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Oregon Scientific Vibra Trainer Fit Pro- SE232

Posted: 07 March 2006
Overall: I'm happily using it and it's good for simple workout zone monitoring and taking split times, but to be honest I got it with a loyalty point scheme and would maybe not spend £70 on it.
It depends on what you want as always. The readings are very easy on the run because of the big screen, easy to flick between HR+chrono, HR+time, HR+lap on the run, but maybe the cost in terms of size for this unit is a bit high.

Some people might like the calories and fat burn read-outs, but that's to me just a fun number to see after a long run.

Been using it for a year and the HR-readings are good, I hardly ever have freak readings or bad contact and when I have a problem, usually the battery hasn't been inserted properly in the chest strap, easily resolved.