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Posted: Today at 20:37
Sorry CM that should have been !!! I'm not doubting your injury!

Mums Running Club

Posted: Today at 20:30
Oh CC that sounds awful ((((())))). Caro's quote will definitely apply to you.
EF sorry to hear about Fraser, I would dread it too.
Can gutted that you've hurt your foot ????
Caro your conference sounds amazing and what you needed to show you some of the path ahead I guess from others who have been there

We're at my sisters (hubby in Welibgton with his sis), we're all heading in today to meet up with the and go to the zoo. Everyone is VERY excited!! I am feeling v grateful to have such a wonderful sister - wish we lived next door to each other!!!

Mums Running Club

Posted: 15/04/2015 at 08:20
Oh god now I NEED a cream egg!!!

Mums Running Club

Posted: 14/04/2015 at 12:37
Nice work CM!!
Brrrr suddenly freezing here, snow on mountain etc. but of a shock to the system!
My SIL's partner is doing the South Island leg of the Tour of NZ cycle race and is coming first individual! Pretty impressed! He's had a fair bit of riding through snow!

Trying to stay calm when M misbehaves - actually trying to stop 'stepping up to the plate' for every argument with hubby as well. Somehow I'm going to become a mindful zen master who calmly deals with all this stuff - gotta aim high right?!
I read something recently about doing nice things for the sake of it (to make others and yourself happy) not to earn praise, get a gold star or keep score. Really resonated with me.

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Posted: 12/04/2015 at 21:27
Hugs Caro, it's tough no matter how much of a relief it is. I hope hubby makes MIL see sense as no doubt you guys will be on the receiving end of the complaining if not.
Awesome racing PG3 and JG!!
Ok weekend here, hubby working a LOT so am carrying the parenting load and then some. M being really good then doing random really naughty things (like pulled a plant out of a pot in garden centre with hubby, or purposefully tipped a glass of water all over table at dinner). Trying to ignore but v frustrating!
Terrible night with Greya last night - up every hour YAWN!!
Weather has now turned vile so will need to get dressed up to get M outside at some point or behaviour will be worse!!

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Posted: 07/04/2015 at 18:58
So many beautiful pics of fab running scenery on FB (and dolphins!!).
Hooray for an office, Ben far away from people could be just what you need - esp if they are lazy!
In laws visit going ok, tiring though. Daylight savings has not gone well in our house and I have been up at 5.30 every day since. Add 3 feeds between midnight and then and I'm a zombie!
Kids have been awesome but I think my SIL looks horrified much of the time (she's pregnant at 40 with a big surprise). Met her partner for the first time and they have a LOT of stuff to work out before September! Agreeing whose house to move into, he basically wants to continue living life as it is (planning a bike race in the Alps 3 weeks after due date etc.

Anyway we have done some nice things - did a 2.5 hour tramp on the mountain and M walked the whole way with no complaint. They all went to the glow worm caves in Waitomo yesterday (Freya too little for boat) and now we are in Raglan (surfy beach town). They head off today so am looking forward to a day and night of just us. Seeing them again in Wellington again in a week.

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Posted: 02/04/2015 at 02:44
I'm filling myself with calm zen-ness in preparation! Hubby working next 2 evenings so will revel in time on my own, plus the sun is shining and Mum came up for a quick visit. Went on a fab bush walk this morning with Mum and the girls. Despite asking M numerous times to get her boots we realised when we got there that she hadn't, no problem tough little farm girl just did it in bare feet (about 1.5 hours).

Also Caro I have been meaning to say the happy/grateful thing at bedtime is working really well and several times during the day M has said this is what I am going to be grateful for at bedtime so it's really sticking in her head - today she has decided that she is grateful that we have mushrooms in our garden for faries to live under!! So thanks for sharing that idea, we love it. She also asks hubby what he is grateful for when he says good night.

Sounds like you've had some wild weather in the UK, I hope it improves over Easter xx

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Posted: 01/04/2015 at 20:00
Looks like CC and CM are having a blast!!

I am trying to not feel stressed out about this weekend!!! SIL and partner arrive Saturday. She's lovely but not a helpful guest and pretty high maintenance! Never met partner. Logistics of their visit are what's causing me stress! They are here for 3 days which is v short and hubby a bit gutted so in order to spend more time with them we are all driving up to Raglan on Tuesday (4 hours), they are staying 1 night then heading to Auckland and we are staying 2 nights because I'm not dragging 2 kids away for what would be just endless time in the car. Then next week we are driving down to the farm and then on to Wellington (about 5 hrs total) to see them for another 2 days. Bonus here is we're staying with my sister so that will be fun. SIL is still coming to terms with being pregnant so going to be v interesting! I suspect she's going to find it v overwhelming as M is not a quiet peaceful child hehe!!
So deep breaths and plenty of mindfulness needed!! Esp as an fairly sleep deprived currently!! Hubby working crazy hours do is also knackered so main aim will be to get through without having a pointless row from tiredness!!

Sorry for whinge!!

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Posted: 29/03/2015 at 19:03
Woohoo Camlo!!! That's a fantastic result!! You're officially awesome!

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Posted: 27/03/2015 at 23:45
Hubby and I used to joke before we got married that I should marry someone else first for money and then marry him for love!!
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