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RW emails

Posted: 07/06/2008 at 11:51
Thanks . At last count i had 294 from "sound vs silence"

RW emails

Posted: 06/06/2008 at 18:36
HI    can anyone tell me how to stop RW sending me notification e mails every time someone posts a new thread on RW caus they are jamming up my in box i have deleated about 50 or 60 already today .thanks

Sound vs Silence

Posted: 04/06/2008 at 23:29


Music definatly , but it depends who you listen to, as my name suggests i am a musician and i was professional for a few years. Any good music with a straight 4/4 beat (eg) alot of steriophonics or manic street preachers generaly rock music and keep your pace right by making sure your right leg hits the ground every time the snare drum is played. Stay away from dance music its too hard to run to caus you cant keep in time to it plus you will probably have a headache by the time you stop running , also stay away from anything with a 3/4 beat this is a waltz so unless you want to dance down the road or have a very peculiar run its no use.

To help the uneducated musicians and maby help with there running a 4/4 beat is beat that has 4 beats to a bar ie (1234) (1234) listen to the drums and if you are counting right the snare will come in on the 4 of the beat this is when your leg should be making contact with the ground. I can recommend a great song to listen to its "Times like these by the Foo Fighters " . Hope this helps a bit just remember it has to be some form of rock music its yer only man and it helps keep you going and remember if you need to stop for a breather dont do it till the song stops that way i find i am always pushing myself that little bit extra

knee pain

Posted: 03/06/2008 at 18:31


Thanks a lot for that quite indepth responce. I live in ireland if that is where your from could you recomend anyone in particular

knee pain

Posted: 31/05/2008 at 02:08

Hi Snowball

Sounds about right, the pain is not in the shin and not in the knee its kind of in between, and on the inside of the leg. The fact that i am getting it in both legs kind of confuses me . If it was in one leg i could put it down to maby a strain but it is in the same place in both legs. My brother is a semi  pro athlete and he told me that there is a ligament that runs the length of the inside of your leg and if it is not stretched correctly it can caus problems . I have started changing my warm ups and stretches and i am hoping this helps . One other thing, somthing i have noticed every time i bend my legs my knees crack (a bit like cracking your knuckles) .I know all about the fluid around joints and when you crack a knuckle some escapes and this is how arthrites sets in i am begining to wonder could this also be the problem.

knee pain

Posted: 28/05/2008 at 19:59

Thanks for your response

I was talking to a friend of mine who is a maseuse and sports psychologist and she said the road surface that i run on could also be the cause ?????? . If so then this is news to me as i have never heard that one before although i do live out in the country and run on back roads that get virtualy no traffic

knee pain

Posted: 28/05/2008 at 17:14

Hello everyone

This is my first post on this web site and i hope someone can give me some good advice. I have started running again recently having been away from it for some years , i am doing approx 2 miles a day and have been for the last 2 months. Recently i have started getting pains in the same place in both of my knees ( put your right leg out straight and cup it with your right hand roughly where your thumb falls ) . The pain is so much so that it reduces me to a walking pace . I had been wearing addidas shoes which where a good training shoe but maby not ideal for what i was at so today i bought a pair of asics gt2130 . I have not been out running in the last few days because of the pain in my knees and when i wore the asics for the first time today the pain came back . Is this somthing that will rectify itself or have i got a more serious problem and have i just wasted £80 on a pair of shoes that where recomended to me by my brother (a triathlete) and the sales person in the shop when i told her my situation . thanks

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