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Grizzly 2005

Posted: 16/03/2005 at 12:11
It all depends on your priorities. If you want to be a runner who does Triathlons then you'll need to keep up the running. If a big Triathlon is going to be a main focus though the general rule of thumb is to train most at your weakest of the three. Also, depending on how 'long' you want to race depends on how much cycling you need to do. Generally Tri's are around 15%swim, 50%bike and 35%run so this is a good way to split the training.
Don't tell anyone on the Ultra forum I said this ;) but tritalk.co.uk is full of improving triathletes who are full of good advice (plus some that have too much money and like to spend it on expensive bikes).
Another thing you'll need to practice though is bike/run bricks. As you've done a few Sprint races I presume you've had the wonderful jelly legged feeling you get when you try to run straight off the bike. A bit of practice will help to erase that feeling.

Enjoy, I look forwards to seeing you on the Tri circuit :)

Grizzly 2005

Posted: 16/03/2005 at 08:31
Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves this year, especially as the weather was near perfect. The only pity was that the lake on the beach was missing due to the low tide (I always hate it, but it just didn't seem the same without it). I'll be there next year to make it 7 consecutive :))

Legs have felt fine since Sunday which was one of the benifits of running at HRM pace, so I popped down to my running club last night and fell upon their 10k Time Trial night. Damn that hurt!!!

Next stupid race for me is Man v Horse (with the possibility of Taunton and/or Neolithic Marathon(s) in between). That'll be interesting though as I've got a 1/2 IM Triathlon the Sunday before 'and a Triathlon the day after.....Ooooop! Sack the race planner.

Grizzly 2005

Posted: 13/03/2005 at 18:53
I've been fed and watered now, so here goes :)

I've had a couple of real rubbish results lately and have been 'very' lazy with my training so I decided that caution was the best approach today, put on my HRM, set it to bleep at 160bpm and promised myself that if it bleeped I would slow down. Cautious was the word at the start too!! Far to blooming cautious! I started much too far back in the field and spent the first mile or so dodging ankles as I tried to find some space. After that though all went well. The HRM did it's job and I listened to it as I gradually worked my way through the field. I can't remember being passed by anyone that I didn't overtake again shortly after. All in all I feel a bit of a fraud as far as the race goes (not really). It was more training run than race. I felt fine at the finish, I feel fine now, my legs aren't even that stiff although if I gone there to race I'd have probably blown a gasket and finished a lot further back. We even went into Exeter for a walk round the shops after, then popped to Exeter Services where we bumped into a couple who had run Grizzly properly (you could tell by the grimace on their faces as they struggled to walk in). At the finish my watch said 2:31:56 although my official time will be slower because I didn't press start until I crossed the start line. I think I finished in the high 30's but i'm not sure. If that's true then I'm very pleased as I was expecting to be a good way further back than that :)))

Here's to next year!!!!!

PS they laughed at me to when I nearly fell backwards into the bog...

Grizzly 2005

Posted: 13/03/2005 at 18:13
Sombody stole the water splash :(

Back with a write up later :)

Grizzly 2005

Posted: 11/03/2005 at 15:40
I'm going to be eating pasta as if it's going out of fashion on Saturday in the hope that it'll make up for all the training that I haven't done.

Feeling quite concerned that this will be my worst ever performance there :(

Bayrunner no 1571
Creamcake (cub run) 3131
HMG 112
IAIN 1964
LW* 3172 (CUB RUN)
LIN C 1360
MOE 223
OLDHASBEEN (cub run)
PLUM 673
RW* 55

Grizzly 2005

Posted: 09/03/2005 at 20:06
Hmmmm, I might get away with leaving the Walshes at home then. I can always take it a bit easy through the bog if it means a bit more comfort on the roads/pebbles.

Getting nervous now!

Bideford Half-Marathon

Posted: 07/03/2005 at 02:36
You might have been one of them OuchOuch, I'm only going by the time on my watch :)

Bideford Half-Marathon

Posted: 07/03/2005 at 02:32
2002 I was fit, I knew I wasn't going to get near that but thought I was in better shape than last year. Ran 1st 3 miles nice and steady then picked it up a bit until I got to Puffin Billy. At PB I felt good and decided to chase down some people I could see further up the track. At 10miles I could almost touch them and my legs decided to throw in the towel. If I could have just reached their group I might have been able to tuck in and have a breather but I couldn't quite get close enough. I always listen to my legs (unlike my HRM) because I'm allergic to pain :) so I backed off and cruised into the finish at a more sedate pace, getting passed by everyone I'd passed since mile 3 - bugger!

Bideford Half-Marathon

Posted: 06/03/2005 at 18:01
2002 time - 1:16:47
2004 time - 1:20:12
2005 time - 1:23:19

What a disaster!!!!!!!!

Iain is not a happy bunny tonight. Hitting the Cafferys -- hard!!

Bideford Half-Marathon

Posted: 28/02/2005 at 19:12
Ideally I'll sneak in under 80mins, although I'll hopefully be cracking 3hrs on the bike on Saturday, so maybe not!!!!!! Might also bike there on the Sunday morning (weather depending) so if you see someone in lurid yellow bike gear it may be me.

Sully - not sue there is a map, but there is a little bit around some houses and then you head out along the river towards Torrington (a few lumps along here). When you get to the Puffin Billy pub you get off the road and onto the Tarka Trail to run home. The last mile is on the road again as you have to cross over the river and run a short way along the river to get to the finish.
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