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IM Switzerland

Posted: 22/09/2015 at 16:16

The swim is great - beautiful lake but this year it was 26 degrees ......  aka non wetsuit and no floaty salt water.  

The hills are okay if you are used to them but it was seriously hot - bit like Frankfurt and so it meant that surviving the temperature really was all I could do as a Chilly Jock more used to single digit temperatures.   You get a lovely flat 30k or so on each lap but the rest is just up and down and you don't get the free speed from the downhills as there was always a tight turn before I wanted there to be (if that makes sense).

However I am a rubbish cyclist so that taints my opinion a bit.  

It does look like everywhere in mainland Europe was ridiculously hot  this summer so putting that to one side it is a great race. 

Zurich did seem ferociously expensive to me. 

Re accommodation.  If you can, google the tram lines and try and get on the main line from the site.  We had to take 2 trams and that meant a quick change on the morning of the race with a teensy panic as we only just caught the one taking us to the start. However the first one of the day got us all to the start with plenty of time to run around and panic.  The tram stop you get off at is Billoweg so looking at this map - you can see it is the very thick black line at the bottom left of the map on the left bank of the lake.  Landwiese is where the expo and swim start etc are all located. If you can get accommodation near this tram line then you are laughing.  


Looking for very cushioned shoes - any suggestions?

Posted: 08/06/2015 at 20:42

Sketchers are wonderful to run in -I use the go run ride but am considering the ultra - for my next ultra funnily enough.  They weight about a gramme as well, which is nice. 

18mile run in Glasgow

Posted: 13/01/2015 at 22:44

Just in case none else gets back to you.  Have a look at the Sus Trans network - I live well outside Glasgow but can run into the city centre and home again via Route 75 - it then turns into route 7 and heads out the other side towards Loch Lomond- have a look here:


Alternatively Pollock Park can be nice to run round but you will be doing a few laps to get your 18 in. 

interval session on a track?

Posted: 13/01/2015 at 20:56

oh man I have done an interval session on a track whilst Lee McConnell was training on the same track.  We were the only 2 there - talk about being out classed.  

Advice on combining ultra training with IM training and double run days

Posted: 13/01/2015 at 11:15

Chunkytfg - oh yeah don't worry - the thought of the recovery period already has me freaking out - 

Advice on combining ultra training with IM training and double run days

Posted: 13/01/2015 at 10:44

Hi Seren - to be honest the legs are tired all the time at the minute.  I sufferfest on a tuesday followed by my swim club then next day is the loooong run!  Oh the joys


The thought of 20-24 miles straight after a long bike - I think that would kill me off v quickly + means zero family time that day.  Much kudos to you

Advice on combining ultra training with IM training and double run days

Posted: 13/01/2015 at 10:35

I am really looking for some advice on how good double run days are at replicating the training effect of one long run.

I entered a 33 mile race (the D33) on new year's eve (idiot that I am) which is in March.  So, having to ramp up the miles pretty fast.  I have a half IM in may and an IM in July and am not the best biker in the world and so don't want to neglect my cycle training whilst putting in the miles for the D33.


The plan for the D33 which is kindly given out by the organiser recommends gradually increasing your mileage to 33 miles over 2 consecutive days. So, this I am doing and separating these days from my longing bike day (which is by necessity a super long turbo at the minute - scottish weather prohibiting much else).


I do 3 bike sessions a week - 1 sufferfest, 1 steady and 1 longish (2 hours ish with varying power and cadence).


3 runs - 1 pretty long (18 miles this week) - 1 medium (7 this week) and 1 with some speed work or tempo included.


So, the question I have - after all this preamble.  I used to have a coach that advocated splitting your longest run into two parts to reduce the chance of injury and over training (which I am a bit worried about to be honest as this is a pretty quick ramping up of mileage I am attempting).

So what I had decided to do was split the longest run into 8 miles or so on a treadmill at lunchtime and then the other 10 in the evening on the rollercoaster of hills that is my local terrain.   I feel this is a LOT easier than doing 18 miles on the hilliness that is round my home but am worried I am copping out of working hard enough.   There is only around 3 hours between the 2 runs so not a massive rest but I must admit it feels so much easier than doing the whole lot in a oner (which is what worries me).


