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Broken Fibula and Tibia

Posted: 24/02/2010 at 21:21

I broke tib and fib back in 2004 and then took up running in 2006 with the race for life. I got really good shoes- pro grid omni which give some stability but not too much- had my gait analysed.  by 2007 did first half marathon having never really run before and have run regularly ever since.  Increase miles slowly, don't wear high heels- they are lethal.  Take high strength cod liver oil. 

I haven't had any problems, I just ensure that I gradually increase mileage adn change shoes every 500 miles or so. Ionly run 3 or 4 days a week so I get a rest.   I can still occasionally feel the plate and screws, but not the wires.  Will sometimes ache a bit but nothing much and not for long enough to put me off running.  perhaps I've been a bit cautious, but I was in my 40's when I broke my ankle slipping over in the mud on a country walk.

Good luck and be positive- fast walking is a good way to prepare you joints and muscles to build up. personally I coudln't swim for a while as waggling my foot hurt.

When can I restart training after op

Posted: 02/07/2009 at 13:52

It is a bit like being in the early stages of pregnancy- I feel my stomach looks 3 months preggers.  How long did you girls have off work?

When can I restart training after op

Posted: 02/07/2009 at 13:40

Thanks for the replies. It's meant to be laparascopic (small hole)  but the cyst is 10cm by 12..... so I guess I'll ahve to wait and see. I will be sensible and walk and cycle rather than run.

When can I restart training after op

Posted: 02/07/2009 at 12:44

I'm having an ovarian cyst removed on a couple of weeks and the doctors are vague about how long I will need off running.  Will 3 weeks be long enough before I can start easing back in with short (2 and 3 mile) runs?

Any experience of getting back to form after stopping for a few weeks would be really helpful

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When can I restart training after op

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