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Devon coast to coast

Posted: 11/07/2008 at 16:18

Just stumbled across this and a bit lazy to trough through 15 pages (sorry) so don't know if anybody's mentioned this yet.

 If you start from Ilfracombe and run through Barnstaple you'll be taking in the mad Ultra area of London-Brighton & GUC champ Vicky Skelton. I'll be doing some long (not by your standard) IM training runs around that time so I'll be on the look out for you

Saucony Grizzly

Posted: 11/02/2007 at 18:13
It's off until 9th Sept ............ I've got Helvellyn Triathlon that day :(

Will be the first year I've missed since 2000. Feeling a bit low now :(((((

Dear all,

We have decided that the Grizzly will definitely be postponed due to the
high risk of there being containers on Branscombe Beach around race weekend.

More details will be emailed and put on the website tomorrow or Tuesday
and posted to all runners later in the week but the essence is this:

- The Grizzly has unfortunately been postponed until Sunday 9th September.

- You can either do nothing and carry your entry over to September or
return your number (which will be mailed later in the week) for a refund
of your entry fee.

- Your accommodation arrangements are your own responsibility but the
holiday camp has told us that they will not be offering refunds.

- A weekend of running activities will still take place in Seaton so
still come if you can to the gathering of shipwrecked Grizzly soles!

Rest assured that we do appreciate what the evcent means to the runners
and the local community and that we have not taken this decision lightly.


Saucony Grizzly

Posted: 04/02/2007 at 21:02
Latest news...

For those of you who don't already know, a damaged container ship (the
MSC Napoli) has been grounded off part of the coast that we use for the
race. It is currently expected to take at least two months to remove the
two thousand containers on board. When some of them washed up on the
beach a couple of weeks ago, a huge influx of people caused gridlock in
the area and so should any more appear then the police will heavily
restrict access to the Branscombe area, and about two-thirds of the
course will become off-limits to us.

There is therefore a real possibility that the Grizzly will have to be
postponed until the Autumn. Unfortunately, Lyme Bay Holiday Camp is
fully-booked for that time so we would have to find an alternative race
HQ (probably Seaton town hall).

We have decided not to plan an alternative route since, if this
situation occurs, there will be no police available to help manage road
crossings, there's little scope for even a moderately-Grizzlyish course,
and there's even a possibility that Seaton (the start & finish) will
also be closed to us.

We will meet again next weekend and decide then how to proceed but all
entrants will have the option of a refund, regardless of what we decide.
In the meantime, we will clarify the refund situation with the holiday
camp, identify a suitable fallback date, and remain in touch with the
police. We expect to mail information to all runners on Monday 12th.

We appreciate that this is not a particularly good situation to be in
but ask you to bear with us.

Saucony Grizzly

Posted: 29/01/2007 at 21:54
Latest from Grizzly below ......

For those of you who don't know, a container ship has been grounded
off part of the coast that we use for the race. It is expected to take
about five months to remove the two thousand containers on board. When
some of them washed up on the beach last weeked a huge influx of
people caused gridlock in the whole area.


We are essentially at the mercy of the weather. If a southwesterly
gale causes more containers to wash up at Branscombe then access to
the village will be restricted by the police to prevent the influx of
scavengers. If that occurs close to the Grizzly then we will have no
access to most of the course. We are making contingency plans for as
Grizzly-like a course as we can in case we can't get far beyond Beer
but if containers appear at Seaton in significant numbers then it's
all off.

We appreciate that this is not an ideal situation but the only
alternative is to cancel now and we believe that most of you would
prefer us to forge ahead and keep a close eye on developments.

Please don't contact us unless you have specific questions - we've got
enough on our plate without two thousand runners asking "Do you think
it will go ahead?"


pirate outing #2, 2007

Posted: 06/11/2006 at 11:06
Blooming glad I didn't get in now. I was only entering to get revenge and kick your monkey ass :)

pirate outing #2, 2007

Posted: 05/11/2006 at 21:41
I stick my head in occasionally Mr Smith :), it's nice to bridge the divide occasionally.

I'll play BW by ear, I've got a bit more time to think about that one.

pirate outing #2, 2007

Posted: 05/11/2006 at 21:14
I'm definatly not in which is probably a good thing as it saves me screwing up yet another IM (and it means my credit card hasn't had a coronary).

pirate outing #2, 2007

Posted: 05/11/2006 at 20:20
Ford Ironman Florida 2007 Sold Out to General Entry
November 5, 2006
Panama City Beach, FL – The 2007 edition of Ford Ironman Florida has sold out to general entry in less than one hour. Entry slots were available beginning Sunday November 5th in person at the race site and online through active.com
Community Fund entry slots may be available on a limited basis beginning Wednesday November 8, 2006. Those individuals interested in securing a Community Fund spot should go to www.ironmannorthamerica.com/commfund for further information.
Ford Ironman Florida has continued to be a very popular race on the Ironman calendar over the eight year history of the event. Ford Ironman Florida will be held in Panama City Beach on November 4, 2007.

pirate outing #2, 2007

Posted: 05/11/2006 at 18:25
Attention! Registration limit check failed for desired events

Has anyone seen anything saying it's full, or just the message above? Can't help wondering if that just means their system has cooked.

PS - Yes that means I buckled under the pressure.

pirate outing #2, 2007

Posted: 05/11/2006 at 17:16
It'll be a bit busy :)

I'm staring at the form trying not to wilt under the pressure.
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