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Posted: Yesterday at 23:58

I'm using a new baby as an excuse to have 'forgotten' to send Christmas cards, arrange gifts for daycare etc etc!! Really I am just lazy!! I'll get  M to make her teachers a card.

Had a wonderful few days with mum here - she is so awesome. Entertained Matilda, etc etc and even did a whole lot of my weeding which really is above and beyond! Only 4 days and she and my dad and brother are back for christmas (thankfully not staying with us so I don't have to play host too much. Freya is doing really well - last few days she has fed at 10, 2 and 5am which is killing my sister as her 11 month old is waking and feeding more than that. I expect it to end any day so am enjoying it while it lasts. Her feeding isn't amazing so am going to get some help from the midwife tomorrow hopefully. Matilda is really being great. She loves her little sister and is being so helpful. A few meltdowns but only usual 3 year old stuff and there is plenty of stuff to entertain her with Christmas coming up - I suspect that there will be a post Christmas crash but we have a week at the farm at the start of Jan so that will delay any crash hopefully!

CC your runs sound very very cold. We are suffering from endless blimmin rain at the moment so doesn't feel very christmassy yet *should be much more sunshine!!. My fault for buying a nice new umbrella for outside!

I loved the christmas list spellings - couldn't work out what one of them was though!

Been meaning to ask Caro how you are feeling? Are the after effects of the last lot of chemo fading? I imagine that it will take a long time to feel 100% again but must be hard to balance expectations of how you would like to feel with reality!

JG that is tough about your sister, must be hard to watch. 



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Posted: 18/12/2014 at 22:33
I'm 5 ft 9.5 - feeling like a giant compared to most of you!!!! Currently I'm 95% boobs!!!

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Posted: 18/12/2014 at 08:11
Lots more hugs needed out there it seems.
Ttid I'm really sorry to hear you are having visa stress - really not what you need. I know that feeling when you finally think things are going right and then they're not.
Nutofen - no advice just a virtual hug, be kind to yourself over Christmas - a pressured holiday at the best of times!
Caro - awesome re triathlon. Service sounds lovely as well.

There are def others but brain not full capacity funnily!

We are doing really well, Freya is a wee treasure. Feeding and sleeping really well and v chilled out so far. Matilda is being wonderful with her - so sweet and caring. A few meltdowns but nothing directed at the baby and more to do with tiredness and too much excitement. Well aware that it'll change soon in sure but enjoying it while it lasts!! It's amazing how the short labour and peaceful birth have helped both of us recover so quickly. Feeling very lucky at the moment.

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Posted: 16/12/2014 at 08:50
Slightly surreal 24 hours here!! This is closest I'll get to a race report for a while!
After my sweep I felt quite crampy but figured it was because of the sweep. 8pm my waters broke and from then on it was full on. Contractions started immediately and were instantly 3 mins apart so no time to build up to them. Within an hour they were 1.5 mins apart so after a bit of confusion with friend who was coming to watch Matilda (I asked him to come asap and he misread text so stayed at home). Luckily we live only 5 mns from hospital. Contractions 1 min apart by now but when examined I was 1 cm dilated- soooo depressing as was exhausted from relentless contractions. Re-examined and was suddenly 7cm - got in pool which was amazing and not long after Freya appeared. The pool was amazing, no need for anything other than g&a and then a long skin to skin, natural placenta delivery etc. in NZ it's standard to do this and have minimum 1 hour skin to skin before any weighing etc is done - very peaceful and awesome for bonding. So different from 48 hour forceps delivery of M and you can see the difference in how chilled out Freya is - she didn't ever cry when born and fed straight away. So about 4 hours start to finish and was home by 10am. Nice relaxing day in the sunshine - enjoying the fact that I won't be spending xmas on a labour ward!!!
Right best get some sleep before back to feeding.

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Posted: 14/12/2014 at 20:55

Ooops sorry - Inn keeper!!! I'm impressed they manage to get kids to say lines! But did he come out with the right line on the night? I was personally hoping for the poo one!! Hubby was asking about nativities the other day - I don't think many schools do them in NZ. We certainly didn't when I was a kid.

My midwife is quite comfortable with leaving me longer as well. In the end I realised that if it ended up being a horrible/complicated labour as a result of being induced too soon I would feel really guilty about having made the decision based on Matilda's CHristmas. Anyway, it will all work out ok one way or another!!

