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Another shin splint post i do apologise!

Posted: 22/10/2013 at 10:55
Exactly the reply I was looking for Runny Knows thank you!
Yeah last week I did nearly 20k in 4 runs so I'm guessing you're right in the sense that I'm being too enthusiastic. Gonna try a slow run at the gym today and if the pain starts then I'm gonna rest and invest in ice packs!

Another shin splint post i do apologise!

Posted: 22/10/2013 at 00:25

Hi guys,

This is my first post here and i just want to share with you a slight niggle im having.

I've just started to train at the gym, the first time in my 22 years to join one and i've joined it to drop some weight and train for a sub 60 minute 10k before the new year.

I'm 3 or 4 weeks into my training and i can comfortably run for 35-40 mins with 2-3 2.5 minute walking breaks and running for the rest at 6min/km. But today i started my warm up and then went into my run (ive had a break for 3 days) and i got that dreadful shin splint pain, couldnt run at all and had to stop after 2km. I've never had any pain with my shins before and this is my first time since i started training, 70km since 21st september.

I'm just wondering if it's the normal symptoms/cause because i havent changed anything since the start, my running style, foot landing and only gradually increasing the intensity since the start.

I know these posts are all over the internet but its nice to get a response specifically to you



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Another shin splint post i do apologise!

shin splints occurring 3 weeks into training 
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