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Posted: Yesterday at 14:09

Thanks BB.
When I was on the 'back' leg of my out and back run this morning, at around 5:45am, a car stopped and the driver asked me where the Village Hall was. I hadn't noticed it on the way through so couldn't help unfortunately. It seemed rather odd to me and then I realised sometime later that it was probably someone on their way to staff a polling station! I then suddenly remembered that I was the key-holder for our local polling station!!! Fortunately, my wife had it all in hand. Phew.

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Posted: Yesterday at 13:38

Found this photo on-line:-


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Posted: Yesterday at 13:36

Definitely worth a shot. I feel that on a flat course and in suitable weather conditions (assuming training and racing went more or less to plan), I should be capable of around 3:10. Now where are my slippers?

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Posted: Yesterday at 12:20

Oh, I forgot to say, although mentioned it yesterday, official chip time was 39:30 and I finished 103rd (close!) and 9th MV50 (even though I was 49!)

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Posted: Yesterday at 12:07

GEAR 10k road race Sunday 1st May

Report - Part II

The course then heads into the park where the local parkrun is held and I hear some cheering and then spot my family. I called out in French in honour of my visiting friends - gutted to learn later than they didn't hear me! After a lap of the park, I have had time to think of something else to call out in French on passing them again. Still they didn't hear me
By now there is just under 3km to go and I am finally starting to realise that sub 40 is within my grasp. We now run the start of the course in reverse. The start and finish is in the main market place on the west side and we pass through it again on the east side just under 2km from the start/finish. So as I come back onto the market place, I hear the announcer commentating on the top ten finishers! Nice timing. Just 7 mins to go.
The only bad point of the race was near the start of the final km, as I pass a runner down on the ground. He is in the recovery position and 2 marshalls are with him. Looking at the photos and the results I think it was a guy who I have seen at parkrun. No mention of this in the local press reports, so I am hoping it was not too serious.
Now heading into the final stretch and I am as happy as Larry. I am starting to celebrate as I come onto the market place and the time is reading 39:3x!!! I think I was shouting, laughing, crying and pumping my arms up and down as I came to to the finish line. If you want a good laugh have a look at the video on the race website ( That moment was worth waiting for. It was a few days short of 10 years!
Later on in the week when I finally got to check the results, I was only 12 seconds or so behind the sub 39 friend. I now have a new target And my other mate got his sub 42. Everyone was made up.
Second half splits:-
3:55 (0.98km)
3:59 (1.00km)
3:55 (0.96km)
4:03 (0.98km)
3:51 (0.98km)
19:46 (4.96km)

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Posted: Yesterday at 11:53

GEAR 10k road race Sunday 1st May

Report - Part I

The timing of the race didn't seem ideal. 21 days before White Peak would normally make it the first day of the taper! So my plan was to do a bit of a lighter week with a sprinkling of 10k pace work and then do my final long run early in the following week (this got rather scuppered but in a very enjoyable way!) I wasn't expecting great things, but was definitely going for it without holding anything back.

Two weeks ago, I stopped drinking any caffeine (except one cup acccidentally!) and then drunk plenty on Saturday and Sunday morning. No idea if this helped or not but the only adverse reaction was 24 hours worth of muslce pain a few days after withdrawal. Going back onto the caffeine and racing was fine, so might repeat this for the marathon. It was to be my first race with a GPS watch, which I was hopeful would also be a bonus when it came to pacing.

On the negative side, it was a bit stressful driving into town and finding somewhere to park. The roads and car-parks were heaving. Normally, I have a leisurely morning at home and jog down to the start (1 mile from my house) ready to complete my warm-up. Then my GPS watch wouldn't pick up a signal. Fortunately by the time I got to the starting area, it had finally sorted itself out.

Met up with a couple of friends, one at the back of the sub 40 pen with me and one near the front. Unlike last year, the weather was almost perfect. I was feeling good and still on a bit of a high from all the excitement of the birthday surprises - adrenaline levels sky-high no doubt! We started a few minutes late, but didn't really matter as we weren't soaking wet and freezing this time!

I ran the first km with the friend who was gunning for sub 42 which would be a PB. The great thing was that I didn't have to wait to finish it before I knew what kind of pace we were doing. 3:55 would do nicely. My friend said it was too fast for him and dropped off the pace a bit. He told me to try and hold on to our other friend who has done around 38:xx in the last couple of years, but was still recovering from a virus which made him collapse and hospitalised him a few weeks ago!

I have run this 10k about 5 times before (the only 10k I have raced actually!) and being just up the road from my house, run lots of it regularly, so there would be no surprises this morning on that count! It's well supported and every now and again someone shouts out to me. Another advantage of a local race in a moderately sized town.

