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London marathon - blue and red starts- how strict?

Posted: Yesterday at 19:53

I've had various friends that have got into pens together with different coloured numbers on, easier for both to get into red pens as blue is ballot and club places where as red ( apart from very front ) tends to be for charity

they all went to red pens, got there early went in the red and blue areas and then the blue numbers walked over to the red area and got in the red pens 

Failing that there is a place where the 2 starts merge together, I've seen alot of people waiting around to meet up with various runners, usually at the 3 mile marker as it's easy to see as it has a balloon arch 

good luck and hope that you manage to sort it out

Energy gels??

Posted: Yesterday at 19:47

try Torq gels more expensive but they are meant to be made by natural ingredients, the rhubard and custard flavour tastes really yummy 

otherwise try some babyfoods sachets I have used rice with peaches and apples, or bananas and apples, found in most supermarkets and don't irritate the stomach

the other gels I've used are the nectar fuel systems gel, they used to sell them in decathlon ( not sis gels ) but not seen them for ages so get them online now

2 Marathons in 7 weeks - whats the best way to train inbetween the two

Posted: 27/03/2015 at 12:21

Not sure if you are after a fast time but the Kent RR is a great pb course and I'd say more likely to get one there than London as it's so busy ( but that's just my opinion, I am sure someone will prove me wrong lol ) 

Enjoy both of them, 2 very different races but love both of them ( ps I'm doing them too ) so see you there

London Marathon Place Nightmare...

Posted: 27/03/2015 at 12:18

not sure how big the charity is but all the places for charities have to be submitted by Feb 2nd The charity has to give the details to the vlm and the email address of runners ( there is a log in page ) 

then the log in page automatically submits the email to the runners reminding them that they have the deadline to submit their vlm details if they don't do it by the deadline date unfortunately they assume that you don't want the place 

It's hard for charities to know and keep on an eye on runners if they have submitted their details as they do not get any notification of a runner submitting details The only way I think they may be able to tell is back on the log in page but as I've not had a runner who hasn't submitted their details after the deadline I haven't had that scenario come up

as others have suggested best bet would be to go for another marathon from teh 100marathonclub list so that all the money raising hasn't been done in vain

Windermere Marathon

Posted: 26/03/2015 at 12:33

I've done this twice, as dearly wanted to enter this again this year but it was not to be but will be coming along on the day as I know a few of the 10 in 10'er this year 

It is a truly beautiful race, so scenic, I got goosebumps at mile 20 when you run down to Bowness on Windermere 

however it is HILLY so do make sure  you train as you may find it hard going and it would be a shame to hate it as it's a really beautiful  marathon

There is a wicked hill at mile 7 that seems to go on and on and on, last year they had a bagpipe player and it was great as you could hear it in the distance and it really helped ( it wasn't there the year before or the year before that ) 

The other really bad hill ( lots of little hills all the way round ) is at mile 21, known as Ice cream mountain as there is an icecream van at the top of it ( yes I've took some money and bought an icecream too ) 

Remember as you come over the little footbridge heading back to Brathay ( a little hill to finish ) to tickle the otters belly on the left after the footbridge for good luck

The run back into the grounds of Brathay after climing that last hill is fabulous and a really good atmopshere

Make sure you stay around for the presentation of the all the 10 in 10ers after, you meet some truly inspirational people there

London Marathon Runners and Supporters Thread

Posted: 26/03/2015 at 12:25

finally managed to log on

looking forward to seeing the RW supporters 

Rome Marathon 2015

Posted: 26/03/2015 at 12:22

I ran this on sunday did we all enjoy it, can't believe the rain at the start but as i was a plodder it stopped at mile 10 and was dry and sunny when I finished

shame the moved the route away from the Trevi fountain ( it was where we went through the underpass where as last year there as no underpass ) 

Loved seeing The Vatican and PIazza Narvona though

Appeal! 2008 London Marathon Finishers Medal

Posted: 26/03/2015 at 12:18

wow that's great seren x


Changes to VLM Ballot 2016

Posted: 26/03/2015 at 12:17

I'll still enter but doubt i'll get in, pity they don't introduce the 6 rejections and get in on 7th time 

Bournmouth marathon

Posted: 08/01/2015 at 02:10

I did it in 2013 and 2014, glutten for punishment and I really enjoyed it both times Weather was very hot in 2013 took alot of people by surprise but the people in the beach huts were a fabulous support and had water and jelly babies out along route 

the fact that they don't give out gels shouldn't be an issue, not every marathons give out gels ( I take my own anyway ) 

I quite enjoyed running through the finish line twice as they have some radio presenters from Heart FM who were absolutely brilliant, the first time I did it they interviewed my friend Kathy who was doing 70 races for her 70th year and they were really supportive, and then last year I was doing my 50th marathon there and they interviewed me as I was running through so was able to stop and chat for abit ( and get my legs ready for the nasty hill at mile 18 ) 

the sea views are fantastic, I took some money to have an icelol on the seafront whilst I was running ( yes i know not everyone does this ) and i even nicked a burger from someone who was doing a BBQ on the sea front ( i got hungry lol )

Totally enjoyed both times and the atmosphere is brilliant and after the race I went for a dip in the sea after 

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