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Posted: 04/07/2015 at 06:28

SJ - I'm glad the floor was there to catch my jaw as it dropped. I have absolutely no idea how you managed to achieve a fraction of that. Unbelievable. And a fantastically hilarious and inspiring report too. But as for your plans for the rest of the year - slacker

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Posted: 03/07/2015 at 06:43

PMJ - good progress.
GD - good running when half asleep in the heat!
SJ - ouch indeed.
12 miles this morning. Nice to be able to try somewhere different without having to plot the route, so headed along the Nar Valley way. Doesn't appear to be too well-trodden - feet got soaked. So 7 miles @ 8:21 m/m avg HR 148 and 5 miles @ 7:56 m/m avg HR 149.

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Posted: 02/07/2015 at 06:40

SJ - totally insane  - go for it!
8 slow miles this morning - avg HR 125 / pace 9:05 m/m.

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Posted: 01/07/2015 at 07:37

PMJ - sounds like a plan.
Birch - good miles. Be careful with that foot.
GD - good bike miles and good news on VLM.
GM - good lunch time run in the sun.
SJ - nice weather for a swim.
TH3 - good prep for the next 3 months.
6 miles for me this morning, including 2 x 3min efforts for a Max HR Test. Unfortunately lost the HR at some point and maxed out at 184 which was lower than Monday's tempo run! Oh well.

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Posted: 30/06/2015 at 07:18

More stats - 231.25 miles for June, which is my highest since April last year

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Posted: 30/06/2015 at 06:43

GD - good work.
MsE - take care now.
Bike It - steady progress and nice to go for a bike ride with your son.
Jools - Nice start to P&D.
Birch - sensible move. Hope it pays off.
Blisters - good running in the heat.
Lorenzo - Never mind - there's always next time.
4 mile recovery run @ 9:00 m/m - avg HR = 135, although that did include a minute trying to figure out how to unlock the watch (which I'd accidentally locked) and stop it! Ran my 2 mile loop round the estate and first time round it was 4 or 5 metres short; second time round it was more like 15-20m short.

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Posted: 29/06/2015 at 07:34

Birch - hope your foot is OK.
PMJ - good parkrun.
Blisters - great bike ride and nice steady run.
Lorenzo - you will be soon the track King!
SJ - take it easy with that recovery.
Speedy - 20 miler in the bag already - good mileage.
Finally bought a nice watch this weekend. Couldn't justify spending too much, so just got a cheap Aldi special! Went to test it out this morning. 8 miles @ 7:33 m/m. Warm-up avg heart rate 143bpm and 4 mile tempo section (6:33m/m) avg was 172 (with a max of 192 somewhere in there!) GPS worked fine. It's the first time I've ever used a HRM chest strap and  it slipped down a few minutes into the tempo miles. Still need to work out how tight to have the strap!

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Posted: 27/06/2015 at 06:58

Bike It - good progress.
SJ - take it easy now!
17 miles this morning. Out @ 8:45 m/m and back @ 7:57 m/m. 64.95 miles for the week. Next week is a cut-back one 

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Posted: 26/06/2015 at 06:18

GD - cracking bike ride.
8.6 mile progressive run this morning including 18 laps of the field starting at 9:03m/m and ending with 6:34m/m. Should be the first official long run of the campaign tomorrow - 20 weeks to go.

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Posted: 25/06/2015 at 06:43

PMJ - still a decent 5k and heading in the right direction.
MsE - nice 6 miler.
SW78 - I think generally the calculators are a bit over-optimistic when it comes to marathon finishing times, but some people do convert better than others.
TAR - good to hear from you. Enjoy the coastal race.
SJ - I must look at the photos when I get a minute!
Lorenzo - great 800m racing!
10.8 miles inc. 25 mins of drills this morning. Probably the last set of drills for me for a while as I'll start to introduce the odd tempo run to alternate with the hill sprints.

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