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Low Carb (high fat) Pirates

Posted: 15/10/2015 at 14:39

The Anniversary thing, it was more the cocktails and beer that killed it!!  Usually if we are out I have a glass of red wine and that is it, no really just the one!

Eating out is getting easier, I just order a big dish of veggies and eat the ones I'm allowed, Thai Food was good, Thai Green Curry, one spoon of rice and loads of veggies...then beer!!

Just really getting back onto it, I've been a right royal pain for a few days, just about to make some crackers for my full fat cheese and parma ham

 One last thing I will say, I am taking in less than 5gms of carbs per day when I am into it, they state less than 50grams for Banting and less than 20 for Keto, I seem to be well below this


Low Carb (high fat) Pirates

Posted: 15/10/2015 at 09:17

Righto, here goes, I've been at this now for about 6 weeks, I think I spent 2 months looking into it, reading books, watching the clips that had been put up before finally biting the bullet.

My plan was to lose weight and get fitter, however I was going to be sensible, so 3 weeks of just the diet change, then add in swimming, and this week I have added cycling back in, no running as my knee is shot, I may take up skating though!!

So, last weekend was 48 hours off the diet as I was away for my wedding anniversary, although I didn't do to bad, struggling to get back with it a little but its getting easier now 4 days in.

At the moment I have lost 33lbs, there is a lot to lose though after numerous medications and steroids for the knee pain caused a huge amount of weight gain over 2 years, this weeks cycling was good fun, swimming is improving, knee is settling down as well, not as many mood swings and the foods great, just still need to break habits such as looking in cupboards when I'm not hungry.

It is working for me, I'm finding more and more recipes and foods to eat, more energy and I can tell when I eat something I shouldn't, aiming to shift a further 25 lbs before Christmas which seems a lot but with the additional training coming in I think this can be done, just over 2lbs per week, which should make the biking easier and the swimming faster in the New Year, then I am aiming to do Windermere Tri and then retire for good, but keep the fitness and lifestyle changes



Low Carb (high fat) Pirates

Posted: 29/07/2015 at 14:58

I've been looking into this, and have started playing with it, well, cutting carbs, similar to what I did for my IM training in 2013, really cut back on the carbs, and lost weight whilst training, back in the bad habits now but have started changing in the last 10 days, the thought of eating a high fat diet is perplexing me and giving me issues, the cutting of carbs isn't giving me any issues. Plus I tend to eat chicken and protein and I think it is the thought of cutting that back that is causing me more issues.

Breakfast this morning was Bacon x 2 rashers, scrambled eggs with butter and cheese, not eaten since and feel full

Ironman Uk 2015 who's in?

Posted: 21/07/2015 at 14:24

I was marshalling, I saw the Pirates into T2 and really happy they all made it across the finishing line, superb effort

Ironman UK 2014

Posted: 23/07/2014 at 11:39

I had a great day, up at 5am, bacon and eggs, head to the Bike course to marshall, set up on the A6 in Whittle Le Woods, scream and cheer every competitor, ring the cowbell, extra screams for the pirates and people I knew, oh and direct traffic, 99.7% of which were really nice and cool, a couple of dickheads, one who stopped to complain that I had held him up, yet after his discussion with me I reminded him he was held up for 5 minutes instead of the 30 seconds I had slowed him down for.

Thanks to Darren who lived near my marchalling post, who supplied me with coffee and loo facilities, and to the lady fresh out of church that also supplied coffee, lovely, then the moment where Tim stopped to ask me to post on Facebook that he was going to make cut off, the realisation I hadn't seen Holgs, but I had seen a very beaten up Chris Wild, who looked like he had been in a cement mixer.

The the last hour screaming at people and telling them the average MPH they needed to make the cut off, not sure if this helped but I think a lot of them made it through.

The a dash home to change and onto the run course to scream and clap some more, bruised hands from clapping so much, I watched the last people across the line and some more just after cut off. I missed Tim, didn't know about his injuries, next year Tim, smash it then, in all a great day to be out cheering on friends.

Injured knuckles from the cowbell, sore hands from clapping and a lack of voice.....I've already volunteered for next year


Ironman UK 2014

Posted: 15/07/2014 at 13:42

I'm helping on the A6 so I'll have a look for you all and give you a shout, pirate cap will be worn


You won't miss SA and crew, and if you do you can't fail to hear them


Posted: 09/07/2014 at 15:38

Ha, nice ride, no knee issues, what I thought was a sore throat is an ear infection which is giving me toothache...bugger, so can't ride as my balance is shot! I wonder if I get drunk that will sort the balance!



Posted: 07/07/2014 at 16:16

Christ, where to start, been a crap year, been told to stop running as I need a knee replacement of my left knee, full knee as well(46 years old!) I am actually wearing grooves into the bone, all part of playing rugby and getting injured, so I had an op to clean it out in Feb, that took 2 months to recover from and meant I had to cancel the Outlaw half, once recovered from the op I then stretched and tore something in my right knee which is still an issue, but getting slowly better, so I haven't done training this year and have just started cycling again, I'm volunteering at the IM in Bolton so look out for a fat bloke cheering you all on as you go past on the bike route.

Off out for a ride in 2 hours so can't wait, got the all clear to start again without the running.

Relay teams

Posted: 07/02/2014 at 22:03

That is a deal then Mr and Mrs SA, Mrs SA for the swim, I'll bike and SA can run a bit, if he pebbles it though he has to buy the beer 


Relay teams

Posted: 06/02/2014 at 16:11

Just a quick question, are these all set in stone or do people advertise for members, the reason being I have my 10th(just worked that out) Knee operation at the end of the month and I need a new knee but have put this off for a few years by having the knee cleaned and sanded down, but this is being done on the promise that I cannot run ever again, as this will mean I have the replacement knee op within a year,  so I had thought that my tri\ironman career was over but I can bike decently and can swim ok, so I think I may get the op, recover and get fit in time for next years Outlaw, so if anyone wants a slow bike bloke or a slow swimmer then I will be available



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