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Posted: 31/05/2008 at 20:08

Of course you should do it

It is truly an amazing event (12,000 people running 56 miles?!) and I think the feeling of elation at the end of any run is proportional to the amount of training needed and the length of the run - so in this case a great feeling!

 It is, however, quite hard. 


Posted: 31/10/2006 at 09:04
Argh! Forgot to disable notification...


Posted: 31/10/2006 at 07:35
I'm in! I'm in!

I didn't bequeath and the correct cheque number has cashed today (First Direct)!

Easy Runner Bristol

Posted: 26/10/2006 at 20:05
Ooh...I've tried on things there and then bought on the net. But that's because they're so damned expensive!! Surprised there have been bad experiences at Easy Runner though, I always assumed they were good. In their defence they can't sell on a pair of shoes you've worn outside and got dirty so they don't need to give a refund - you've paid your money and made your choice.

Vote of confidence in Sweatshop - they've got an excellent young fella who knows his stuff there. Mind you, still wouldn't dream of paying store prices there either!

Age and performance

Posted: 29/08/2006 at 16:17
6 minute miling for 9 minutes? Quite achievable,although it may take a while.

I'm 35 and of the view that I am still approaching my peak!!

Don't forget that there are definite psychological advantages that come with being older, and you could still become a better physical specimen at 30 than you were at 20 (although possibly you may have been even better than both at 25 if you'd carried on running!)

I believe that one marathon world record was set by someone 38 years old.

Start Fitness

Posted: 29/08/2006 at 16:14
They are brilliant - and customer service is always excellent. They answer the phone, and if they are out of stock or your item was faulty then they are considerably more helpful than other places.

Advice on where to run in Bristol

Posted: 07/07/2006 at 18:59
Certainly I'm not in competition with K2 and the Next Gen running group and I'd strongly encourage runners trying out a few clubs because it can be quite an individual thing.

Westbury Harriers are friendly (as I'm sure are the other clubs) and there are a number of groups catering for different experience/speed (and a reasonable mix of speeds within each group). In the summer we meet at the Blaise estate and there are always at least 3 groups going out. There's a slower one who I think tend to do some kind of effort on Mondays maybe some hills or speedwork but this shouldn't put anyone off - it's a big group with a wide range of ability and very well run. Then there's a couple of faster groups at least one of which will use Monday for a steady run of, say, 7 miles around Blaise and nearby golf courses. Thursday's have fewer who turn up but there will be a steady run for the "slower" group of about 5 miles I think, and some kind of effort session for the faster group.

Try out WH - always a friendly face around (let me know if you're planning to come along I'm usually there and can introduce you to the right people); try out K2's group; try out Great Western Runners; maybe try out Sole Sisters (I don't know a lot about them though). But I'd really really encourage joining a club whatever standard you are.

Advice on where to run in Bristol

Posted: 06/07/2006 at 17:04
Hmm...sorry about that - don't know why you wouldn't have had a reply (except we're all volunteers of course!).

Just come along on a Monday or Thursday to Blaise - or ask me what you want to know!

Advice on where to run in Bristol

Posted: 06/07/2006 at 09:53
Don't forget to hook up with one of the clubs in Bristol like Westbury Harriers or Great Western Runners (who both run around that part of Bristol). Both very friendly clubs (although I have a preference for my own club Westbury HArriers of course!!)

rowing machines

Posted: 26/06/2006 at 19:10
Don't know what ABAB thinks but I've also used a water rower (similar prices to Concept) and they seem brilliant to me. Much quieter for home use (just a soothing water sloshing sound) and a slightly smoother action than a Concept (and prettier).
I've watched DVDs while using the rower in addition to ABAB's suggestions for more interesting sesions. Good cross-trainers but also fairly obtrusive even when "folded up"
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