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Posted: 04/09/2011 at 13:10

Hope te Ac works for you Tatty, I dont want babies but an increase in sex drive and decrease in PMT would be very welcome from both my and the Mr!!

CM, I seem to remember getting them to bend over and touch toes on the loo instead of holding seat to get a better angle

We had rather an embarrassing stand up wee incident the other day too.... M chose a tree that was bang smack in the middle of a very busy park and about a foot away from a family picnic.  i was mortified and not sure they saw the funny side of it.  I usually hold their legs in a squat so they dont get everything wet but for some reason she decided to just take herself!

She doesnt take after me, I find it nearly impossible to wee anywhere but a toilet which is incredibly inconvenient when camping, festivals, beach days etc... have to wait until I am absolutely busting and it still take 10 mins to let go!

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Posted: 03/09/2011 at 21:30

CM - M did it too for months but has sorted it now.  Constantly got trousers pants and floor soaking.  Think she held on for so long it came out with force and her position on the loo wasnt great.

Wish the chemist was open now so i could pop out for some agnus castus!!

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Posted: 24/08/2011 at 12:05

We had a bead uop the nose incident too, rang NHS direct who said go to a&E.  Waited for 2 hours then the doctors asked me to cover E's mouth with mine and block the other nostril then blow really hard.  the bead shot out and across the room!!  That is the sort of thing they need to teach in ante natal.... was a bit miffed that the doc then gave her a balloon for being a good girl, half expected her to do it again the next day for another balloon.

I live with a cricket obsessed man.... now that takes a long time!  All day (and night to do the post match analysis in the pub) saturday, training on tues and mid week match.  he even commuted from our camping trip at the weekend to play... an hours drive each way.    Doesnt leave me many windows to run as i work at least one eve a week.  oh well season nearly over and will just be sat am nets, although there is talk of an indoor league over winter.

He is very eager for me to run but doesnt seem to get that I dont have much time, especially as he is working away alot at the mo.  Cycling to work seems the only way i can get regular exercise in at the moment but should be easier when school starts.  Have to say I am not as dedicated as most of you though, like my sleep far too much to get up at silly o clock or sacrifice my sat am lie in!!

MM, went to a fab campsite not far from you.  Would highly reccomend, loads of space, gorgeous views, and wood delivered every eve to have a fire.  Its called Britchcombe park near Uffington.  Only downside was portaloos but they were not too bad and the being able to camp where you wanted and away from everyone else more than made up for it.  8 adults and 9 kids, all friend from schooldays so had a blast!

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Posted: 28/07/2011 at 20:31

Thanks for all the congrats..... we won (I think, not had reasons) as we were able to prove that school wanted had really good policies and procedures to deal with allergies and the school given would have been dangerous for them because of a complete lack of policies plus other reasons that it would be difficult to ensure they were kept safe without having to be excluded from things.  We were also 1 and 2 on waiting list but would have been unable to accept a place from this if it came up in sept without splitting the girls.  18 others appealed and very unusual to win appeals here so feeling very lucky!  Had meeting with head yesturday, was worried she would be a bit lukewarm as obviously she has now got to spread resources a bit further (and we had kicked up a rather big fuss about the lack of provision in the area) but she was lovely and congratulated us.... phew!

Camlo, hope all goes well tomorrow.... I think it was you wanting an egg free cake recipe?  this is the best i have found, easy and delicious.  Works as either cupcakes or a big one and delicious with choc fudge icing (I cheat and but Betty Crocker one from tesco)

275g SR flour

1/2 tsp salt

3 tblsp cocoa powder

175g castor sugar

1 tsp bicarb of soda

275ml (or 250g) whole milk

150ml (or 125g) corn oil or marg or butter (melted)

3 tblsp syrup

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

Mix all dry ingrediants, ad syrup and mix. Add fat and milk a little at a time and beat.  bake 180c for 30 mins for cake, less for cupcakes.

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Posted: 26/07/2011 at 22:27

Hello all.... just a quickie to let you all know we somehow manged to win the school appeals and have got places for both girls.   I am so relieved!!