Right - off to the beach!!!

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Posted: 14/12/2014 at 20:25

Sorry guys - one day I will talk about something else!! Had a good midwife appointment and feeling much better. After talking it through with her I have decided not to be induced on 18th or 23rd. 18th is just too soon and if my body isn't ready it could be bloody awful, then if I get to the 23rd and get induced I am pretty much guaranteeing to be in hospital on Christmas day so have decided to just see what happens and if this baby is meant to be born on CHristmas day then thats whats meant to be. Midwife is happy to let me go over 2 weeks if nothing has happened by then. She doesn't think the baby is as big as Matilda was which helps. Had a sweep and was favourable so she still thinks it could happen at any time - fingers crossed!!! Anyway feeling a lot better to have resolved it in my head I think. ANother sweep booked for Wed so will just wait and see what happens.

Off to the beach for a walk shortly - beautiful day! I need to find one last piece of driftwood to finish my driftwood CHristmas tree - sounds v random but I think its v cool! Obv we have a proper one as well (M would never forgive me) but this was fun to make - will post a pic when done.

Well done on half PB was it PG? How did you get on JG?

Caro Eric made a very sweet shepherd!! Hope all the family is on the mend now and you can get on with enjoying the lead up to Christmas.

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Posted: 14/12/2014 at 17:41
Still here, still pregnant! Fed up now????
Midwife this am for a sweep and am dreading being told that I can't because it's not favourable yet.
Feeling caught between a rock and a hard place - 18th or 23rd are my options for induction but 18th feels too soon and am worried about how it would go if my body isn't ready, 23rd would likely mean in hospital for Christmas which would be really gutting. Don't know what to do and am sick of mulling over it! I know in theory labour could start anytime before then but still need to decide what to do - childcare to arrange etc - sorry for rant, just feeling overwhelmed and no idea how things will work out.

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Posted: 11/12/2014 at 21:05

Still waiting!! Had the grumpiest day ever yesterday - so fed up, sick of working through scenarios in my head (induction, mum coming up, Christmas etc etc. Was really short with M all day as well and she told me at bedtime she'd had a really sad day - ah the guilt!! So am trying to focus on her today and saying yes rather than no - which meant playing endless hide and seek this morning but I really haven't got anything better to do so no excuses really and it will be a while before she gets lots of attention again soon!

Glad you are getting some proepr treatment now Caro - hope you come right quickly and yay for hubby coming home. I bet he hated being away.

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Posted: 10/12/2014 at 19:32

Hope you feel better soon Caro!!!


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Posted: 09/12/2014 at 21:50

Oh dear lots of hugs needed out there!!!

Lotte you are awesome!! Those photos are incredible and you don't look like you are struggling at all! I hope your legs start improving quickly!!

Tatty - what a strong wise lady you are. You are tackling this is such a sensible way - go you!! 

EF - I hate it when you have to go away for work when you really don't want to, its not fun and then hubby is grumpy because of it - been there!!

Kinsey I hope you get through the night without needing emergency childcare!

Caro - you too! Take care and I hope the temp keeps down.

I'm due today and feeling fed up!! Although have had good and bad news today - my brother has broken up with his girlfriend and is devastated which really sucks. We all thought she was the one  However my best friend rang from Melbourne and after a long time trying she is pregnant - I am sooooooo over the moon for her!!! Early days but fingers crossed!!

Right, need to go out and do some jobs. Hoping if I stay busy it might encourage this baby to turn up. Spoke to the midwife on Monday and if I eed to think about induction for being overdue I have to decide between 18th (not that overdue) or 23rd (quite overdue and bloody close to Christmas) as the stupid hospital only induces on Tue, Wed, Thurs FFS!! Hopefully its a non-issue and the baby turns up by this time next week but I was 12 days over with Matilda so can see it happening. My sister is going on and on about how bad an induction would be (thanks thats helpful) and suggesting I leave it til after Christmas - hello I had a 4kg baby first time round, don't fancy seeing how big a baby can get 3+ weeks overdue!! Then I discover that actually she wants mum to go down and babysit her kids next Sat for a wedding - being that mum is my childcare when I go into labour Im a bit annoyed I must admit and if I haven't had the baby by then I will have to say she can't which will make me feel bad. Grrr - sorry heavily pregnant hormonal ranting. I'm sure it will all work out fine!!

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