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Numpty IM Bike Thread

Posted: 04/10/2015 at 12:52

cheers Cougs - I'll tell him to sod off then 

Numpty IM Bike Thread

Posted: 04/10/2015 at 12:38

Howdy, I have a pedal/cleat question for you

I used to use looks/road cleats on my bike many years ago, but after i had my back surgery, i found that I could feel it in my lower back when clipping in/out. (its quite a twisting movement) I then got Mr Frag to put SPD road cleats/pedals and I have ridden on these happily ever since.  He recently mentioned that I should maybe swap back again and give it a go (as I'm now much stronger than I was post-op), but what I want to know is what is the benefit ? is it improved power or something ?  I'm a believer in 'if it ain't broke don't fix it', so wondering if its worth doing ??


Pirate Champs 2016

Posted: 01/10/2015 at 13:40

yes you're right Dave - there was a time when I wasn't considering packing it, but I'm glad I did  

Pirate Champs 2016

Posted: 01/10/2015 at 13:01
The Silent Assassin wrote (see)

there is only one hill on  the course


there is only one *big* hill on the course, which hurts like hell when you've got 80+ miles in your legs! the first half of the course is fairly flat - i.e. there are some pan flat bits, and quite a lot of undulating/rolling terrain as well.


as for the swim -  its 50/50 wetsuit/non-wetsuit so far  so don't do what I did and assume it'll be non-wetsuit and train for it, then get a bit of a shock when it isn't  

IM Mallorca 2015

Posted: 29/09/2015 at 14:49

^^ that's good to know  the weather forecast had said it would be about 24 which was ok, but 31 explains a lot !  I don't feel so bad now 

IM Mallorca 2015

Posted: 29/09/2015 at 14:11

DR - it wasn't as hot as it was in May - a mere 28C this time!  

i think I might have to invest in some white race kit to keep cooler, and possibly a legionnaires type hat for the run (if I get there!) . And of course the most obvious one for me, is to get stronger/faster on the bike so I'm not out there in the heat for as long. It has been difficult to train under race conditions this year with the "summer" that we've had 

Pirate Champs 2016

Posted: 29/09/2015 at 07:34

I stayed at the hotel Bahia de Alcudia, which is about halfway between start/finish and transition.

if anyone needs bike transport then I couldn't recommend Nirvana Europe enough - a lovely bunch of guys, very helpful


race report on on this years thread 

IM Mallorca 2015

Posted: 28/09/2015 at 21:05

I was for a while paranoid that he would have taken my number, and was fully expecting a motorbike rider waving a red card at any time – so rode like the clappers down the hill and out towards Campanet, the adrenaline eased off and I calmed down a bit. I was now doing loads of maths on my head and worked out that it would still be touch and go whether I made it to T2 in time, so had to dig deep, up the nasty steep hill in Muro, then past Sa Pobla for the second time. The feed station had run out of energy drink, so had to make do with the cola that they had left, which was not ideal, but saw me to the end of the bike. As I approached Alcudia I felt fab, I would make the bike cut-off with 10-15 mins to spare, leaving me 6.5 hours for the run, so I could walk it and still finish.


And then it all went horribly wrong.


I got to T2 and got off my bike, and found I could hardly put one foot in front of the other. I know what that tired ‘just off the bike’ feeling is like, but this was different. It took me about 5 attempts to rack my bike properly, and I stood and stared at it thinking ‘what do I do now?’. I’m still a little vague about what happened next, but I was weaving about in transition, I managed to get my bag and change shorts and shoes, but by now my legs were shaking and I felt dizzy. I stumbled out of the tent and tried to re-rack my bag, and one of the volunteers asked me if I was OK and said to sit down while she got a medic to check me over. Medics helped me into the larger change tent, lay me down on one of the benches and wrapped me in a foil blanket. After a while Mr Frag appeared, and by this point they’d called for Dr to come and see me. My blood pressure had dropped to 80/40 and I was suffering from heat exhaustion. Blood sugar levels were fine, they gave me fluids and after about an hour and a half, I was free to go.




I felt pretty bloody awful afterwards – you know, the usual, I should have tried the run, I’m a failure, etc etc. A couple of days later and I feel much more philosophical, and can take some positives from the experience.  I PB’d the swim and bike, and I made it through the cut-offs I was worried about, but was defeated by the heat. I’ve always suffered in the heat, so I need to find better ways of coping with it – Ironman Siberia anyone ?