I have been a runner for 11 years or so - done lots of marathons and a couple of IM so I think my body can cope with the increase in miles but still !!  don't want to kill of my races in May and July by over training now.  


Does anyone have an opinion of the value or not of splitting up my longest run like this - I do know of 2 Tri coaches who do this in their schedules (Joe Beer and Simon Ward). 


To treadmill or not to treadmill

Posted: 13/10/2014 at 17:24

I love my treadmill.  I haven't found that it has hindered my running in any way - in fact it has made it a lot easier as I have no excuse not to get stuck in.  I usually run 3 times a week.  Lately (weather and time related) - this has meant Treadmill: 1 shorter run with speed intervals or stuff like that and 1 longish steady or gently progressive run (10-13 miles). and 1 medium steady run with lots and lots of talking (hilly 7-8 miles) outside.  HR etc seems fairly consistent between road and TM - but I have been running for about 11 years and mainly do triathlon now so now looking for out and out speed.   I have to say - it is bloody brilliant for brick sessions.



In terms of getting the best out of it.  Entertainment for the longer runs (longest I have done is a couple of 20 miles  - watched a couple of movies during those types of sessions).  Shorter sessions - playing with gradient and or speed.  You need to listen to music or podcasts or audio books in all honesty.  There are now sufferfest downloads for the treadmill now - cannot recommend sufferfest highly enough - pure brilliant.  My fav speed session is pretty straightforward - 10-20 mins gradual warm up then 30 secs fast, 30 sec jog..... forever  - then cool down.     I always stick a bit of gradient on and change speeds now and again a little to simulate outdoors a little.  Got to be honest that I don't even notice the time anymore - I just turn on the telly, jump on and run till I am done.  I guess, like anything, you get used to it.

Edinburgh Marathon 2014??

Posted: 10/10/2014 at 22:41

It's not that bad, my issue with it is that it has been run for quite a few years now - 4 of which I have done - and they just never seem to quite get it right.  The organisers this year were total numpties - I can only assume they are not runners or have never ever even met a runner (they kept all the results secret until everyone went nuts and then they apologised and released them!!) 


The start is fine (apart from the lack of signage to the smaller start this year) but the finish is an issue as it's quite a bit away from the city centre in an area where you can't really park so you have to wait for a shuttle bus to take you back to the city centre.  So, how this goes will be totally determined by your finishing time.    The route is good - and I keep going back because of this.


I would not do it again (probably) - I really like races that I can get to and from easily  - other city marathons seem to make it seem so easy and so you come away barely noticing what must be epic organisation.  Dublin for example - awesome race - Highly recommended - easy to get a hotel 10 mins walk from the start and the finish - great support, loads of portaloos, just a great day out.  Loch Ness - again start and finish (well you get bussed to the start line in the middle of nowhere which is quite nice) - is the middle of Inverness so easy to get to your hotel or whatever.  Fab wee tented village thing at the finish line - just a gorgeous gorgeous race.  Have't done Manchester so sorry I can't compare it to Edinburgh.



I guess I just get pissed off that Edinburgh just never seem to get it quite right - and the number of times they have put the event on , they should be ironing out these issues by now.  I really love the route and it annoys me no end that they just seem to get something wrong every time I do the bloody race.

So, An Un-united Kingdom Awaits

Posted: 10/09/2014 at 16:47

PS - The yes votes genuinely believe that the rest of the UK is nicking all our money (oil tax revenue) and only giving us pocket money back in exchange.  This is what they are being told by the SNP - they are also being promised a fair society with less division between rich and poor - no more food banks, bigger better NHS, corporation tax cuts and no income tax rises.  More jobs, happier people, safe pensions, higher immigration leading to a higher rate of economic growth...


I could go on - it is so ludicrous you would think people would see through it - but they don't because everyone hears what they want to hear.  F*cng Scary   


(only 8 days to go)

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