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Posted: Today at 06:19

SJ - you do an amazing job to manage that hip problem.
Abbers - enjoy the base building.
GM - good effort - you seem to have a good number of local races, so I'm sure it won't be long before you starting hitting your targets.
VTr - we're still waiting for that report! You sound in good shape. Certainly my best year for running - I sneaked a marathon PB too, so that's one for each distance I race  - not that parkrun is a race, of course
5 mile recovery run d&d.

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Posted: Yesterday at 07:21

OO - glad to hear Sunday was just a blip.
PMJ - nice 10 miles under time pressure! You may be right about me not being suited for marathons, but I'll keep plugging away.
VTr - HM was a 10 sec PB in 1:26:24 on a flat course in excellent conditions. Was on pace for sub 86, but just faded a tad in the last 3 miles. And parkrun PB is now down to 18:42.
SJ - nice bike work there.
Birch - I would certainly be looking at running Boston (UK), if it weren't for the date it falls!
Leslie - that's weird - 9 miles @ 7:22 for me this morning!
I did 1 mile w/u @ 8:23, 5M @ 7:13, 2M with 8x200m avg. 6:52, and 1M w/d @ 8:01.

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Posted: 19/10/2016 at 10:10

PMJ - "A reasonable MP target is double a raced half plus 10 minutes". That makes 3:03 i.e. 6:58 m/m for me. Ha! Ha! I wish. As you say, learn to do it by feel and put in some quality too.
Poacher - good sneaking.
OO - enjoy running round Versailles and parkrun tourism.
GM - we'll keep plugging away and hope it comes right one day soon! You're not having much luck, are you?! Hope the track works out okay.
GD - that's some warm-up mile. And a decent pace to follow. All looking very good.
Lorenzo - enjoy the mud - you obviously missed it at the XC!
VTr - good to hear from you - I was wondering how you were. Sounds like you've had a rough time. Amazed that you've managed to run 3 races, including a marathon! After a parkrun and HM PB in the last few weeks, I now have a trail marathon lined up a week on Saturday and am just planning to enjoy it.
Leslie - good dodging!
6 recovery miles d&d.

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Posted: 18/10/2016 at 10:14

So two smackdowns! OO v. Poacher and Lorenzo v. G-Dawg Should be interesting.
PMJ - some interesting points there. I can never decide how to define MP when talking about training paces, but I would say I do the majority of my endurance miles somewhere around MP + 45 to 90 seconds.
Last double digit run before the coastal mara d&d this morning. 12 miles @ 8:11 m/m.

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Posted: 17/10/2016 at 10:48

GD - enjoy the new shoes! Have you broken them in yet? PMJ wiped the floor with me at the Spring Shakespeare 8-lap marathon about 18 months ago.
PMJ - the suspense is killing me. How many miles did you do?! OK, 15.2, I thought so!
Leslie - in theory, sub 3:20 on a reasonably fast course in good conditions should be well within reach, but the great thing is I only need sub 3:30 for a PB! Still not going to happen on the coastal marathon course, though. Glad you managed to jump out of the way of the car - as you say, a VERY good reason not to wear headphones!
GM - nice work. I'll keep plugging away and eventually I'll get this marathon racing right! I've a few theories which I can test out at the end of the month. 1600ft is not far short of 1/3 of a mile, so that sounds a lot to me! I would probably die. I'm sure Amsterdam is reckoned to be a fast course; go for it!
Speedy - really good to hear from you again and pleased that things are settling down a bit. All the best. Must be a good feeling to race again, even though your legs might not agree!
OO - nice parkrun. Hope you're fully recovered from the cold very soon.
Lorenzo - does it count as XC if it's dry?! What number ultra will this be for you then?
SEdan - welcome, always good to have some new blood! Good idea to take your time building a solid base, as PMJ says, so don't rush things.
Router broke on Friday, so been off-line all weekend. Did my final long run before the coastal mara, on Saturday, an 18 miler. Forgot to charge my watch, but fortunately it was still picking up GPS at 9 miles, so I turned round and did it as an out and back run. Good job as the GPS failed at 11.8 miles, but still got an overall time with no further splits. On the spur of the moment I decided to do some 200m efforts near the end. Average pace out was 8:40m/m and back 8:00m/m. Rest yesterday and 9 miles this morning with 16 x 400m tempo / 200m easy (a mini-Zatopek session!) - mode 400m split was 1:32.

