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Posted: Yesterday at 21:51

I think it was me who did it same year as you Pip!

Exciting Brookie, hope its not too warm for you.

Phew Lotte - I was tired contemplating my day - yours is unfathomable!

Had a terrible night sleep last night - awake from 12.30 until about 4am then again at 5.30. WIde awake, baby squirming like mad, Matilda coughing etc etc. Hungry so had a bunch of crumpets at about 2am. Now I have a cold and get to drive to HAmilton for a meeting tonight - SIGH! Last driving trip though...

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Posted: 21/09/2014 at 22:08

Sounds like an interesting lot of debates over the Scottish vote. We had our election over the weekend and very depressingly National (our Tory equivalent) got voted in with an overwhelming majority - SIGH!!! Another 3 years of this crap! 

Had a lovely weekend down at the farm. Matilda and Rose (her cousin) played so well together and have just got to the stage where they will disappear off for ages and mostly sort out any squabbles - good times! M was so so sad about leaving yesterday.

AM knackered today and in a GRUMPY mood!! Had a deadline set for some things coming in for work last Friday in order to make sure some money went through the payment run today - strict deadline and someone thought 10pm was acceptable - then emailed and said oh I need to change something I'll have it for you Saturday - oh sorry didn't realise I work weekends as well?!! Sorry ranting unnecessarily now!

Off to Hamilton tomorrow- last overnight trip where I'm driving thankfully, then just Nationals and that should be me for overnight trips for almost a year I hope!

Caro, I hope you are feeling a lot better this week

Ttid that is super exciting about moving soon!!!

Camlo - I would have been pleased about that drinks decision as well!! We went out for a meal last night and let Matilda have a blackcurrent drink - until I looked at the sugar content - 22g it wasn't even a big bottle of drink! Was appalled so hid it! Only ever water and milk at home and usually same when out - juice is a big treat which will be becoming more scarce I feel!

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Posted: 18/09/2014 at 21:42

Hugs JG - that seems really poor treatment. You may not hear back (sounds like they are cowards) but you are right to have said how you felt. Focus on the positive - you know where you stand and where you don't want to be next year and concentrating on changing that - its their loss!

Minks - thats a toughie but I agree with above, go with your gut as long as you can show clearly why you chose one over the other you will be fine.

Camlo - awesome swimming from your family!! I am going to start swimming, I am soon, really soon, sometime ....

Caro - hope you are recovering and having your sister there is helping you

CM - sometimes there isn't an ideal solution, sounds like you did the best you could and now can move on. Plenty more battles to have!

Off to the farm again this weekend. Its my brothers birthday and my sis etc are coming up as well. Can't wait although will be a busy house! M is as usual beside herself with excitement!



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Posted: 18/09/2014 at 02:50

I confess I am currently hopelessly addicted to sugar - trying to keep it to a reasonable amount but fail most days!!

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Posted: 16/09/2014 at 21:17

Glad you are through the next one Caro and levels got high enough, hope the next few days go ok.

CM I hope you are feeling better too - we have to pay to see the DR's here (approx 20 pounds) which I hate but then I can get an almost immediate appointment and always get through when i call - swings and round abouts I guess.

Off gor glucose tolerance test shortly - we are very slow geting out of the house this morning. M and I both still in pj's and should have been at daycare 15 minutes ago - gotta love working from home! 

Camlo - Saving your report to read while I'm sat waiting during test

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Posted: 16/09/2014 at 01:36

Oh god don't get guinea pigs!! Apologies to anyone in advance who love them but they are such pointless pets! We have a long standing joke in our family about them as we had them as kids and they basically do nothing but poo all the time and have gross cages to clean out!!!  We had a huge range of pets over the years and they were the most boring!

As for rats - ewwwww that is the one animal that creeps me out above all else. Don't mind sipders etc but could not have a rat in the house (or near the house!). Certainly don't miss seeing them around in London.

Sorry - I guess I'm just not really a pet person!!

Caro - I hope your counts rise and you are feeling ok xx

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Posted: 14/09/2014 at 08:01
Caro I'm seriously impressed at your Parkrun time/place!!
Happy birthday to JG - the birthday gods were obviously smiling on you re. Thomas land!!
Hope tapering going well for marathoners (Camlo and Brookie!)
Crap that injuries are still dragging on - CC and I'm sure someone else!

I can't even run to the car these days - SPD has got worse - not helped by walking WAY to far today! Mum and Dad up this weekend, was so lovely. They took M away for the afternoon as well to play on the beach etc and hubby gave me 2 lie-ins so apart from SPD pain and general tiredness from having visitors, I've been able to recover from hellish week at work.
We're down at the farm again this weekend as it's my brothers birthday - so lucky to have squeezed in seeing M&D 3 times in 4 weeks! M is in heaven!!

Hoping this week quieter with work!
Hope you've all had good weekends.
Oh and that poorly mothers are ok as well.

Your sister must be here soon if you're about to start another round (halfway point?). Will be great to have her with you I'm sure and hope changes to meds reduce nausea

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Posted: 12/09/2014 at 01:01

Good luck Camlo! SOunds like it will be emotionally draining as well as physically!!!

Whew - massive report finished. Now to send it off! I'm really nervous as its about a large club with a super critical Chairman who will pick holes in anything! Despite that I'm pleased with it

Mum and Dad not far away and I had planned on cleaning before they arrived - so not happening!!!


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Posted: 11/09/2014 at 10:02

A friend of mine did this to her daughters elbow hauling her out of a puddle when she refused to get out of it. She felt terrible confessing to the Dr - they just laughed! But has been banned from any swinging her by her hands etc.

Exhausting week almost over!! 500+ kids at gymnastics festival today - went really well. Have now just finished as much as I can of survey analysis report (strategic planning) - need a fresh pair of eyes on it tomorrow. Stomach cramps have gone but replaced by stupid leg cramps all night - have always had problems but REALLY bad this pregnancy!!! Not every night so am hoping for a good one tonight as really need the sleep. Mum and Dad coming up tomorrow for weekend but staying in cottage by the beach (yay easy for us and more of a holiday for them!).


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Posted: 10/09/2014 at 01:45

Oh god EF - sounds dire!!! Hubby has a cold at the moment so is doing a lot of woe as me and sighing - I told him that I had just been thinking how blimmin grateful I am that he now has a job and I don't have to listen to it all day while trying to work - thankfully he took the comment with good humor (I was kind of joking...)

I've had a weird stomach cramp thing for 3 days - fingers crossed it seems better. Cramps like you'd get with D&V but no other symptoms. Unpleasant but not as unpleasant as it could be! Has made me feel very tired though and am in middle of week from hell work and life/wise so not ideal. So freakin busy, juggling away whilst running on mad hamster wheel - ARRGGHH!! Desperate for week to end while simultaneously wishing there was an extra 2 day. M will be pleased because she's going to have to have a Peppa pig marathon on the ipad while I get more work done this afternoon. Generally fitting my job into compressed hours works fine but every now and then it doesn't - this is one of those times!! Tomorrow is full day at gym festival with 500+ kids - SIGH!!

Anyway no more complaining because if it was really a problem I wouldn't be on here right?!!........

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