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Posted: Today at 06:41

Leslie - hope you find more time for running this week.
Bike It - it's all good endurance training.
TAR - Oh no! Sorry no relevant experience to share.
Birch - Yes, watch out for the tapir madness.
Jools - that is just fantastic - you must be over the moon and lots of other cliches.
PMJ - good fast running in Japan.
OO - look after that hip.
MsE - excellent result - should be pleased with that.
Lorenzo - nice sub 90 - well done.
SJ - good long run with fast bits.
(((Minni))) - hang in there.
Moof - well, we'll let you off with 76 for a cut-back week.
VTr - good 13 miler.
8 easy miles including a nice even number of strides (10).

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Posted: 20/09/2014 at 20:47

Abbers - had a slight change of plan and did 90% this week - 60% and 30% planned for the final two.
SJ - that's double bad luck - hope today went well.
Lorenzo - congratulations - good confidence booster for tomorrow.
OO - another excellent parkrun.
Moof - that makes three great parkruns! Well done.
Birch - four! Have you got a target in mind for Mable?
All the best to Jools and MsE tomorrow too.
Last long run d&d this morning - 18 miles @ 8:27 m/m (9 slow and 9 easy). Did some mental arithmetic during the run and made it 1609 days since VLM 2010 - one day for every metre in a mile! 14 days to go to Mable and counting

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Posted: 19/09/2014 at 06:16

Birch - yes, it was dark still - posted an hour after finishing. Another couple of good sessions there from you.
MsE - don't worry - I'm sure you'll be fine.
Abbers - good news.
GM - nice 5k.
VTr - training sounds like it's going well.
SJ - that's a pretty hard session - well done.
Bike It - steady progress.
Poacher - frustratingly close. Bizarre incident with the trombone.
4 mile recovery d&d.

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Posted: 18/09/2014 at 07:22

Apologies for the flying visit - must say happy birthday to PMJ, you perfect square!
11 miles with 9 @ MP (7:16m/m) this morning.

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Posted: 17/09/2014 at 06:20

Abbers - that's tough - really feel for you.
GM - 27C?! Nice running.
marrows - thanks for the tip.
SJ - good tempo session.
Lorenzo - that does kind of put me off running to work! Yesterday I had planned to do 10 strides, but was enjoying them and had time to do an extra one.
4 miles recovery run this morning.

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Posted: 16/09/2014 at 06:22

marrows - nice double.
OO - take it easy.
Leslie - ice cream recovery - yah! Steady progress.
Lorenzo - come on, admit it, you love those intervals really!
10 miles including 11 x 100m strides today. Poor visibility again today, but was determined not to let it beat me. I ended up having to stop every few minutes to wipe the condensation off my glasses!

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Posted: 15/09/2014 at 07:41

Moof - that is a tough session to end a good week of training - well done.
Leslie - you'll soon get used to the early starts!
PMJ - congrats on the parkrun win and return to form.
Birch - excellent final long run from you - I am planning one more, but maybe 18 or 19 instead of 20/21.
Lorenzo - hope you had a good celebration. No official target, but as long as I can finish in one piece I'll be satisfied. 3:14:59 or less would be nice,
OO - congrats on your parkrun win too.
Badbark - fantastic result - looking very promising for Dublin.
SJ - sounds like a hard session.
Bike It - like the easy access gate idea!
GM - nice way to round off the weekend.
13 super-slow miles this morning (9:19 m/m).

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Posted: 13/09/2014 at 08:48

Leslie - impressed by your early morning running.
Birch - yes, crossing the finish line more or less in one piece would be good too!
Badbark - so far so good - come on now!
Jools - sounds promising.
Bike It - nice running.
GM - have a nice day in France.
SJ - cracking week of training.
21 miles this morning - 11M @ 9:01 m/m, 5M @ 8:13 m/m and 5M @ 7:08 m/m.

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Posted: 12/09/2014 at 06:38

Birch - perhaps not confident exactly, but really looking forward to the possibility of standing on the start line with no injuries!
Leslie - nice early run! Fun run with your 7 year old should be just that (fun I mean, not early).
Bike It - good luck with the experiment - should be interesting.
Lorenzo - yes, it'll soon be dark when I'm finishing my runs.
Abbers - more good gym work.
Jools - recover quickly.
MsE - cracking run.
Poacher - what's the beach like?
5 mile recovery run d&d.

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Posted: 11/09/2014 at 06:28

marrows - no, I am a puny weakling. I thought I was going to strain a muscle.
Lorenzo - definitely sounds like you're starting to enjoy those intervals! Although the 24 hour supermarkets are about 3 miles away, fortunately there's one which is only 1.5 miles away and it opens at 6am. 
TAR - sneers of encouragement - lol!
Abbers - keep plugging away.
Birch - another good session. Are you starting the taper next week? I'm going for just a two week taper.
10 steady miles @ 7:31 m/m.

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