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Nick's household tips

Posted: 20/02/2014 at 13:20

Brown carpets, towels, sheets, clothes.... could save us a lot of fannying about in the long run.  Top tip indeed!!


Nick's household tips

Posted: 20/02/2014 at 11:25

So you're saying you have poo trails on the lounge carpet?  What's the home remedy for that?!


Nick's household tips

Posted: 19/02/2014 at 18:14

Apparently my upload hasn't worked... I shall become angry (at the risk of offending those in anger management), raise my heckles (at the risk of offending all dogs), yell (at the risk of offending mutes),  go off at the deep end (sorry to all swimming pools), snap (apologies to anything breakable), see red (no offence meant to all other colours)... I will not have a pa€€y (at the risk of offending rice?!  People of any race called Patrick?!  Paper books!?.....)

Nick's household tips

Posted: 19/02/2014 at 17:16


Amsterdam 2013

Posted: 22/10/2013 at 08:20

Hi All

Great to see you all and thanks for the pint Weedy

Loved supporting.  Might have to re-think the whole running thing.  Glad we could be of help, although not sure we did much.  The megaphone was the best 8 euros I ever spent though, and it was great to see people laughing at the banners and even stopping to take photos of them.  

Very proud of you all though.  Great day!!!!


Amsterdam 2013

Posted: 20/10/2013 at 07:50

Good Luck.  See you all just before 30k, byt the McDonalds, left side of the road.

it's going to be a great day!!!


On 19 okt. 2013, at 19:07, "Helen Corbishley" wrote
Leaders - 11.00am
Alisdair - 11.25/30am (1219)
Andy Farnworth - 11.30am
Simon - 11.35/40am (12454)
Dean N - 11.35/40am (1341) (black top, george cross)
Pete - 11.50am (2372) (union jack vest)
Goalpost - 11.50am (2500) (orange or turq top)
Wenty - 12.00pm (union jack top)
Sol - 12.10/15pm (7008) (pale blue tee, white cap)
BerlinBolt - 12.15pm (7292) (orange suit) 
Emmy H - 12.15/12.45pm 
Gorkem Gulan - 12.30pm (Nike'd up) 
Nigel - 12.30pm (5832) (Team GB)
Brix - 12.30pm (10939)
Robbie W - 12.30pm ish (lime green top, red trainers, handsome ears )
Helen - 12.45/1pm (10793 orange top)
Martin O'Brien - 1.30pm (12262, Reebok'ed up)
Musketeer - 2.45pm
Helen Aitchison - 2.45/3.00pm
Jules - 2.45/3pm (34702)
WiB - (405)
Defman100 - (Gloucester rugby) 
Vixx - (12126)
Laurence - (2552)

Amsterdam 2013

Posted: 19/10/2013 at 16:41

I'll have plasters and vaseline at km 30 Robbie 

Amsterdam 2013

Posted: 19/10/2013 at 07:13

Metro will be busy but not so bad from Waterlooplein.  It usually gets busier at the main change points such as Zuid.  You should be fine wherever you go from but as always leave a bit of time to get there

Happy travels all!!


Amsterdam 2013

Posted: 18/10/2013 at 19:19

Oh and I'll add Jules Sol.  It depends on start times but we're about 8k in so will keep an eye out from about 2.45


Amsterdam 2013

Posted: 18/10/2013 at 19:15

Coke on the list.  Full fat I take it


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