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Posted: 20/08/2014 at 01:39

Oh big hugs Pip that is tough. Is this an ongoing thing or out of the blue?

I know one of hubbys issues with me over last while has been lack of affection etc - I found his work situation had a very negative impact for me as well as just my general knackeredness. We've agreed that it can definitely be improved upon and are both making changes which has helped a lot I think.

I guess keeping talking is the only thing I can suggest - and take care of yourself ((())))


Mums Running Club

Posted: 19/08/2014 at 21:57

Ewwww nits! I know it will be a nightmare when M inevitably gets them as she has such curly hair!

I used to run at lunchtime when I lived in London, I usually showered but then I worked for a council and everyone was so blimmin slack that taking a slightly longer than normal lunch break was not exactly out of the ordinary and people seemed to take it for granted in the sports dept.

Glad you are feeling better Ttid and that you got it checked out.

Last trip for a while today until Friday. Logistical nightmare as realised it coincides with hubby's last day at old job (and 5.30 start) had not realised so last minute booking of babysitter this morning but she starts work at 7.30 and M starts daycare at 8 - thank god I have a lovely friend who lives down the road so babysitter will drop her there and they will take her to daycare - so friggin complicated!

CM all the road closures etc sound like a nightmare. There must be much more going on behind the scenes than a dinner I guess as closures are costly to everyone! Can't believe your boss expects you to get in though!!


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Posted: 14/08/2014 at 23:52

Hahaha ttid you will have Tt in panic mode if you suggest things like that!


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Posted: 14/08/2014 at 23:04

Ohhh where did she meet him TT? Sounds like they are very sensible!!

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Posted: 14/08/2014 at 22:21

Wow sounds a bit unpleasant ttid (understatement!). Fay is absolutely beautiful! Handy you had a name lined up!! You will be inundated with pink presents now I am sure!

CM glad your week has improved! Nice to have someone you will get on with at work - makes such a difference!

Hubby back late last night and no leg cramps last night either so am feeling much more human. Got some tablets from the midwife but don't know if it was them or drinking way more that helped - who cares if it works!

Ewww to nits and worms RF - dreading having to deal with that stuff!


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Posted: 13/08/2014 at 23:43

Ohhhh what will her name be?!! Did you even have any girls names ready ttid?!


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Posted: 13/08/2014 at 22:27

Huge congratulations T-tid!!! And how exciting that its a girl! You'll have some fun shopping to do!!

Hubby hopefully getting back late tonight - fingers crossed as I am on my knees with tiredness. 2 nights with terrible leg cramps on and off all night so am exhausted. Bah would like to ignore work and go to bed but can't!

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Posted: 13/08/2014 at 05:29

Ohhh will be keeping a close eye on here Ttid - good luck if things do start happening!

Sonya I am thrilled for you that you have somewhere to live and nicer as well, impending homelessness is never nice and esp not in late stages of pregnancy!

Caro - awesome work with Eric and the potty training! He must have got the memo about taking it easy on Mummy! Also well done on getting out for a ride!

SPD has come on really quickly in the last couple of days so my walking will have to end. Am gutted I have to say as it gave me a lovely morning time with Matilda and then a lovely half hour with a friend ( not to mention balanced out all the sweets I eat!! AM going to have to drag my pale horrible cold hating body down to the pool I guess. The thing that was so great about walking was it was incidental exercise so easily fitted into my day, not sure how I will go with the pool as I am already feeling like there are not enough hours in the day as work etc are so busy and I'm a write-off at night.

Getting a Chinese takeaway tonight - cant wait! Hubby away and I basically can't be bothered cooking and have been craving sweet and sour pork something terrible!!!

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Posted: 10/08/2014 at 22:37

Ohh one other exciting thing! Mum and Dad have booked a holiday cottage near us to come up and have Christmas here this year!! So excited as it means that I won't need to travel anywhere for Christmas! My brother will come up too (sister will be at her inlaws). Mum is thrilled as shes always wanted a beach Christmas!!

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Posted: 10/08/2014 at 22:19

To be honest he would probably be more trouble than he is worth if he had direct reports CM - you'd end up dealing with all the complaints that got escalated upwards from his bad management! Sending you some big hugs though - sounds like a whole lot of tough things to juggle in one go.

If you can I would just let the holiday go - I think we are all under such pressure for holidays to be magical times with amazing memories when in reality its all the same hassles as home but without your usual surroundings. The money stuff is tough but maybe cutting back on some of the activities etc will give E a chance to see how lucky she is and how much you do for and with her? (Might be clutching at straws here). As for the Nick stuff, a stressful holiday means that no one is at their best, only you know whether its right to continue or not but don't rush any decisions while there is so much other stuff stressing you out. I would say you made exactly the right call on the running group thing. You are already pulled in a million different directions and definitely don't need that extra stress especially as it is WAY over what you were led to believe. I hope the time with the kids away (don't feel bad about not missing them - I look forward to my work trips away as I have some time alone) gives you a chance to get on top of things and when you are feeling a bit more in control start kicking so ass at work - they sound like a bunch of babies!! By the way - your stresses and worries are just as valid and important as anyone elses!

Hubby is away for 3 nights this week, not looking forward to it, so tiring at the moment!! However I cant remember if I said we had transformed dinner in one easy step! Googled a bit and found a suggested routine - dinner at 5pm, read a story while she eats and then if she's still up when we eat then she can have her yoghurt with us. I can't believe the transformation, not only in how much she eats and the lack of fuss but what she'll actually try! I was a bit dubious about reading stories at dinner but for now it works amazingly, no grizzles at all, eating stuff she has been refusing to eat for ages and asking for more! We were eating together between 5.30 and 6 but that was to late for her really and now hubby finishes later we needed to change things anyway.

Oh dear just eaten WAYYY to many sweets this morning - now feel horrible! Did anyone run this weekend? Any exciting big races coming up? SPD is creeping in here so will need to cut down my walking.



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