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Posted: Today at 02:10

Haha I had to look twice about the leaving hubby comment too!! No don't worry definitely not doing that! 

Hubbys last day at work today - will need to take a deep breath and be very patient (and non-interfering) next week!! I'm trying to decide the best time for a trip to the farm. Matilda is desperate to go and I may need a break from job hunting hubby!

Stinking hot again today but some cloud cover so not as intense. Braved the beach on my own (well as on my own as someone with 2 children in tow can get. Had a lovely time and managed a quick swim. COuld do with another now!

Yay for moving PG3 glad it has happened although its never fun while it lasts! CM well done on the run - sounds blinkin awful to me. I can't believe how much snow there is - hard to imagine as we are on hose pipe bans etc.

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Posted: Yesterday at 00:12

Oh that really sucks EF! Man employers are crap at times!! Although it is a nightmare that hubby has been made redundant, the new owners have made some pretty crap changes to the remaining staff's new contracts - increased hours (50 hours a week for one) and Saturday working among other things. Hubby would have been unhappy there as a result and as you say - you can't just change hours - people have lives and commitments that cant just be shuffled round to suit and you shouldn't be made to feel grateful that you have a job!!

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Posted: 28/01/2015 at 22:18

Ohh that is naughty Caro - good on you for telling them to stick it!! As you say, its not like you are trying to take a big block off which would involve lots of cover.

CM - that is FANTASTIC news that the whole water situation has not ended up being the huge expense it might have been. Horrible to have to live through the stress first though. Maybe it will be a catalyst for you addressing the anxiety etc? 

I am finding it easier than I thought to put the whole job thing to the back of my mind (head in sand perhaps) and leave it to hubby to worry about. Possibly because I am focused on Freya and Matilda I guess and the weather is so amazing its hard to feel low. Don't hate me but I am going to say it - its actually too hot these last few days! Its tough on Freya and she was v fretful yesterday, sleeping better today and luckily hasn't affected her at night. TRying to decide what to do for the rest of the day when really I just want to lie in front of a fan!!


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Posted: 24/01/2015 at 09:19
Had a really lovely day today, weather continues to be incredible so family trip to the beach - deserted at 10am so all went for a swim with Freya asleep in pram by waters edge. Then our little local zoo had its 50th birthday party (it's only a wee place). Face painting, bouncy castle, cake and story telling - M was in heaven!!
Hubby super impatient with tired grumpy kids tonight - giving him some slack until he finishes work end of next week then he needs to find ways to keep his stress from affecting them!! Finding my promise to not get involved in helping him solve this is hard - always have a suggestion on the tip of my tongue! I think it will helps lot though and quite possibly made hubby feel like I thought he was useless last time.
Caro that's interesting about meditating not being emptying your mind - that's what I always thought!
Glad you've had a better day PG3, work situation sounds tough!

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Posted: 23/01/2015 at 10:14
Sounds like you are reading some really interesting stuff Caro.
I'm glad they're letting you continue art therapy - I guess if it's clearly helping then there's no reason to not let you. I'm sure there are plenty of people who do only one or two of their 'allotted' sessions.

CM - nothinh to add to the good advice above just lots of hugs.

TT I've started that 4,7,8 breathing technique - it's amazing (well abut hard to tell how much is exhaustion!). I definitely don't need to be awake mulling over things at the moment!
Thanks for all your kind comments the other day - I was feeling so horribly lost. Still deeply worried about everything but a couple of days in the sunshine focused on the kids has helped with perspective. Have agreed on a couple of things with hubby - he is going to put strategies in place to make sure he doesn't end up as grumpy and unpleasant as he did last time and I'm not going to try and 'solve' this - as long as he communicates with me about how things are going re. Job hunt etc I'm going to leave him to it(cause of many arguments last time). We're lucky we have great support from my family - just sucks that we have to rely on it again.
We're having some incredible weather at the moment so no doubt will be more time at the beach tomorrow - life ain't all bad!!

