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Posted: Yesterday at 20:20

Oh god Lotte - I would have lost it if there was a rat on the loose round my house!!! I'm literally cringing in my chair at the thought!

Much better night here - got hubby to agree with me on way to deal with bedtime and there was fuss and ridiculous attempts at attention (no I am not changing your bedsheet to another with a more pleasing design....), massive wobbly resulting in falling asleep on the floor but only took about 20 mins from good night to asleep compared with well over an hour previous nights. We are off to the farm this weekend for a long weekend so will prob all go to pot but I can't wait anyway!

Haha TT glad you are finding good ways to fill in time!!!


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Posted: 22/10/2014 at 21:31

Hideous night last night - started with ridiculous bedtime antics from M. Then hubby coming in and waking me up when he went to bed then snoring so loudly I moved to the spare bed in M's room. Baby kept me awake for ages then M woke up with a cough and then demanding soft toys I couldn't find - GRRRRRR

However it is a GLORIOUS sunny day here and I have bought myself strawberries to eat and not share with anyone!

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Posted: 22/10/2014 at 11:32
One thing I was thinking reading your last post CM is that you should feel very proud that J is willing and able to tell you what is going on with the bullying. Many kids his age wouldn't and it would come out in other ways. He obviously trusts you a lot.

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Posted: 21/10/2014 at 22:59

Hang in there CC! I can't remember -  the house you end up going with bigger/nicer? I know you were choosing from a couple! I'm dreading moving from here - although its not going to happen any time soon!! PAcking to move from the UK to hear was hideous and that didn't involve any furniture - was more a case of what to throw or keep. I hope hubby is in top packing mode on Friday for you!

Not getting much work done today - whoops! Will of course bite me on the bum by the end of the week! Been having a long chat with one of the other trustees for the Toy library - our chair wants to step down and the rest want me to take over. I know I could do the role and to be honest (and without meaning to sound big headed) I am probably the best option but hold on I'm having a baby in 7 weeks!!! I am refusing as I know it will be too much. I can manage my grants officer role and general trustee duties because I can do grants stuff in my sleep as I do it for work but chair is a different kettle of fish and as I have to go back to work after 7 months this time I don't think juggling everything would work then either. Feel bad but I have to do what works for us.


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Posted: 21/10/2014 at 21:42

Oh CM that is really horrible! I can't believe any mother would fall for - I fell on him with my mouth open! Says a lot about cunningness that a kid would even say that I think. Keep on at the school - they are on hand when it happens in the day and saying 'but he's not fat' is not acknowledging the problem let alone dealing with it.

Had a horrible afternoon/evening with M yesterday. Completely wobbly about not being allowed to do something (cycling around outside in slippers as she was scuffing the toes constantly) morphed into meltdown about anything and everything. Tried really hard to be patient etc but so frustrating, later followed by refusing to eat pretty much any dinner and the predictable 'I;m hungry' at bedtime and accompanying mucking around. Need a new approach as its really annoying me. I have way less patience than usual (blaming pregnancy) so need to find a better approach because I don't fancy every evening turning into a battle.

What an epic journey back from your race Lotte - sorry you didn't get the result you were after, I guess all the travel etc places added pressure on achieving your goals.

Brookie meant to say well done to you as well - is that your 3rd marathon in a short space of time - I think you walked one as well didn't you? Legs will be well overdue a rest now!

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Posted: 19/10/2014 at 23:58

Hugs to everyone with black clouds at the moment - what ever your reasons (or if you don't even know the reasons) it is never easy. Take care of yourselves xx

Pretty good weekend here, managed to afternoons to myself so lots of sleeping so am feeling pretty good now. Midwife this morning and am measuring small so am having a growth scan at some point. Midwife wasn't concerned though so should be fine. Was gutted as it appeared that I had lost my expensive rain jacket while away with work but it has turned up at head office so am very pleased - was not excited about replacing that!!

On tenterhooks at the moment as hubbies 90 day trial period ends in just over a week. His boss is a nightmare and he has been really worried that he won't get kept on. He's really moody and a terrible communicator (boss not hubby) so has been pretty rough but they had a good conversation last week so am hoping that has cleared things up. Hubby says he's still not certain he'll be kept on so am keeping fingers tightly crossed!! If he does he will start looking for another job soon anyway as the boss is such hard work but far easier to do that from an existing job rather than no job! I would just like him to have a consistent job that brings in enough money so we are ok while I'm on maternity leave!!

Getting absolutely no work done today - totally lacking motivation - oh well tomorrow is another day!


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Posted: 16/10/2014 at 21:40

I can defnitely see how that wasn't how you saw your hospital free day panning out Caro! Is your sister around to go with you?

Camlo I wouldn't describe me as tiny at all - people have weird perceptions of bump size I reckon!

Christmas bonus - TMI!!!!

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Posted: 16/10/2014 at 20:26


Sounds like its been a tough week all round with so many appointments and that feeling of having come so far but still having a way to go. In a few years time this will no longer bone of the most defining things about you as you will have moved on to much bigger and better things, it will have become something that has made you who you are. I can see how it would be hard to see anything other than the grimmness of it all at the moment though - take care xx

Ttid you made me snort with laughter at your sleeping with the boss comment!!

Matilda went to bed like a lamb last night - yay! Helped that it was Daddies turn to do bedtime so I could just lie on the couch! I'm 32 weeks now and generally feeling very well, apparently Im 'tiny' haha I'm def bigger than last time so doesn't feel tiny but also don't feel too encumbered by my bump yet, I just get more tired and more impatient!

We have such a busy time between now and when the baby comes too - birthday parties most weekends, a couple of trips to the farm and a load of other fun stuff. Will be knackering but I don't want to miss out on any of it either! I love November!!

WHose running this weekend - is it Brookie and Lotte running Abingdon? Good luck if it is!!

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Posted: 15/10/2014 at 20:15

CM - your boss sounds like a prize to**er! If it helps it sounds like you are doing a great job of standing up to him and you are right - why should you waste your valuable time on things if he's going to undermine you at every turn. ((()))

Good luck with the dry nights Caro and I love the 17 mile analogy!! Sounds like you had some milestones yesterday. Hang in there you are doing amazingly!!

Tired mummy here - mainly just pregnancy tiredness I think but not helped by an extra demanding and whiny Matilda at the moment - huge bedtime battles and taking her an hour of stuffing around to get to sleep despite being tired when she goes to bed so is waking up tired and grouchy in the morning and being extra contrary! I was v happy when she decided she wanted Daddy to take her to daycare this morning!!

Wow Sophie must be such a heavy sleeper JG!! SHame about the job. It is always really disappointing when it doesn't happen how you want it but there will be something else out there and you'll look back and think I'm glad I didn't get that job! I had interviews for 5 jobs before I got this one and was gutted each time and feeling more and more despondent - now I am so glad as most of them I would in hindsight not enjoyed (one I would have down right HATED) and I love my job now.

Birthday season has started for us. All M's friends from my coffee group are born from now through to early Dec so there are a lot of parties. 2 this saturday but have decided that hubby can take her to one as its his friends child!

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Posted: 14/10/2014 at 21:16

Oh no what a pain Kinsey

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