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Pockets on recent Nike running shorts

Posted: 25/07/2016 at 09:59
I've worn Nike Dri-fit 7" shorts for years, and it's time to stock up again. What's going on with their current range though? Particularly regarding pockets. I want shorts with a zip pocket on the back. Preferably black without some weird tiger print. I've been into three Nike stores and several specialist running places, and it seems the options are as follows: 1) no pocket 2) rear pocket, plus massive, unzipped side pockets What are these side pockets actually for? They're uncomfortable, completely mess with the shape of the shorts, and just seem completely unsuited to running - anything you put in them will fall out. I assumed they were just general shorts erroneously placed in the running section of the first Nike store I went to, but it's not the case. Is there a Nike product out there that fits my requirements, or is it time to switch brands?

Watches with miles/KM splits?

Posted: 19/06/2016 at 11:20
Pretty much all do it, but note that not all let you see it for more than a few seconds while you're running - generally you hit the mile or km, and it'll flash up accompanied by a vibrate or beep alert if you have such things switched on. On longer runs while I'm out of it, I don't always pick up on the vibration, so I miss the mile times that flash up that way.

My Garmin FR620, and I assume many of the newer models, has the option of a "Last lap time" field. I don't think my old FR10 had it. Might be worth bearing in mind.

Almost everything has all "lap" times viewable on the watch post-run, however, just not while you're being live-tracked.

Replace Nike Pegasus 30 with what?

Posted: 06/05/2016 at 22:49
I've bought four pairs of 30s since last September - they're still carried by Nike Outlet stores.

Last pair I bought were under ??20.

Best shop for shoes with gait analysis London

Posted: 13/03/2016 at 23:51

I was really happy with Runnersneed in Holborn.

Very patient, good and useful explanations of what they're seeing and why that was leading them to recommend certain shoes, and even though it was extremely busy in the shop when I went, no sense that I was in the way. It was all on video, and although basic it was exactly what I needed to see and hear.

Brought me a good selection of shoes to try, and ultimately their analysis and advice cured a longstanding shin splints issue that was ruining my running.

I wouldn't place too much stock in it above and beyond that level because I know people who have paid through the nose for more thorough analysis and been recommended shoes that have ended up binned within a few months. Unless you're getting shoes moulded to your own feet, there's only so much that in-depth analysis can achieve anyway.

Ultra lightweight mittens

Posted: 27/12/2015 at 18:48

Saucony Ulti-Mitts - £7.99 on SportShoes.com. They also fold over and become gloves, and some of the fingertips also fold off in case you overheat.



Posted: 27/12/2015 at 18:46

I've just got some Anears - currently £13.99 on Amazon - and I'm massively impressed.

St Neots Riverside Half Marathon 2015

Posted: 22/11/2015 at 23:06

The wind was absolutely mad at times. In mile 10 on the stiff uphill there was a huge prolonged gust and people were left running on the spot trying to power through. I've never seen anything like it.

That said, I'm keen to try it again next year and see if I can get a bit more fortunate with the conditions. Other than that beautifully quick fifth mile (left turn, downhill, wind behind you - the only time it felt like it was all morning), I felt so slow all the way round. Somehow, even though I resorting to striding up the hill against the wind as running just wasn't getting me anywhere, I came out with my second-best half time.

The much-heralded downhill last three miles didn't really do anything for me on the day. I was utterly goosed after 10 miles - that stretch through the gale completely rattled me out of any kind of puff and rhythm - and from there it was a bit of a disheartening trudge home.

Speaking of mile 10, the worst of the wind was approximately where a stricken Harpenden Arrows runner was being attended to. Looked incredibly serious but from FB it seems a hospital overnighter later they were much improved.

Running belt to carry a 400ml drink and mobile?

Posted: 03/11/2015 at 22:31
Get one of the belts that holds two smaller bottles.

Decant Lucozade into both bottles.

Et voila.

Leave remainder of bottle in fridge so you have a nice cold celebratory slurp to come home to once you're done.

Do expensive shoes make a difference?

Posted: 23/10/2015 at 00:03

The correct answer is based on exactly what difference you're looking for.

If it's a question of comfort, then basically you need to bite the bullet and get your gait analysed.

If it's a question of getting better at running, that's harder to answer on a forum.

As an example, I started in a pair of clearance Asics I bought from JJB because I liked the price, and although they felt nice on my feet in the shop, they put me off running for years after I got excruciating shin splints.

I thought it was just a matter of my age, until I tried to take up running again many years later, got my gait analysed, and was told Nike Vomero would be my best bet. I have never had issues with shin splints from the moment I first tried Vomero 1 on.

However, they are a squishy sod of a shoe, and aren't exactly built with speed in mind. Through my running my weight came down quite a bit, and suddenly I wondered if I needed quite as much cushioning. A runner friend recommended Nike Pegasus, I tried a pair on, bought them, and within a fortnight I'd got PBs in about six different distances.

So it's not exactly an exact science. Take expert advice in the real world, and maybe bite the bullet on a full-price shoe one time only. Once you've identified a shoe that's perfect for you that doesn't leave you in pain after runs, then you can start bargain-hunting when it's time to get additional pairs or upgrade when they're nearing the end of their life.

Garmin 630

Posted: 22/10/2015 at 07:48
Have been waiting for a 630 or 635 to emerge, assuming that it would add optical HR as seen in the 225. Looks like there's a hell of a lot more going on in the new 630, but all HR-related gubbins is still reliant on a strap. Can't pretend I'm not massively disappointed by that. The smartphone compatibility and ability to download apps is intriguing, but optical HR is the big thing my 620 lacks that I think would be a reason to move on.
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