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Posted: Today at 08:13

Local time? Not bad... Must be an amazing atmosphere. Have a good day guys in anticipation of tomorrow.

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Posted: Today at 06:36

TH3 - Welcome to the thread. Hope your Bournemouth campaign goes well. Looks like you have the speed - P&D should sort out the endurance! I'm still dithering over whether or not follow P&D for an autumn marathon.
Abbers - sounds like you're starting to get some decent training in.
MsE - do you have a particular autumn marathon in mind?
Leslie - how are the legs? Hope all goes well tomorrow.
Lorenzo - how do the South African hills compare to Box Hill? Enjoy spectating at parkrun. All the best to you guys for tomorrow - is it a 7:30am start?
14 miles this morning along the NCR1 to Sandringham and back. Spotted a barn owl hovering over a field. Anyway, 7 miles @ 9:01 m/m and 7 miles @ 7:50 m/m. Almost a royal flush - just the 7th mile (uphill) was slightly regressive. Makes 53 for the week.

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Posted: Yesterday at 06:36

MsE - finding the right balance is key to this running lark, isn't it? Hope the recovery continues well.
Joolska - hope you're feeling 100% for this weekend's 10k!
Bike It - hope the hip plays ball on Sunday and your family are well.
Leslie - oh no! Really sorry to hear that. Maybe it will be okay on the day.
KR - I did 5 different technique drills - skipping, bounding, flat-footed marching, high knees and butt kicks. So about 50-60m of the particular drill, then jog back, sprint 50-60m and walk back. I did 4 repeats of each. It's at times like this that I'm pleased I run when virtually everyone else is in bed
Lorenzo - pleased you've arrived in one piece. Should be an amazing experience!
Poacher - are you there yet and how are those legs?
5.25 miles inc. a couple of sprints for the Run Hub Tracktastic challenge.

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Posted: 28/05/2015 at 08:00

Forgot to say bon voyage to Lorenzo - I think you said you were jetting off today. All the best to you, Poacher, and Bike It for Sunday. Hope all the injuries/illnesses don't stop you all from having a very memorable and successful race.
Leslie - have you started carb-loading yet?

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Posted: 28/05/2015 at 06:39

PMJ - sounds like you just need a good rest. You'll soon be back in form.
KR- cracking set of 400m reps.
9.7 miles this morning including 25 mins of drills.

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Posted: 27/05/2015 at 06:22

OO - enjoy the speed work.
GD - sounds like a busy weekend.
5 mile recovery run d&d.

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Posted: 26/05/2015 at 07:00

Fishy- good progress there.
Bike It - sorry to hear about the flu - hope your recovery picks up.
Jools - sub 40 with man flu is still very respectable.
MsE - or with an injury!
Speedy - good to hear from you. Keep plugging away and you'll be back on form soon.
SJ - more great training.
Badbark - fantastic stuff - congratulations again.
GM - No, I haven't bought a GPS watch yet. I'm very indecisive!
Lorenzo - cotton wool!
Poacher - really hoping it all works out for you.
10 slow miles this morning.

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Posted: 25/05/2015 at 06:34

Lorenzo - that's a busy week to fit in before you jet off!!! Hope you get a chance to rest too.
Leslie - not long to go for you either. Enjoy the last week of the taper.
OO - great parkrun.
MsE - hope you can find the right balance to recover from injury. Enjoy the Race for Life with MsEtte1.
Birch - nice way to spend Bank Holiday weekend.
Poacher - you are definitely a survivor.
GM - well done on the 40 mile week. Your patience will pay off.
JF2 - hope you find a new target soon. I'm currently trying to avoid tarmac and do more off-road!
Hence today, I headed up the river and tried to find one of two entrances on my side of the woods. I haven't been that far along the river since I was a nipper and I'm sure there was clear access all the way along. So quite a bit of back tracking and nipping out onto other paths and finding another way round. Eventually I did make it into the woods; the entrance seemed to be deliberately hidden! After a couple of laps I thought it was time to head home and tried the other side of the river but without any joy. Still at least next time I can head straight there without wasting time going round the houses. So 75 mins with a few strides on the way home - no idea how far it was though.

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Posted: 23/05/2015 at 07:00

Birch - that's another point in favour of Mable, then, but unfortunately Autumn Shakespeare is looking most likely at the moment.
Jools - nice "long" run.
Bike It - hope you're feeling 100% very quickly.
VTr - I live in a flat area and have to run several miles to get to anything vaguely hill-like, so even an undulating course would give me problems.
OO - should be a good parkrun! Enjoy the bank holiday.
Poacher - how is the other leg doing?
Fishy - sounds like a nice run.
13 miles this morning - including 14 laps slow/easy, 13 laps steady/MP, and 2 laps warm-down. Longest run since Spring Shakespeare, making a total of 49 for the week.

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Posted: 22/05/2015 at 09:14

PMJ - good to hear you found your mojo. The course is obviously not flat, but it didn't look too hilly. Might be just about OK for a small PB attempt, but not sub 3:15 for me. The main attraction is the location, slightly more appealing than Leicester, and being the start of half-term, Mrs GD might be tempted to make a few days of it. If I were looking purely at the course and travelling distance, then it's a toss-up between Mablethorpe or Autumn Shakespeare.

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