IM Mallorca 2015

Posted: 28/09/2015 at 21:04


Swim : 1.29.57

I estimated my swim time as 1.25-1.30, so went to the back of the 1.15-1.30 area and waited for the off. The pro’s went, and then 7 mins later we started shuffling forwards, and I reckon I entered the water at about 7.45. I’ve not done a big massed start before so I was nervous (Challenge Henley had two waves, and was a smaller event, so it wasn’t too scary), and at times it was a bit panic inducing. Had to keep saying to myself to keep the breathing steady, look at the fish and try and relax into it.  After about 10-15 mins I noticed that, for the first time ever, my wetsuit was rubbing the back of my neck, ouch! especially in the salty sea water L  The course is an M shape with an Aussie exit, and I was disappointed to see 54 mins on my watch, then remembered that the first loop is longer, high 5’ed Mr Frag and ran into the water again for loop 2. It seemed to take forever, as the direction of the second loop meant that the waves (though small) were buffeting more, and I was very pleased to reach the final buoy and stagger through the shallows and out onto the beach. Ran through the showers and into T1.


T1 – 11.51

Grabbed my blue bag and headed for the smallest change tent in the world – the ladies change tent was like a small gazebo, and full so I thought sod-it and changed in the blokes instead (move along, nothing to see here…..) More sunblock, arm sleeves, gel, etc off to my bike and am pleased to see its not the last one left in T1 J trot off to the exit and I’m off


Bike : 7.47

The bike course is two loops, the first southern loop via Manacor being the flatter one. I really enjoyed most of this loop, the roads are mostly good, the scenery is stunning and at times I felt like I was flying. I’m eating and drinking regularly, and dousing myself in water frequently as the temperature is rising and I’m starting to feel a bit warm. Heading back towards Alcudia there is a headwind which was a bit annoying at times, but then you turn towards Sa Pobla and its more sheltered. After Sa Pobla, you go through my least favourite part of the course, through the nature reserve into a headwind, past something that looks like a power plant which I dubbed “Grumbly Gasworks” (Ivor the Engine anyone ? J ) and back into Alcudia.  Went past the transition area and out onto lap 2 at 3hr 40, along the coast to Port de Pollenca , then left towards the mountains. I was doing mental maths and worked out that I should make it to Lluc just before the cut-off (not that it mattered, but it was a personal goal) which gave me a boost. The big climb up the hill was very hot – I felt like my black shorts were on fire! – but it was just a case of get on with it and keep going. It hurt a lot, but after 40+ mins of climbing I was there, and going past the Abbey Lluc at 2.58pm J  I pushed on for the last few miles up to the junction with the main road before the long descent begins. As I approached the junction, I was near another cyclist and we were just cheering each other on that we’d reached the top, when a bloke stepped out and said that we had to stop as our race was over, we’d missed the cut-off. Us cyclists looked at each other and said ‘no way’ and I was a bit assertive, and said that I’d been told that 3pm was when the road opened and that I could carry on. He said that there was a cut off at Abbey Lluc, and I pointed out that the Abbey Lluc was a few miles down the road, and that I’d passed that before 3pm thank-you very much! At this point me and the other guy, rode round the race chappie and headed off down the hill. 

IM Mallorca 2015

Posted: 28/09/2015 at 21:03

IM Mallorca race report


When I first heard that they’d taken Ironman to Mallorca last year I thought I’d have to have a go at it, as that part of the island is one of my favourite places. Warm weather, a clear warm calm sea swim, beautiful bike course and a flat run – what is there not to like ? I went out and did the 70.3 in May, and despite the 30C heat found it great, and loved my time out here.


A while after I’d entered, there appeared some changes in the rules/instructions, including that there was now a rolling start, and in intermediate bike cut-off at Abbey Lluc, just before the top of the big climb. I had a damn good wibble about this, as I’m not the fastest swimmer or cyclist in the race, and was worried about making it round the course. I emailed Ironman Mallorca, and it was confirmed to me that the bike cut-off was where they opened the roads, and that I could carry on but to be aware of traffic, etc. Phew.

When the race info pack was released a week or so before the race, a few other things came up that made me panic too. The race officially starts at 7.30 when the pro’s head off, then the age groups have a rolling start from 7.37. Apart from the swim cut-off, all the cut-off times are based around the pro’s start time, not your own individual start time – eg the swim-bike cut-off was 5.30pm, 10 hours after the pros start, whereas for me, it would be more like 9hours 40-45. Once again I started to worry about making it back to T2 in time.


At the race briefing on Friday, the bike cut-off was mentioned, and afterwards I went at asked the officials about it (wafting my email under their noses) and it was again confirmed that 3pm was when the roads opened, and that the 5.30pm T2 time was the important one.



Race day :


I had slept surprisingly well despite the nerves, I managed to force down breakfast, coat myself in factor 50, faffed about and went down to transition with Mr Frag my faithful Sherpa. Put my drinks and solid food (flapjack and roast potatoes) on my bike, pumped up the tyres and headed down to the start area. It was very atmospheric down there, the sun was starting to come up and there was that buzz in the air, I was almost excited  Got into my wetsuit, warmed up in the sea and went to the start area.

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