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Posted: 14/10/2016 at 08:29

Leslie - thanks. I guess it's a PB I'm after really rather than a GFA per se (which is currently sub 3:20 now I'm a FOGit).
Poacher - bi-bikathon?
Lorenzo - a weekend in London to see a show might go down well, but nipping out for a few hours the following morning might not! Strange how you can make a run along the canal in Manchester sound appealing!
OO - If you can't make the 7-lap Newcastle marathon, there's always the Autumn Shakespeare
GM - hopefully your legs will be fresh for the parkrun then.
Another slow 9 miles this morning - edging closer to the easy zone.

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Posted: 13/10/2016 at 10:07

PMJ - good pace there - I can see you're itching to give us a full split breakdown! I usually find that my warm-down pace is faster then the start of my warm-up.
Leslie - actually, it was probably a good thing not getting a ballot place for 2017 as it could have made things awkward (birthday/anniversary clash) and 2018 is a definite no-no (25th anniversary), so I won't have much use for a GFA until 2019! Good off-road running.
Lorenzo - as there's no pressure on to get a GFA for a while (see above!), it gives me a bit more flexibility i.e. I'm not necessarily looking for a fast course! Nothing in mind at the moment. Am I right in thinking that a late summer / autumn GFA in 2017 would be valid to apply for a place at 2019? Where did you go for a run in the end? My student days were way before I did any running; but used to do loads of walking, mostly up and down the same roads all the time.
Poacher - Spring Shakespeare? Now there's an idea...
GD - you rebel!
9 more slow miles d&d this morning and my legs are slowly recovering i.e. avg pace is now 8:xx rather than 9:xx!

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Posted: 12/10/2016 at 08:44

Jools - great report - shame so many things seemed to go wrong. Certainly a great result in the circumstances, but frustrating nonetheless. Hope everything works in your favour next time.
GD - sounds like a tough session!
GM - nice 10k jaunt with your friend.
8 plodtastic miles d&d this morning. Forgot to say that I didn't get a ballot place for London. And has anyone else heard of the World Speed Summit being held next week? Some kind of on-line event where coaches are giving advice on speed training. Might be worth taking a look at.

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Posted: 11/10/2016 at 06:18

PMJ - maybe this year I have (beat you), but any other time you would wipe the floor with me! I did make my way through before the start and was still doing so when they called us forward for the gun, but just ran out of time. Also noted from the analysis that I must have got a negative split (they give average speed over the first and second halves), but they don't actually state your midway split anywhere I can find! As you say, I was just lacking a bit in pace endurance. 3 years ago for my previous PB, I had 2 staple sessions which I ran every week for a couple of months, 2x3M and 6-7M tempo, and they surely made a big difference. This year I wasn't training specifically with GER in mind.
Abbers - I certainly wouldn't recommend Peterborough for the scenery either! Start and finish near/through the city centre and most of it through housing estates.
Leslie - it's quite a big field, 424x finishers I think.
GM - the headwind was only for a short distance and nothing major. Although I note that one of the podium finishers (all 3 were African) made a comment about 2 windy sections in the local press too! Nice double.
Lorenzo - Thanks. I'm going to be firm and NOT race the coastal mara though.
GD - that's great. Enjoy Beachy Head!
Poacher - yes, Hadd would have a field day comparing my PBs! Nice miles there.
KR - nice recovery run.
Sad news from Peterborough - a 32 year old man collapsed and died from a heart attack near the end of the HM course.
Calves and quads a bit sore and tight still. 4 mile recovery at plod pace.

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Posted: 10/10/2016 at 05:56

Here are the splits from my watch for you stat addicts!
1. 6:31 (1.01 miles)
2. 6:31 (0.98)
3. 6:32 (1.00)
4. 6:32 (0.99)
5. 6:31 (1.00)
6. 6:36 (1.00) first upward slope I think!
7. 6:24 (0.99) and down again?!
8. 6:31 (1.00)
9. 6:24 (0.99)
10. 6:36 (1.00)
11. 6:40 (0.99)
12. 6:39 (0.99)
13. 6:39 (0.99)
13.1 1;12 (0.18)
HR avg. 182 max 223

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