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Posted: Today at 09:05
That sounds really tough Kinsey - do both she and her husband drink?

Had a real good for the soul afternoon today - met up with a friend and her kids and did a bike (well the 2 big girls biked) along one of the walkways through town (real green corridor through town - you'd never know you were in town. Had an explore through a beautiful old cemetery and then stopped do the kids could swim in the river. Our girls are really hit and miss with how they get on but we've found that taking them away from toys (ie each other's houses) and playgrounds into a natural environment and they get on wonderfully. Planning to do s different walk/explore each week.

Giving a lot of thought to cutting down sugar in my diet - read quite a few articles and don't want to go cold turkey (I know that's how you're supposed to but not ready for that!!) but really need to cut down.

Caro I have started talking to M about what made her happy each night but would be interested in how you discuss what they are grateful for? Does E understand the concept?

PS - rotting placenta - bleurgghhhh!!!

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Posted: Yesterday at 22:05
Could do with some recommendations on good reads Caro !

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Posted: Yesterday at 06:53
Just read an interesting article about the effect of screens on sleep. Should switch off all screens an hour before bed. Hmmmm need to try harder at that!

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Posted: Yesterday at 06:51
Sounds fab CM!
Camlo I am in awe of your training!!! Exercise is a great way to distract from other worries.
I managed a Pilates DVD today - yay!!!
Just made myself microwave choc self-saucing pudding so am clearly a healthy eater!!

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Posted: 26/02/2015 at 07:51

Haha Vixo def gremlins there!! In NZ now it is standard procedure to have delayed cord clamping and deliver placenta naturally. It meant I got lovely skin to skin in the pool for about 45 mins. The think I found most interesting this time was there was zero rush to get the baby weighed and measured. I think Freya was weighed after about 2 hours. The focus is completely on parent bonding rather than the less important checks (obviously the important ones are done). It made it lovely and relaxing and un-medicalised.

We are ok diet-wise here. I eat WAY too much sugar and really must cut back but not motivated to at the moment. I'm on night 3 of 4 nights of evenings on my own and am officialy sick of it. I know others have far worse situations and many do this every night but I am sick of it especially as this is how it will be for the forseeable future! Freya is ok its Matilda who is currently (and has been since before Freya was born) a royal pain in the butt at bedtime!! REALLY sick of it! Anyway have been moaning to my sister via text all evening so must shut up!!

Had a nice morning down the coast with the kids while hubby did some snorkelling for mussels. Lots of clambering around rockpools. 

I've decided that in order to get some me time (of which I am feeling in desperate need at the moment) I'm going to start swimming. I hate it and would rather run but I can feel my core/back is way too weak and would result in immediate injury so will swim until I've built up some strength. I've also started a great yoga class (with babies) which I'm enjoying.


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Posted: 24/02/2015 at 09:17

Caro - I accidently went back a few pages on here and your post about all the exercise you'd done in something like a 24 hour period came up - is it possible you have been overdoing things?

We're busy planning our Queens Birthday weekend (1st June here) holiday - last yesr we went to Taupo with a group of my oldest school friends (I've known them all since I was 13) and this year everyone is coming to New Plymouth  which is a) awesome because we really cant afford going away and hubby will most likely have to work and b) so much fun stuff to do here. The kids all got along amazingly last year as did the adults (partners and all) so it should be a lot of fun. Having known these people for most of my life there is absolutely zero pretence! Between that and hubbys sister and partner coming out for easter there is a lot to look forward to in the next few months. Just wish time would slow down a bit - I'll be back of work before too long!!

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Posted: 24/02/2015 at 07:56
Oh man so many hugs needed out there.
Camlo - huge hugs to you, nothing I can say just keep being kind to yourself ((()))
CC - sounds awfully tough ((()))
And TTid - I'm glad there is fun going on (from the looks of things on facebook!!) to balance out the stress, take care

Had a lovely weekend at the farm - man I love that place. No matter what else is going on in my world, the farm is always home.
Hubby is doing ok worldwide- but has 3 nights this week which suck all round for both of us. Just have to avoid competitive tiredness!

Busy day tomorrow - work meeting (council want to consult with me on their sport and rec plan and it's important to have our input even if I am on mat leave). Then yoga and then M has playball. Early night needed I think!

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Posted: 19/02/2015 at 08:08
Awww PG3 - defining a good week at work by whether or not you have cried (((()))) that truly sucks!! I hope your situation has some resolution before too long.

Happy birthday Eric!!
Manic day here - juggling too many things. Going to keep things simple tomorrow - just getting organised and packed for the farm then heading off when K finishes work -can't wait!!

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Posted: 16/02/2015 at 21:00

Where is everyone?!!

Stink EF that does not sound like fun at all!

We had a lovely weekend - camping at a little place on the beach just down the coast from here. Went with friends and the hubbys and older kids camped and my friend and I went down for the afternoon/evening and then came home with the babies which meant I had a lovely peaceful morning on sunday too! Such a beautiful place and was so warm the girls were still swimming after 7pm! All job crap aside we are so lucky to live in this place! 

Speaking of job crap, hubby has his first shift back cheffing tonight (2-11pm) and as a result is grumpy as hell. Tiptoeing around him as I know he is feeling crap about it but its not much fun to live with so he is going to have to get over it quickly!! He's off out for a mountain bike ride now so hopefully that will improve his mood!

Having a bit of a hard time with Freya the last couple of days. She is sleeping well at night but down to 20-30 min naps in the day so gets increasingly over tired as the day progresses. Can't seem to get her to sleep longer despite white noise, swaddling etc. Hopefully its just a phase!!


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Posted: 13/02/2015 at 21:48

I agree TT - for those who do not have parents who fill the role the should, it shows your strength and commitment to your kids that you are such fab mummies! I am always quite conscious that my hubby has no role model for being a dad which is both sad and means he has had to really make it up as he goes along as he has no reference point for how it could/should be.

My SIL is pregnant (huge shock, def not planned - she is 40 and is a real career woman and kids had not featured in her plans!!). My MIL will now be able to channel all her energies into this grandchild. Kind of makes me feel mad that she has not contacted Matilda since we left the UK in 2011 and has not even acknowledged Freya. But then I remember how bl**dy mad she is and life is so much easier and more peaceful without her in it as sad as that is. Luckily my girls have 2 fabulous Grandparents here who would do anything for them and more than fill that gap.

Bit of camping this weekend - hubby is taking M to an awesome little campsite down the coast with another couple of friends and their kids. I'm going down for the afternoon and then will come home with Freya and get a lie-in in the morning - yay!!

We've had a few big battles around evening/bedtime as Matilda is really misbehaving when she knows I am tied up with Freya. Lots of shouting from me which I HATE. I need to come up with some new strategies as I will be doing the evenings on my own quite a lot. Hubby is starting work back cheffing for a couple of places under the same company. Not very many shifts to start with but will increase in a few weeks. He's being fairly positive although I know he is so gutted about it. I just hope he doesn't let it drag him down! Likely to be at least 4 afternoon/evening shifts so will be running the ship on my own a lot of the time - FUN!

Right, really must get something done today - spectacularly unproductive so far!


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