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Energy Boost!

Posted: 08/09/2010 at 19:27

Thanks everyone for the advice. I genuinely appreciate it! I will take on board some of what you have all said and see how things go tomorrow. Today was a well earned rest day!

Thanks again Guys.


Energy Boost!

Posted: 07/09/2010 at 18:58
After a while away from running due to injury I am now about 4 weeks away from running my 1st half marathon in about 3 years. ooops!!

Seriously though, I am struggling a little with my midweek runs. I generally feel very drained after work and could do with some advice on what I should be eating. I had a decent breakfast, bowl of soup and yoghurt for lunch and then 3 Jaffa cakes, a granola bar and a lucozade mid / late PM. I am 15 and half stone at the minute (due to lack of excercise mainly!)

After about 3miles I was drained and had to head home. Whereas at the weekend I did 7miles and could have gone on for ever!

Maybe it was simply because of being at work all day, or maybe delayed effects of my longer run on Sunday??

Or maybe just a bad day?

Cheers in advance


Ankle Stiffness

Posted: 16/09/2008 at 21:27

Hello all,

Approx 1 month ago, I started suffering some stiffness and soreness in my achilles, which I thought must be early signs of tendonitis. As much as I didnt want to, I stopped running for about 3 weeks, and took the usual batch of painkillers etc, and it seemed to clear up quite well (I had a deep burning pain in my achilles which hurt when I touched it, I no longer have this).

 What I do now have is a stiff left ankle (same foot as before). Is this possibly the same thing, just in a different area of my foot / ankle region? I assume it cant be achilles tendonitis but could it be a different form of tendonitis?

I am stretching well each day, icing regularly and only running a fraction of what I would like.

 Anyone got any advice or comments on this - I am extremely frustrated by all of this - all I want to do is run!!!

 Thanks in advance



Posted: 05/08/2008 at 09:18

Hello All,

 After about 18mths out of running with a prolapsed vertebrae, I am finally back. BUT after 3 weeks of training I now have what I fear to be Tendonitis in my left leg. It is a soreness below my calf and above my heel, that comes and goes (usually goes once I am warmed up, but comes back after inactivity / a nights sleep).

I Assume I should initially just ice and anti inflamatories to start with, and then see how it goes? Does anyone have any other suggestions or old wives remedies to help me? am in training for a half in October but I guess that will have to wait. Boooooo!

 Any advice would be greatly appreciated....



Posted: 20/12/2007 at 17:25

Thanks both for your replies.

 BTX - I have been to see a physio who referred me to a back specialist at the hospital. I was given the "all clear" in as much as I was told I can start some light training again. He was even happy for me to go to the gym if I wished! That was back in late October.  I was basically told that I should manage the injury myself as only I would know when the pain / problem re-occurs. Which sort of makes sense.

In terms of the problem clearing up, I was told that the vertebrae can take around 12 months to heal iteself, depending on the severity of the initial damage (which is why I will take it easy for a while). After that, it could be another year or so on top of that in terms of me suffering with slight pains, etc but I am told no lasting damage will be done (other than in very rare cases) and I should be able to train as normal. We shall see.

PloddingOn - your back injury puts mine in the shade a bit! Well done on your recovery and what you said has certainly made me think. I might even go for a little jog tonight - see where it takes me.



Posted: 20/12/2007 at 13:44

Hi All,

 I was after some advice and encouragement! About 18mths ago I had never run in my life. For some reason I decided to run the FLM and raised £3k for charity. Truly one of the greatest days of my life.

Unfortunately, I found out after the race that the pain I suffered just before the Mara was a prolapsed vertebrae and as such did untold damage to my back by running even 1 mile, let alone 26!

Anyway, long story short, I have hardly laced on my shoes since, and neet to get started again. The frustration I know I will have is that 6months ago I could run 26 miles and now I will probably struggle to manage 1 (A little bit of puddin has found its way onto the middle!).

Has anyone been through the same? How did you cope and get going again? I am thinking of entering a couple of races to see if this gets me going!

Happy Christmas and thanks for listening!!


Returning From Back Injury

Posted: 25/09/2007 at 22:20

Hi All,

After running FLM 07, I was diagnosed as having a prolapsed vertebrae (turns out I ran the race with it too!!). As a result I was advised to stop all excercise for about 5 or 6 months.

 I have in the past 2 days been out and ran abuot 1.5m each time and felt terrible. Wondered if anyone had any advice / training plans I could use to get back to a decent level again. I am tempted to stick to my 1.5m circuit for a couple of weeks until this feels ok, and then just venture out half a mile at a time, and see how it goes, but if anyone can give me some guidance I would be very grateful!

 Much appreciated.


Ouch - Me Back!!

Posted: 17/04/2007 at 13:28
Anyone else got an injury they are "Scared" about?

I finished my training last weekend, and celebrated by tidying my shed - whilst moving an EMPTY PLASTIC BUCKET, something pulled in my back and it has since been diagnosed as a potential trapped nerve.

Went to My GP on Monday, and was given some anti inflamatory drugs which have now kicked in and eased it up no-end. My main concern now is Sunday - will I be ok? Should I run?

I have arranged a back massage for Friday in the hope this may ease things for me, does this sound like a smart thing to do??

Anyway, good luck all - as long as I can still walk, I will see you all there!!


Top of My foot!

Posted: 19/03/2007 at 16:37
Hi y'all.

Completed the Silverstone 1/2 yesterday (Just outside my 2hr target, but still on for my 4hr 30 finish for London, I hope!).

Anyway, the reason for my post is that I have had a "niggling" pain across the top of my left foot for a few weeks now, which gets worse the further I run (which sounds obvious!).

The pain appears to be centred on the tendon that leads from my big toe, and tingles all the way across my foot, with what can only be described as a burning sensation in one small area, right on top of my foot.

I have iced it well today and it has eleviated the pain somewhat, but was hoping someone could give me pointers if they have suffered with anything similar?

Thanks for your time.


Carbs / Loading etc!

Posted: 10/03/2007 at 13:27
Thanks to you all - some great advice, which I hope will help me out.

Good luck to the rest of you too!!

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