Running has been a bit hit and miss with the copious amounts of research i did for the appeal/ work/ child juggling etc so am going to defer the 10k and hopefully now this is all over will get back into a routine.  I have been cycling a fair bit though.... somewhat enforced as we are a car down.... but loving it so am going to try to carry on cycling to work and back 

I am one of those runners who regularly gets taken over by pregnant and buggy pushing runners

Hope you are all good, will try and have a read back and catch up soon but bed beckons!

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Posted: 13/06/2011 at 20:06
sorry caro... that took me so long to write x post.... hope all is ok x

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Posted: 13/06/2011 at 20:06

my mum is ace... shame she lives in london as she will do anything she can to help even though she works full time and is busy herself.  my bro takes the mickey a bit though, last 2 years him and his wife have gone off on hols alone while the big family holiday is on leaving my mum struggling to look after 2 under 4 who are missing thier parents, clingy to her , dont sleep and not the best behaved at the best of times!  Meant she didnt get any fun time with her grandchildren this year, just spent the week sorting out problems, she looked hanging at the end of the week despite the rest of us trying to help as best we could.  think i may need to have word with him as mum would never say it was hard work!

MIL is also lovely but so worried about interfering she will never just come over or even let us know she is in town, makes it a bit tricky as OH is useless at inviting her over etc so consequently we dont see nearly enough of her.

why do families have to be so complicated? sounds like some tough situations you are all in.  One advantage of all the splitting up and remarrying in my family is the girls have got 8 grandparents to spoil them.... makes family events a little awkward though trying to work out who to invite to what without sparks flying!!

loving the big boy moment CM, I think its great for kids to have a taste of responsibility and independance, cant wait til i can send my 2 to the local shop!!

Welcome Nikki! 

Well done to all that ran/ raced in the pouring rain... i wimped out and now cant run as R away for most of the week.  serves me right for being a woos!

School situation going nowhere.... we have just heard they will not open another class at local school due to H & S problems and looks like other options proposed to create extra classes will not be going ahead for this sept either.  The Lea really need to sort themselves out, apparently will need the equivalent of 14 new schools in the next 5 years to provide school places for all children!  It looks like we are now 1 & 2 on the waiting list after second round offers but this isnt much good to us as the chances of 2 places coming up at once are remote, so i guess it is all down to the appeal now.

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Posted: 07/06/2011 at 21:32

ok done!


looks a bit different from the city centre events i have done before but should be a nice day out for the kids.  Slightly worried about it being described as undulating though.... i dont do hills!!

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Posted: 07/06/2011 at 20:40

I have only done 1 post kids (shamefully has taken me nearly 4 years to get back into running on any sort of regular basis!), did it in 66 mins.  good to know that there is usually a range of finish times, presumed that the smaller ones would only attract hardcore speedy people.  will have a nosy around and see if I can find a charity one

Thanks for the tip

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Posted: 07/06/2011 at 20:18

Oh how I wish i was in thailand....  head injury sounds nasty though, hope she is on the mend!

Glad the blood test went well caro, mine amaze me whenever they have tests- just take it all in their stride.  Sure it has alot to do with the great skill the hospital nurses have at making them so relaxed and providing lots of distraction.  really showed when they had their pre school boosters - not a murmer when all the other kids wailed for england, the nurse was really worried when i turned up with both alone!  Hope it comes back negative.

Hang on in there CM, you are doing great.  must be so tough x

Sounds like the kids are following in your footsteps Lotte!

 I am just back from a week on the coast with my extended family..... carnage!!!  4 generations of us and 24 of us in one house for the weekend, luckily it calmed down abit and ony 15 of us for the rest of the week.  lots of fun though kids loved it and lots of wine consumed!!

I think i need to find another 10k to enter, i am useless when i dont have a goal and running falls by the wayside with the million and 1 things to do!  The only prob is i am scared to do the smaller ones incase i come last. much prefer to blend into 10000 people!

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