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Monday 25th April 2016

Posted: 25/04/2016 at 18:00

Hi all,


Just a quick pop in for a while as I've got a lot on, which means reducing time on other things like forums...  Anyway just wanted to congratulate LMH on a fantastic marathon time. Great report and excellent training that went in to achieve that time.  Best wishes for many more excellent race times!

Best wishes also to everyone else and hope to come back again in the future. 

Thursday 14th April 2016

Posted: 14/04/2016 at 06:29


Enjoy the meet up OL/alehouse.

LMH - coffee and cake day sounds nice. 

What: club run up to 10 miles

Why: club runs are Tuesday and Thursday and I like catching up with friends

Last hard: watching club mates race last night with the ease of legs that are not falling apart... Although I did enjoy supporting too.

Last rest: yesterday due to time


Have a good day all!

Tuesday 12th April 2016

Posted: 12/04/2016 at 17:40

Shoes... had 60+ pairs of running shoes at the end of last year and folk who saw my pictures on FB were a bit taken aback why I would have so many shoes.  I had a good sort out and threw some and donated some after that and now have about 30 pairs.  The things is there's always another run in them even if it's a short one.  It's just so hard to throw trainers out - I feel your pain Dustin.   Just ordered a new pair today too...

Glad you're feeling better LMH!

OL - I have "Healthy Intelligent Training" by Keith Livingstone and it's definitely worth a read.  I dip into it rather than read it cover to cover.

AOH - sorry to hear about your dad.  Seeing our parents like that is not nice!

chicksta - I think someone stole my legs 3 years ago.  I get the occasional feeling of them being my old ones but it's a flash in the pan.  I'm sure yours will be back ready and strong for your marathon!

What: club run

Why: It's Tuesday

Last rest: when asleep

Last hard: forgotten  until the next time

Lyrics: no, but I definitely did know them yesterday.


Monday 11th April 2016

Posted: 11/04/2016 at 17:46

Healing vibes LMH!

Good to see you back getting some miles in WP and extra from your Garmin.

Hope you got a run AOH.

M71, hope I'm still running at that age alehouse.  

Enjoy squash emzap!

Monday 11th April 2016

Posted: 11/04/2016 at 17:41

Congratulations OL on your pb.  Sub 3 will come, keep at the miles...

Hi Blisters.  Sounds like you're getting yourself back into shape and losing weight.

What: a short run

Why: a time thing

Last hard: forgotten now

Last rest: sleep

Lyrics: yes for a change

Sunday 10th April 2016

Posted: 10/04/2016 at 17:31

Thoughts with (((Wabo)))!  I lost my mum a couple of years ago when she was rushed in with a chest infection and we were told she had hours left.  Very stressful and heart breaking time. 


Dustin - I'm afraid I'd be up and down the street.

I managed 16 miles today.  Pain was about the same as last week when I DNF the marathon, but this week I could stop and stretch and wasn't trying to run at a pace.  Still I really enjoyed running in such lovely weather with lovely friends!

chicksta - fingers crossed you won't have to DNF!  It's happened to me twice now in a marathon and unfortunately at the same marathon as last week, which is one reason I chose to do it... Not meant to be and certainly won't be giving it a third attempt!

Hope OL has done well.  Most folk I know who did Manchester have done well, a couple had okay ones and a couple had stinkers - that's marathon running!

Sunday 10th April 2016

Posted: 10/04/2016 at 07:16


LMH -  that makes sense.  Not something I'd like as I hate needles, but I guess you get used to them.  Hope the throat eases soon!

OL - run strong, confident and enjoy it!


What: long run

Why: with friends

Last hard: yesterday

Last rest: sleep

Lyrics: no

Looking forward to seeing the Manchester marathon results as got several friends doing it.  Have a good day all!

alehouse - if you're going to watch my guess is there will be a Barnsley AC runner near the front, but he'll be wearing his red sponsors vest.

Saturday 9th April 2016

Posted: 09/04/2016 at 19:15

The narrow start at Stretford could get a bit congested, but if you're at the front I guess you won't have much problem.   Excellent time at 64.

Saturday 9th April 2016

Posted: 09/04/2016 at 18:13

Thanks Alehouse.  Yes I've always found marathon training gets me into shape even for shorter distances.  BR reckons the course is worth about 45 secs and he's pretty good at getting these things right.  So I reckon I'm just outside breaking 20 but I'll get there!

Fastest courses we've done are Hull, York, Poole, Cardiff, South Manchester when dry, Middlesbrough Albert Park, Rother Valley and Coventry.  Would like to do Dulwich.  I'll be off to Hull soon as I like that course and it's where I hold my parkrun pb, so it has good vibes.

Saturday 9th April 2016

Posted: 09/04/2016 at 16:27

WP - a good day of training for you.  Are you still having B12 jabs?

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