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Posted: 18/01/2015 at 23:11

One handed typing while I rock the pram so excuse any typo's!! Unsettled baby today 

CM I am glad you have eaten something tonight. Your situation sounds so stressful - no advice just virtual hugs. I am back at the dentist tomorrow and looking at both a horrendous bill and the possibility of a tooth extraction - second to back upper molar. Although it is significantly cheaper than a root canal, you would be able to see it when I smile (I had my very back molars removed when I was a teenager as my mouth was cramped so its further forward than usual). Trying not to get stressed about it - which is working some of the time. Probably more stressful is that regardless of what they do I will need 4+ appointments - umm I have a 1 month old baby so working that in will be a nightmare!! On Friday I had to take both girls and thankfully they were very good and I will time all others for when M is at daycare but all it will take is Freya to wake and need a feed and scream the clinic down and I will lose the patience of the receptionist!! Mum has offered to lend us the money which we will need to do as we are soon to be one income (Maternity pay here is dire!) but it still means another X thousand dollars that we wont save this year - sigh!! Am sticking my head completely in the sand re. hubbys job. The implications of him losing his job are too much for me to get my head round!! I feel like we are constantly being unlucky with financial related stuff but am trying to focus on how lucky we are in other areas to avoid descending into woe as me territory!!

Had a nice weekend, strawberry picking on saturday with a group of friends and a barbecue yesterday. My brother was up as he went diving with a friend and dropped off a crayfish (basically a lobster) so that was fab on the bbq!

Mum is coming up for a night this week - can't wait!! 

Will be useless at name-checking - I read on my phone but as it always logs me out I never quite get round to posting! CC I am so looking forward to reading your report. Gutted for you that things outside of your control meant you couldn't finish - I was tracking you avidly from the other side of the world - you pretty much had 24 hour online support between us all I think!! 

On FB today it looks like there are some great budding runners amongst the running mums children - hardly surprising really!!

I have bought a whiteboard to keep track of all the jobs I should be doing so really should get off here and do something as I am fairly sure 'mucking round on the internet' is not listed on there!!!


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Posted: 13/01/2015 at 20:33

Oh PG that is tough!!! The only thing that makes me ok about going back to work is the fact that I really enjoy my job, financially its necessary but would be much harder if I was unhappy.

CM - I can picture the type of idiots that report to you as have worked with many in the past (years of public sector work and there are people there who would never get away with their appalling behaviour in the private sector. Hugs to you - I also think you may need a hug to help with the arrival of the trombone - eeek!!

All ok here - Freya is on the verge of smiling which is lovely. Hubby came home yesterday and told me the company he works for has been sold. They are being made redundant and the supposedly re-employed the next day. Their reassurances aren't very reassuring when you are as financially vulnerable as we are at the moment. Have decided not to worry as there is nothing I can do to change it.

On a positive note - had a lovely long walk along the coastal path with a friend yesterday. Both our bigger girls were not there so was very peaceful!!! I live in such a beautiful place.


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Posted: 12/01/2015 at 00:56

I had no idea it would be so friggin addictive - although its hard to imagine the weather from here when its sunny outside.

First day of maternity leave without Matilda - no offence kid but I have revelled in the quiet after 2 weeks of no daycare!

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Posted: 11/01/2015 at 20:48

Good thing I'm on maternity leave otherwise I'd be getting no work done!!! Had a squizz and its a seriously long way to the next proper checkpoint!!

Thanks Brookie (lovely to 'see you') - we love her! Cant believe she's 4 weeks old tomorrow!! I feel so conscious that she is my last baby so don't want to rush any of it and am trying to store away memories of this wee baby phase! 

We had a week down at the farm after Christmas which was lovely, lots more family time. Also got to briefly see my best friend who now lives in Australia. Shes one of those friends where nothing changes even when I don't see her for 2 years. She 10 weeks pregnant which is v exciting - hoping it means she come back to NZ more often.

We are enjoying a continuation of awesome summer weather. Never had this many sea swims this early on! Matilda is absolutely loving the sea which is so cool and luckily Freya is very portable (M was 6 month old in summer which is much harder to manage at the beach).

Most annoyingly my back is quite sore at the moment - first time since getting pregnant! Not ideal with a baby but my fault for not working out sooner that bad posture on couch while feeding is a bad move!! Improving now but slowly as cant rest it properly!! will be onto core exercises with a vengance soon!!

Too much name checking to get everything right - Nurofen, I am so glad you had a peaceful christmas and things are going well - good that you are being strong about what you expect and that new commute for hubby is helping!

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Posted: 31/12/2014 at 07:34

New Years eve party done and dusted and home by 7pm - so rock and roll!! Actually it was perfect!! A 3pm bbq so caught up with a lot of friends, kids had fun and home in time for bed!! Hope you have an awesome/peaceful (delete as appropriate) New Years eve!!

Off to the farm for a week tomorrow - can't wait!! Fingers crossed Freya is an ok car traveller!!

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