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Berlin Marathon 2009

Posted: 12/01/2009 at 19:59

Muddy trainers, hi , I did Dublin last year, and am doing Berlin this year, like you, ive got in.  I am trying to get into Bath Half for a spring Half marathon or will do Wilmslow Half.  

I do my own plan, with some help of a Club Coach, but its what works for each individual, because some people are naturally fast like for 5ks an d10ks, so theyd have to do more endurance and the other way around, so I dont really rate the marathon plans much, but they do help allot of people, but thats only my opinion!

POSE Method of running?

Posted: 03/12/2008 at 17:53
hello nrg-b, long time no see, i shall try find u on fetch now sam howard pose clinic liverpool

Dubai, is it safe to jog around

Posted: 03/12/2008 at 17:43
thanks everyone, sorry not replied sooner, I am going on the 19th Dec, till 1st Jan 09.
Staying in the ONe and only beach hotel, near the palm island I think!

is it possible t run up and down the beach and how far can you do this for ??? thanks

Dubai, is it safe to jog around

Posted: 16/11/2008 at 18:01


Not trying to make you all jealous, but just booked a holiday to Dubai, Jemeriah beach area, just wandering if anyone else been there, and if it is safe to run around the streets etc???

 and if so were are the best places etc.

Autumn Marathon Dream 2008

Posted: 12/09/2008 at 19:41

Hi all, if there is anyone else on this thread, Have I ruined another thread!

Tom I shall order a box special in for the GT7s!

Well Did the 8 mile tempo,  ooohhh what a killer, did average 6.20 pace, so faster than coach said, but I did stop at mile 6 to stretch out the pesky calves, pleases let them hold out this time!

warm up and down made it a 13 miles for today, now I am tired, dog tired, so food and bed 4 sleep!

  Rest day tomoz, if you can call it that, its catch up on the house work, as I dont do any really in the week due to the high mileage

Good luck to all racing, and Tom with his double race weeklend

Autumn Marathon Dream 2008

Posted: 11/09/2008 at 12:22

Good luck Raich,

Tom, not sure youll get that on snowdonia, id love to do that race, I love fell race's, but ive been banned at the moment as I tend to fall over and get injured, as I dont like being overtaken by a 60 yr old man, on the downs, so I let my self go, and either do great or fall!! LOL

I had my massage yesterday painful but relieved now, just found out off my coach, I am doing 8 mile tempo @ 6.30 pace, wow not sure what route I am going to do for that!   I like my tempo runs on flat straight runs,

Hey raich great Aunty, my hubby and son just stand in one place to watch, but they do help me on my long runs they meet me when I have about 5 miles left on their bikes so I cant moan too much.

Easy run today and early to bed for this tempo killer

Autumn Marathon Dream 2008

Posted: 10/09/2008 at 21:45

Hi Everyone, wish i found this thread sooner,

Good on ya Rich, I have scores to settle with the Marathon Too!   I had calf problems on the 6 weeks run up to London, so I was pool running, and x training, fitted in a little running, but not much.

So I entered Dublin, I am going for a sub 3 hr, and did a test today of yasso 800s, I know people have mixed feelings on this workout, but it is only a guide, 

I was either going to do 7 x 1 mile, or 14 yasso 800'sm I know 14's alot should be 10, but I needed to get round the 1 mile less so I did 14 aimed for sub 3 mins, everyone was 2.50 average, last one 2.41, so I was made up, it has given me confidence, I did my longest run in this plan yet, 21 miles last sat, a tempo run of 7 miles on Friday, so all is going well, I am sore, and very tired, but if I get sub 3, It will be the biggest dream of mine ever!

good luck everyone in your dreams, as you work hard they may come true 


Posted: 04/08/2008 at 14:50
I have this happen every so often and their is no relative thing to it, it doesnt see to be food, doesnt always happen and never during a race, so far touch wood any how!

Alwasy on a long run, it can be hot or cold, the weather that is, It happened yesterday during my long run, half way round, but every time I went it was ok for 10mins then again, after 3 times going, i started to throw up, so I threw in the towel at that point and rang my hubby to pick me up, whom is most disgusted about these things and thinks im old and past it at 31!

deffo not food, i was well hydrated, and had energy gels, but they dont effect me, Ive used the same ones all along, so I am not sure why it happens just that when it does its not good!

What makes you faster; speed work or mileage?

Posted: 24/07/2008 at 13:49

I have scanned through the posts, so may have missed, it, but have noticed alot of people asking why long slow runs, I can do them faster etc if I run faster lsr it gives me confidence for the race.

The main reason of a long slow run, is to train a different system to the vo2 training or recovery runs etc.

 you get lots of benefits from a long slow run, if your training for a marathon it should be 1-1.30mins slower than your estimated pace for the marathon.

Slower running builds cardiac resistance. It teaches your body to burn fat as fuel. It also builds cardiac/circulatory pathways, builds slow twitch muscle, as well as building muscle endurance, cardiac endurance, oxygen turnover, and not last by any means, mental toughness. By going slower, you also have more time to focus on proper stride and form.

The faster paced running builds aerobic power. It increases V02max. It builds your body's ability to live in oxygen debt, to burn lactic acid, and to deal with the burn and pain.

The down side to running all your long runs too fast is that you really increase your risk of injury.

hope this helps, so basically every training session is to train different systems, and then recovery runs to help your body recover quicker, believe it or not, doing a slow easy run helps your body recover quicker than resting! 

What do you do with medals??

Posted: 24/07/2008 at 13:23

medals hung over the corner of my trophy cabinet hey! I got lots of trophys when I was a younger person running, got some in last few years,

Numbers I keep one or two that mean something, like the london Marathon one, I was in the ladies elite box, so I keep that number, and the great north run again ladies elite,

my london medal is hung on the mirror in the hall for everyone to see, I am very proud of my running, and it makes me smile when I am going out the door, also keeps me focused before a run.  I want to buy the thingy from the man in Essex, Ive looked all over the internet for a decent medal holder frame thing, but they only seem to sell them in USA !!! help anyone would be grateful  

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