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Posted: Yesterday at 06:23

Abbers - good MLR.
PMJ - I haven't tried custard ones with chocolate tops - sound nice.
KR - good week's running.
SJ - watch out Ron Hill!
8 miles @ 7:52 m/m. Gradually increased pace to MP effort and the last 5 were somewhere around 7:34 m/m.

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Posted: 02/03/2015 at 06:18

Birch - good miles for Feb - only 49 for me!
OO - good XC running - all the best to your daughter for the nationals. My daughter doing her bike ride yesterday is 13.
PMJ - jam or custard?
Leslie - consistent as ever.
Just a 2 mile recovery run this morning - legs felt a bit heavy.

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Posted: 01/03/2015 at 19:39

JF2 - good news on the knee and great running!
Abbers - nice tempo run.
GM - get well soon!
Wool - cracking tempo pace!
MsE - oh no! Best play it safe.
GE - nicely controlled pace.
KR - great long run!
ssc - sorry to hear that.
PMJ - good parkrun progression.
Speedy - sounds like you're having a rough time. Hope the pain eases up soon.
Lorenzo - been a while since we had a nutter of the week! 27 miles is quite amazing for a training run.
SJ - nice bike and run session.
RFJ - good running and mileage.
Leslie - stonking mileage!
Jools - well done - cracking time.
SB - good loopy run.
Phew - that will teach me for not posting on a Saturday!
16 miler with my daughter went well today. Nice and relaxed run, about 8:50 m/m out and 8:10 back. No issues with the foot/ankle so green light for SSC.

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Posted: 27/02/2015 at 06:26

PMJ - good final long run. I only fuel before running on race day and usually find the previous night's meal is enough. Noticed the change to the Jantastic rule too - should please the sandbaggers!
GM - pleased to hear you're improving.
GD - congrats on the PB - sub 40 in your next 10k, I think.
Abbers - all the best for your next interview.
RFJ - hope the hamstring is right soon.
KR - great almost progressive run - you were shifting!
JF2 - hope the knee holds up.
SJ - 9 on the LSOF scale is scary.
10 slow miles d&d. Will probably take a rest tomorrow.

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Posted: 26/02/2015 at 13:03

GM - hope you can shake off the lurgy and get well soon. 
Lorenzo - if they were your first intervals for a while, then they're bound to be tough and it's all good training.
Leslie - you've put in a lot of effort through all your shift patterns. Night shifts are not something I'd fancy doing.
MsE - I'm sure you're going to have a cracking race.
Looking forward to Sunday's 16 miler - should find out for definite whether SSM is a goer. If not, then I'd rather find out accompanying my daughter on her sponsored bike ride instead of trooping down to Warwickshire only to be disappointed. Provisionally targeted 3:23:12 for Marchvelous (7:45m/m), which would be a 7min PB.
And just for the record (again!), the barbers shop officially opens at 6:00am, but someone is usually there early. It's only 1.5 miles from my house, so it fits nicely in the middle of a recovery run and I can be home by about 6:20.

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Posted: 26/02/2015 at 06:32

GD - That sounds too far, too close to your target race and, from what PMJ says, too much like hard work!
Abbers - nice 1 mile efforts. Good luck with the interviews - closer to home?
Birch - good combo session.
Leslie - another cracking run.
KR - I'm sure they were good reps. Solid MLR too.
MsE - in fine form.
Easy run to the barbers and back this morning.

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Posted: 25/02/2015 at 06:40

Apologies for the flying visit, but need to get in the bathroom before the rest of the family! 8 miles d&d - should have been 10 but I'm out of practice at waking up at 4:40am and consequently overselpt.

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Posted: 24/02/2015 at 06:25

Lorenzo - that's a cracking 8 miler. I am tempted to take your suggestion, but I am concerned that I will simply go too fast and have no idea until I crash and burn. Maybe I could use a watch for the first few miles to settle in and then go by feel for the rest?
Abbers - good MLR. Enjoy the early birthday present!
MsE - all seems fine for the moment, thanks, although I am still icing the foot as a precaution.
KR - sounds like my sort of holiday.
GM - nice weekend.
Leslie - good hilly run.
ssc - sorry to hear that.
VTr - it all be worth it in the end. My injury affected 4 weeks in all, so I'm sure it's had quite a big impact.
Recovery run this morning.

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Posted: 23/02/2015 at 06:41

Lorenzo - sounds like a good holiday and a great time in Birmingham too!
ssc - sensible decision. Hope this week sorts out your calf.
OO - good parkrunning from the OO family yet again!
Jools - good effort at the Nationals on tired legs.
MsE - nice XC running too!
PMJ - nice parkrun and 20.
GD - nicely paced 22 miler.
Leslie - top mileage and nice pace for a long run.
Minni - great progress.
Birch - another cracking long run. At the moment, I intend to run the SSM, but unlikely to be targeting sub 3:15.
Speedy - Oh no! Hope no serious damage done.Could you use a joker for Jantastic?
RFJ - some good running again.
JF2 - good 15 miler.
Wool - good long run.
6 miles d&d this morning. OVer the weekend, I went to change my Jantastic target for this week, but as March targets are now being set, that's not possible, so I'm stuck with 16 miles. Then my daughters told me and Mrs GD that they want to organise a Red Nose Day event and my younger daughter is going to do a sponsored bike ride to Sandringham and back - could I run with her? Fortunately I managed to persuade her to change from 8th March (6 days before ssm) to 1st March. It's 8 miles to the Gates at Sandringham, so that's my 16 miler sorted!

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Posted: 21/02/2015 at 06:22

GD - more good hill work. Hope the 22 miler goes well this morning.
Bike It - it's a good feeling to get out running again - hope the leg is still OK.
VTr - well done keeping positive.
6 miles and another 100% week for Jantastic completed this morning. The Spring Shakespeare is 3 weeks today, so should be starting the taper now! Proceed with caution, I guess.

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