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4 July race reports

Posted: 09/07/2004 at 23:29
Congrats to all of you Austria loons. In a moment of utter stupidity last year (actually I lost a bet), I signed up to do IM Austria 2003. Unfortunatly after 10years of Sprint triathlons (ok - I managed 4 olympic distance) it seemed like a good idea at the time. When I my HRM at home (doh!), my wetsuit at my parents (doh x2!!) I should have taken the hint. Luckily the lake was gorgeous although my planned sub 55min swim went out of the window when I entered the swim start, totally bricked it and started right at the back (doh x3!!!). I then proceeded to blow up after 80miles of the bike, that was scary. Recovered in time for the run only to go like the wind for the 1st 6k and then spend the next 36k with cramp (doh x4&5!!). I've seen so many people in various states of agony during 10years of LD & the old Ironbridge 1/2 that it really came as no suprise, but damn it hurts. I was mortified when I finished 90mins outside of my target time and swore there would never be another ........ ever!!!! So it's off to Florida in November to lock horns with the Candy man in what I've promised the girlfriend will be my last one. Well you can't leave something like that on a sour note can you??? Oh, a return to Austria has to happen of course, I've a bad memory to bury!!

Longest Day (Ironman) 2004 - Carl's thread

Posted: 23/06/2004 at 19:28
Hi Carl and Co. I've been reading your thread for ages and I'm looking forward to putting faces to names (and giving those names a shout) at TLD. I hope you enjoy it, it really is a great occasion. Last year was the 1st year that I missed it, it felt very very strange, so this year I'm back (never been daft enough to race it though). The BCT bunch are a good crowd and are nearly all IM loons, they will all know exactly how you're feeling when you go through that bad patch (wherever it happens). A couple things for you to ponder on. If the bike feels very easy on the way out, it normally means that the wind is going to be in your face for the last 40miles, I've seen many many people suffer (even quit) on that return stretch of the A41. Although there is light for longer than there was when the race was held in August, it can still get quite chilly on the run course, especially if you've resorted to a walk. If you can have access to a warmer top (just in case) it might help. Don't tell anyone I told you this (shhhhh), but so long as you're not chasing the prizes you're not likely to get DQ'd because someone passes you a long sleeved tee shirt. The BCT boys are a lot more friendly and forgiving that the IM corp, they get as much satisfaction from seeing you cross that line as you do (nearly).

Enjoy :o) (you loons)
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