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Posted: Yesterday at 14:18

Has anyone seen this crazy event?

A multi-storey car park marathon? Not sure if the 71 laps include stairs or not. And what's more it appears to be full - that's just wrong on so many levels


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Posted: Yesterday at 06:53

KR - good to hear how you're getting on - you seem to be making the most of your 3-4 sessions a week.
Abbers - yes, I thought it might be easier as I'm only doing light training at the moment, but still struggling! Enjoy your 18 miler today.
GD - enjoy the celebrations this weekend.
GM - nice pace along the seafront.
Lorenzo - clocking up some miles there! 14 reps is still plenty enough.
Poacher - just close your eyes and think of your garden.
First MLR of the year for me this morning. 12 miles @ 8:09 m/m.

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Posted: 20/01/2017 at 11:02

Leslie - pleased to hear the hamstring issue is nothing serious, but don't rush things!
Poacher - a treadmill in the garden? Maybe you should design a gym-themed garden! Without garlic.
Jools - rest up!
GM - pleased to hear you're back on form. Currently aiming to do a bit of strength work each day, but the lure of the road is too powerful. 2 or 3 session a week would do nicely.
7 steady miles this morning and a bit of strength work.

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Posted: 19/01/2017 at 13:23

Badbark - congrats on the 2:49:xx in advance. Could you please send some of that positivity my way?! Nice plan, btw.
Jools - still 14 miles in the bag. Should be nicely set for your 5 mile race tonight!
Abbers - I can empathise with the lack of time - reading/posting here surely has to suffer before all the other things! Enjoy your 50 mile week.

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Posted: 19/01/2017 at 07:10

MsE - just trying to shake off a cold from Christmas.
GD - great going for your MLR and nice interval session too.
PMJ - all looking good.
GM - hope you can get out for a nice easy run.
OO - good recovery week!
SBD - 2 hours sleep at work is impressive! Not to mention a tidy 14 mile MLR. Just making the most of recovering from this cold to do some core strength work. Did a bit too much running last week and my body let me know about it!
6 easy miles this morning and didn't leave enough time to do the core-strength work

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Posted: 18/01/2017 at 06:36

Leslie - take care. Hope it's only a short visit to the bench.
Poacher - nice #gymfail. Still waiting for the book.
SBD - moving in the right direction.
GM - glad you managed to take advantage of those opportunities. I haven't let strength/core work lapse - I just never did any in the first place!
OO - brrrr. Take care out there.
So more strength work today and only time for 3 easy miles!

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Posted: 17/01/2017 at 07:08

Jools - very sad news.
Speedy - very sensible. Obviously you wouldn't be mad enough to try reading while walking (see my avatar!)
GD - good hill session. I presume it's just new to you, not one that was formed recently?!
Lorenzo - was that just a double or was it more?
Some core strength type exercises for me this morning. Good grief, I am weak and feeble! Followed by 4 slow miles to the supermarket and back.

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Posted: 16/01/2017 at 11:14

Lorenzo - yes, that's the field! However the snow didn't settle on Friday... Sorry to hear you had a tough day for the Ultra, but well done on going sub 7.
Leslie - good track work and great fast finish long run.
Speedy - I've never tried running while listening to an audio book; I guess it would be fine on a treadmill. Do you listen while running outside too? Congrats on the XC bling and good 20 miler.
GD - well done on the 20 miler in the freezing cold.
MsE - oh no!!! Hope the ankle heals quickly.
SEdan - good base building. Are you looking to start slowly ramping things up a bit now, then?
Birch - 18 wet miles is good going.
Jools - nice mileage, there. Did you find out why you were diverted?
PMJ - great effort in the XC.
OO - congrats - that's excellent racing in York!
SBD - if you can keep those niggles as bay, that's looking promising.
Poacher - indoor training - argh!
Well, no running this weekend again. I'm not waking up particularly early and I'm sure that's a good sign that I need a rest! I have a rough plan in mind to keep out of the cold and damp and do some strength/core work this week and maybe just an odd few easy runs if possible.

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Posted: 13/01/2017 at 10:00

MsE - hope the DOMS have eased now.
Leslie - churning out some stonking runs at the moment!
PMJ - good benchmark.
GM - thanks. It's not just me then! Hope you can get back to some more consistent running soon.
GD - well done getting out in those conditions!
Lorenzo - take care in the snow! I think I was a bit optimistic going straight into 2 interval sessions this week. Maybe just some short, easy runs for a week or two for me.
PMJ - good luck with the XC tomorrow.
Unplanned rest day here. I overslept! Probably should have planned  a rest day anyway as my throat is getting worse again. Snow started this morning and is settling now. I feel a field coming on...

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Posted: 12/01/2017 at 10:30

RichN - your first mara experience sounds a bit like mine! Sounds like you have a plan.
MsE - one day, I will get down to some strength/core work...
Abbers - solid steady run and 8 miler.
Speedy - probably a sensible move!
Intervals again this morning and was a bit short of time, so just 6 miles with 7x800m off 400m recoveries. Struggled a bit and felt like the lurgy was coming back! Averaged 3:10 for the reps.

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