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pirate outing #2, 2007

Posted: 05/11/2006 at 16:09
swallow enough water and you'll drown, no matter what you're wearing.

pirate outing #2, 2007

Posted: 05/11/2006 at 15:58
I've been so close to planting my name down for next year, especially as I've got a score to settle with that orange ape. Gf, sister and parents nagging me to go back and kill off the Florida demons.

Think I've got out of it though, just nicked the gf's credit card off her to stop her signing me up - phew.

pirate outing #2, 2007

Posted: 04/11/2006 at 17:31
Just couldn't be arsed by the sounds of it.

Quote off IMlive ......

More from Spencer Smith ...

I've learned the hard way on statements from athletes in the middle of a race -- especially when they talk about retiring ...

But that's exactly what Spencer Smith just told our spotting crew out on the bike course. He says he has been racing for a lot of years, and just doesn't feel like he can give the races the kind of respect they deserve.

Here's hoping that Smith reconsiders over the next few weeks, but regardless of whether or not he ever competes again, he'll go down as one of the best who's ever raced.

Smith will be helping us with our coverage in Clearwater next week, so we'll look forward to catching up with him there!

pirate outing #2, 2007

Posted: 04/11/2006 at 17:21
Only Stephen left in the top 5 now. Spencer has bailed out (again).

pirate outing #2, 2007

Posted: 19/08/2006 at 00:13
No idea where they've got the 2h40m time from. They said at the Presentation Party at last years race that they'd just closed the entries off after 10hrs.

PCB is 6hrs behind the UK, so if entries open at 9am it'll be 3pm here.

Sit by your computers with your credit cards and you'll all be off to the sun. Just watch out for the Jellyfish :) and enjoy yourselves.

pirate outing #2, 2007

Posted: 29/07/2006 at 21:13
Couldn't help looking in on a page that reminds me of the shame of an orange ape passing me on a run course :)

A couple of things that may help you. For the last two years registration for the next years race has opened at 10am PCB time. That'll be 4pm on the Sunday the 5th over here.

If the race is the 10th rather than the 3rd you'll be in luck. US holiday season finishes on the 31st October and from the 1st November the flights will be a whole lot cheaper.

I (like Candy) flew Delta but didn't get screwed for taking my bike, but the boys at PCB airport will rip all your bags apart looking for gas canisters when you head back to the UK.

Finally, enjoy yourselves. I was thinking about a return but I'm not having that ape run past me ever again!!!!!

Ironman - Germany - RW Virtual Supporters Club - 23rd July 2006

Posted: 23/07/2006 at 09:31
Morning all, hope you're keeping well :)

You may have already seen this, but while I was browsing the Germany site this morning I found a small pirate group pic.


Hope everyone has a good day out there. At least it's a bit cooler now which should suit the brits.

Neolithic Marathon

Posted: 21/04/2006 at 22:47

I've been pondering this for ages thinking it's not for ages. Now It's just sunk in that it's 8 days away.

Hmmmm......Eeeny Meeny Miny etc.

Ed, are you doing it? I can't work out if you're paying any attention to your physio. I said I'd enter if you did. That'd stop me having to make a decision :)

Grizzly 2006

Posted: 13/03/2006 at 15:15
Iain - sorry to here that you were sucked off in the bogs.

Hmm, I've seen that line before somewhere :)

Grizzly 2006

Posted: 13/03/2006 at 14:29
The pics will be sent to you in the post. I think the photographer is James Pine but I might be wrong.

I DNF'd after my Walsh's self destructed in the bog :-(((
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