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Posted: Yesterday at 00:20

Ohhhh I didn't realise that babies were so imminent!! How exciting!!

Glad your holiday has been a good one Caro, hope the next few days pass quickly without too much stress for you.

Managed to work some things through with hubby last night, still requires further discussion for sure though. Actually further discussion is needed anyway - bl**dy smart phones are v effective at stopping any evening discussions - worse than tv! He's feeling really positive about his new job and the opportunities he should get through it. Seems there is going to be a little bit of away travel but I do it so can't exactly complain can I!!

Matilda told me she didn't think I should have a baby this morning - she was worried about how it would get out! I explained as best I could and she seemed to take that in her stride. Has anyone ever shown their slightly older (ie. 3+) kids any clips of someone giving birth? M has a very enquiring mind and I have been thinking that closer to the time I might show her some so that she can properly understand what happens. She likes facts and reality (not squeamish) so I think it will help it make sense to her but wondered if anyone else had done similar (obviously I will find a tame video with music rather than screaming!!).


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Posted: 30/07/2014 at 22:47

Haha has ttid got her gremlins back?!!


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Posted: 30/07/2014 at 22:16

At ast you woke up with snoring not contractions TTid!! Hope that baby stays put for you until you're ready!

Tried a new approach this morning but still managed to have a ridiculous row with hubby. We have agreed that we need to talk tonight - long overdue! The last 6 months have really taken their toll on our relationship and we need to start communicating a whole lot better and being much nicer to each other. New job was the first step but we also need to break bad habits that have crept in caused by the stress and frustration.

RF you are both awesome and mad at the same time! Good on you for entering!! Like Ttid I laughed at the idea of doing the strathpuffer and then a marathon as a training run!! Im still doing my hour walk most days but can feel hints of SPD creeping in so not sure how much longer it will last. Started at 30 weeks last time but usually starts earlier in subsequent pregnancies.

Oh and re. the button - hubby had to come in very shame-faced last night and ask could I please move it back again as his trousers had stretched a bit that day and now they were too loose (new work trousers). There will be no more sewing alterations!!!


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Posted: 29/07/2014 at 22:17

I would say having a wibble now its all becoming real is very understandable Caro. Have you got anyone with a god listening ear to plan a lunch date with on Monday (or will that not work with school holidays - ok maybe a playdate!). Sounds lie you are making the best decision for you re. wigs etc, And very sweet of M to get a buff to keep you company. It sounds like she is taking it in her stride so far.

Hubby starts new job today so fingers crossed its all going well. It has totally upset my morning routine as never had him getting ready to go at the same time as I am getting Matilda ready to go - I was a grumpy cow this morning so will need to apologise and find a way to accommodate each other so we don't start every day bickering!! He asked me to sew a button on his trousers this morning - doesn't he realise I have everything planned down to the last minute in the morning grrrrr!!

Had a meeting with 2 people from my team yesterday - 7 hours driving plus 4 hour planning meeting = long day!! Our manager couldn't give us details but reading through the lines I think our CEO is about to get sacked for gross misconduct - yikes!!! We are a very small organisation so this will have a massive impact. She said to 'hold on tight its going to be a bumpy ride...'

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Posted: 28/07/2014 at 09:51

Oh Janie that is a nightmare and how cruel (and cowardly) for them to send you a letter and basically run away leaving you to stress over it over the holidays. When are you due to go back? I was very impressed with your determination and professional approach to dealing with your horrible nursery situation - sounds like this needs more of the same. Sending you some hugs - and hope you get to catch up with Caro!

Hubby is starting work in his new job on Wednesday. He has a months notice to work at his old place but as he was only getting 2 shifts a week hes able to do them Fri and Sat and start the other job straight away. He's so happy, it really is great!

M is not well today, very lethargic after daycare. She didn't seem herself when I picked her up and am a bit sad that possibly no one noticed (they may have and I just didn't see them when I collected her but no one commented). Anyway doubt she will be at daycare tomorrow but hubby will have to deal with it as I'm up in Hamilton for a meeting for the day 3.5 hours each way!! Will be knackered afterwards but I've got a new audio book so am looking forward to the peace and quiet and also meeting up with my 2 favourite colleagues for a planning afternoon - yay!

Looks like a fair bit of impending house moving or wanting to move going on. Once hubby has completed his probation period we are hoping to start looking - dying to have our own place!

Oh and I think today we arrived at the 'why' stage - deep breath........

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Posted: 26/07/2014 at 20:33
Ttid and Sonya I understand your worries - my mum will def come up but she's 3 hours away. I have plenty of friends who'd happily help but my concern is if I go overdue many/most will be away for Christmas.
Hugs to you both, life is stressful enough at times without adding late pregnancy into the mix!! I am so relieved that hubby's job seems sorted now as I didn't fancy the current scenario with hating job, juggling evening shifts etc when this baby comes.

Right hubby and Matilda cooking pancakes - would be rude not to sample!!

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Posted: 24/07/2014 at 23:25

Haha  EF!


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Posted: 24/07/2014 at 22:42

Hubby has got a new job!!!!!! Very exciting! He interviewed for a job a couple of months ago and they wanted to take him on but their head office put a hold on recruitment. They phoned on Wed and he went and met with them yesterday! We are thrilled! He'll get lots of training, pay is slightly less than now (entry level as opposed to Head chef!!) but will go up after probation period. So thrilled for him (and me!). Starts in a week.

Fingers tightly crossed that all goes smoothly and he can finally get started in his new career - only taken 1 year from when he started his course to retrain!



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Posted: 23/07/2014 at 22:29

Great that you have an appointment time Caro and the Dr sounds excellent - always reassuring to know that you are seeing an expert! Yikes to potential chemo on Monday though! I really hope you get your holiday in first. Looks like Matilda had a fab birthday - I want that strawberry cake so much right now!!! ALso good that you are sorting your own physio - no offence to NHS physios but you'll get more specific treatment faster I'd say. I had a physio appt at the hospital the other day (referral from midwife) as am worried that my back might cause problems from surgery last year and carrying extra weight - it was worse than useless!!! I'm going to pay to see my own physio - will need half as many appts and get useful help!

Had a lovely afternoon up the mountain. We are so lucky to have it in our backyard (25 mins drive to the snow). Matilda is a real explorer up there and kept disappearing off down banks etc which was slightly unnerving but also cool that shes so interested and enjoys it so much!

Sounds like the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony is a bit cheesy? I don't have Sky so will have to watch some highlights tonight. We have gymnasts competing (supported by my organisation) and everyone at work is v excited - I am keeping quiet as don't need colleagues to know quite how indifferent I am to our sport!! Don't get me wrong I love my job but the actual sport of gymnastics does not excite me!!


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Posted: 23/07/2014 at 02:29

Off up the mountain again shortly - beautiful sunny day so should be fun! Tons of things I should be doing at home plus work but sod it all. Feeling like on a major hamster wheel at the moment so I'm getting off to play in the snow!



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