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Posted: 06/03/2006 at 17:54
It wasn't too bad but still a long way off my best time there. I'd like to have dipped under 1:20 but had a real bad patch between 5-8miles where I was doing well to keep my legs turning over.

Thought I might have seen you there especially as I was sitting with the Bideford crew.

Good to see you're back on the road again. It'll soon be like you've never been away from the game :)


Posted: 05/03/2006 at 15:04
Ouch that hurt!!! Then I rode 15miles to get home. That hurt some more! Muzza I need a massage :)

(and I entered on the day - wish it had been full now)

Black Death Run

Posted: 15/02/2006 at 18:17
Hmmmm Taunton I see. Anywhere near Wellington? I'm down there racing on Sunday so may pop over for a look see :)

If I can ever get my computer to accept the map :(

Grizzly 2006

Posted: 10/02/2006 at 18:58
Got a little bimble called the Torrington Torment limed up as a Grizzly warm up. A half marathon with nine big assed hills and 750m of climbing. Legs were shot to bits after it last year and was 20mins outside my pb.

PJ, just mingle with the crowd at a pace that is comfortable, there are guaranteed to be folks at your pace however fast/slow you are. Once the leaders have gone past there will be no problem with over cooking it on the off road climbing as there will almost certainly be bottlenecks. The most important thing is to enjoy it :)

Number 433 signing out.

Grizzly 2006

Posted: 26/01/2006 at 21:21
Once you've popped you just can't stop :)))

Just hope that it doesn't whoop any of those gales up that it's had a couple of times. Great fun not being able to stand up when you're running along the top of a cliff.

Bring it on I'm looking forward to 2007 already!!!

Grizzly 2006

Posted: 26/01/2006 at 13:13
Are you sure it's 22miles? That's a big jump over the normal distance. It'll probably take it up to the same time as your normal marathon. It's normally around 18miles and will take 20-30mins less than your best marathon.

Grizzly 2006

Posted: 25/01/2006 at 22:57
Pizza Man. To add to the beach there are normally some good stretches of road involved so I'd stick with the trail or xc shoes. I normally run in a pair of Walsh's but last year I ran in a pair of Saucony that were due to meet their maker and they were only found wanting on a couple of the muddiest sections.

See you all there...

Good Luck Candy

Posted: 22/05/2005 at 22:02
Only a 4hr marathon Mr O. Got to add another hour to that to match my Florida effort.. Luckily I wasn't there for you to pass this time.

Well done on the finish, you won't catch me doing that mad race!

Taunton Marathon 2005

Posted: 24/03/2005 at 20:45
I know this is probably tackled somewhere, but I'm to lazy to trough through 36pages :)

What's the course like and where 'roughly' does it go? I've just noticed that it falls on a spare weekend. Haven't been training too much lately so I'm hoping you say it's nice and easy, although I made it successfully round the Grizzly 2 weeks ago (with the help of my HRM) so the distance should be in my legs somewhere so long as I don't start like a loon.

Was hoping I could enter on the day to give me a week to decide, but can't, so need to enter shapish if I'm going to have a crack.

Cheers all


Grizzly 2005

Posted: 19/03/2005 at 19:37

Think I got 6.
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