nights sleep. The cost of first isn't worth it, I was upgraded from Club on BA once. Emirates Business class is very good.

Anyway, back OT.

Hate: A screaming child, somebody with bad BO or wind, somebody talkative, I'd rather be left alone, Piers Morgan

Love. Empty seat, anybody quiet and not smelly, Kylie Minogue, Geoff Boycott, a late 1970's Stevie Nicks or Blondie, I reckon a long haul flight with Free or Bad Company on their private plane would have been fun.

Best hate songs

Posted: 15/12/2014 at 12:34

I think Flick of the Wrist was a) a warm up for Death on Two Legs and b) better

Outlaw 2015

Posted: 14/12/2014 at 22:40
Dead easy to change a cassette and they're not that expensive so try a couple of different ones, IIRC I've a 12-28 or similar on my Bianchi and my Ridley. I assume the times I'm likely to want the 28 are more than I would the 11 on an 11-25. In fact the 34/28 on the Bianchi is probably not that different to the 30/25 on my Sora Winter bike with a triple chainset. The only issue with a wider range is that you might get stuck between two cogs trying to get the right cadence but with modern 10 and 11 spd cassettes this is less of a problem than on 6 and 7 speeds. All my opinion of course.....
Outlaw is pretty flat, Oxton Bank is as steep as it gets, I'm sh*t on hills and got up it no problems. Get the right bike, the right fit is way more important and will.have a greater impact on time over an iron distance than the gear ratio, personally I'd go with a compact or semi compact and worry about the cassette later.

Outlaw 2015

Posted: 14/12/2014 at 19:09
I have a Ridley Noah that I bought three weeks before Outlaw this year, I really like it. It has a semi compact Rotor chainset though. In my opinion the top end B'Twin bikes are good value, the Ultra 920 comes with Ultegra and Kysrium Elite S for 2 grand and weighs less than 7.5kg IIRC.

So have you been wearing your Christmas jumper today?

Posted: 13/12/2014 at 11:02
Pay a quid to the charity of the year to wear one. I'll bung the tenner the jumper costs in instead.

You know you are old when ....

Posted: 10/12/2014 at 17:50

Somebody who works with me thinks I'm old because I have an ipod and don't have my music on my mobile phone, I listen to Radio 4, don't think Christmas is like the best time of year like ever and because I think Only Fools and Horses, Fawlty Towers and Porridge are funny.

Best song intros

Posted: 10/12/2014 at 17:44

Baba O'Reilly by The Who, One Vision by Queen and Honky Tonk Woman by the Stones

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