I glance at my watch every now and again and adjust my pace accordingly as I occasionally, but not too frequently, let the pace slip a fraction. I switched auto-lap off and decide to take splits where I think the km markers should be rather than the official markers which tend to be on a convenient tree or lamp-post in the rough vicinity. My GPS watch didn't agree with either me or the course markers!

We head out of town along the river up the huge 2 metre ascent onto the cyclepath on the bank. The wind is a bit of a hindrance but nothing to worry about. By the time we head back into town through the old south gates archway, we have just passed halfway. I seem to remember the official LED display at the 5km point was reading 20:01, which obviously would be gun time.
First 5 splits I took (and the GPS measured distances were):
3:55 (0.99km)
3:57 (1.04km)
4:05 (1.02km)
3:48 (0.93km)
3:58 (1.01km)
19:45 4.99km
Steady as she goes!

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Posted: Yesterday at 09:55

Thanks for all the congratulations and good to hear people are thinking about where to go next. Has anyone done 80-100 mpw without doubles?
Jools - glad to hear you're on the mend.
Bike It - good stats and looking very promising.
OO - congrats on the cracking time in Keswick.
Badbark - congrats on going sub 3 in Belfast - I bet that was sweet! Great pacing.
PMJ - you will smash sub 6. Nice return to track work. I'll just have to continue to knock 1 min off each time.
Lorenzo - enjoy Poland and Slovakia!
Birch - take care now! Officially I wasn't a FOGIT till Tuesday, but looks like the results must have based age on month only?
Poacher - you're afraid? I'm petrified.
Freemers - was the gym a major factor in deciding on the new job?!!
GM - sounds tough out there
GD - rest up and get well soon.
VTr - recovering well. The final few weeks lead up to the marathon has not been ideal - a couple of times I've taken 2 or 3 days off; then a mini-taper for the 10k; this week will be very light as it's a surprise holiday from my wife. A bit worried that I won't have done a proper long run for several weeks on end - still better than over-training!
SJ - yes and we all know how over optimistic the calculators are when it comes to marathons! Don't be greedy is my motto for this one, I think.
LB70 - White Peak is 2 weeks on Saturday!
My wife had arranged a whole weekend of surprise for my 50th. We stayed in a 9 bedroom 17th century farmhouse with 21st century indoor pool, sauna and hot-tub. Close family were waiting there when we arrived and nearly gave me a heart attack. They stayed for the weekend along with a close French friend of mine and his wife who fly in and surprised me too! More family turned up for a celebration on Sunday afternoon. Just when I thought I was safe to relax, more friends joined us on Monday. We're staying till Friday morning, so going home from work to the hot-tub in the evening is really tough. Mrs GD started planning this week last May! She is a real gem.
Managed to sneak out for a 12 mile run this morning up through Marham village and back. I will try and post a race report very soon!

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Posted: 04/05/2016 at 09:02

Apologies for the lack of posting since Friday and flying visit now, but I'm still away from home and no internet until just now ( back at work  ) A much bigger surpise(s) than I first suspected! Anyway, great race on Sunday. 1 min PB of 39:30 and 9th MV50 - perk of being a FOGIT! Report might be a few days coming though.

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Posted: 29/04/2016 at 19:32

Apologies for the flying visit. I arrived home tonight and Mrs GD told me that our daughters are at the in-laws, please pack my bag including swimming trunks, walking shoes and running kit for the 10k Sunday as she's taking my away for my birthday! So probably won't be posting now until late on Sunday (family meal out straight after race).
All the best to OO at Keswick and Badbark on Monday plus anyone else racing this weekend. Bye for now!

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Posted: 29/04/2016 at 13:48

2nd May – Belfast Marathon – Badbark - Sub 3
21st May - White Peak - Gul Darr - 320 - 3.30
21st May - White Peak - Poacher - stay honest.
29th May - Comrades - BI - sub-9
29th May – Newry Marathon – Badbark – Sub 3
11th June – Portumna 100k Ultra – Badbark – Sub 9 hours as my ‘A’ goal. Finish with any time as my ‘B’ Goal - (My only DNF 2 years ago after 85k)
18th June - Race the Wall 100K - Lorenzo - no real idea, but I've told people at work that I'm aiming for under 12 hours so I'll stick that in.
25th June – Victoria Park Belfast, 12 hour race – Badbark – Run till I drop
24th July - Outlaw - thread smackdown - Slokey Joe and Moof
25th September– Berlin Marathon - G-Dawg - Sub-3.10...why not!?
25th September– Berlin Marathon - MsE - TBC
23rd October - Abingdon Marathon - Lorenzo - sub 3:05
23rd October - Abingdon Marathon - LB70 - 3:09:59
23rd Oct - Abingdon - Jason T 3.14.59

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