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St Albans Half Marathon

Posted: 14/06/2011 at 17:10
The race director has replied by saying my suggestions have gone to the commitee.

So lets see

Soul is better, especially the way i dance after a few German J' Bombs

St Albans Half Marathon

Posted: 14/06/2011 at 15:31

Just for information i have sent an email to the Race Director for the St Albans HM.

Highlighted the following:

1. The Pens should have been better marked both inside and outside the pens.
2. The start should be staggered i.e. 10 sec between last person and first person of next group.
3. As we are running over grass at the start can the bloody pot holes be filled in or covered.
4. Some music at the start to get everyone charged up "Run to the Beat style"
5. Suggested that when race numbers are sent out so are bag tags that way we can just drop the bags when we are ready to hand them in.
6. Put dropped bags in number order to make it easier to find so people dont need to wait as long.

So lets see her response


St Albans Half Marathon

Posted: 14/06/2011 at 14:39
Cheers K8.

Is it chipped?

St Albans Half Marathon

Posted: 14/06/2011 at 13:51
Well got the bug back now which is great as i said in an earlier post i did not run in April and only a little in May.
Did 1hr 46, which i will take as i had stitch and shin splints for 6 miles (clearly need to warm up better, well i am still an amateur)

Had a rest day yesterday but went to my old spin class today, jesus is all i can say.

My running partner and i are looking to do a 10k on the 3rd of July, any you guys and girls done either the "Spire Bushey 1/4 Marathon or the Regents Park race?" If so would love to hear your feedback.

My best for 10k is just under 45 so will be looking to beat that.

I think they had plenty of water stations as people were complaining how hot it has been the last few years, but as someone else said a cup of tea at the end would have been nice, but secretly i enjoyed the lolly.

Karina and i will be running in St Albans tomorrow night (probably something long and slow) from the Ancient Briton if you want to join (remember our times though 1hr 46 and 1hr 50m dont want to hold people up rather more the better really.

I agree that the pens were not clearly marked, but i was told to get up the front to make the start easier, ended up next to a friend who normally runs 1hr 25ish, OOPS.

As we all have chips on why not stagger the start 80m to 90m - 90 to 100m and so on with a ten second gap between the last person from the group in front crossing the line and then letting the next group go, or is that just to logical?

Also a bit of a pain when the big yellow lorry came down one of the lanes as we headed towards serge hill.

Well hope you are all feeling ok, take it easy

St Albans Half Marathon

Posted: 13/06/2011 at 13:16

I think you had to register or tick somewhere to get a text.

 No just had a look and sent them an email to ask when they will go up.

Me too and well done on the PB

St Albans Half Marathon

Posted: 13/06/2011 at 11:40
i will do the herts 10k at the end of the year, got a 45m to beat, if i actually do some training i hope to smash that. Will do HM again next year, but do some proper training for it LOL. Do you live and run around st albans? Karina and i normally run every thursday.

St Albans Half Marathon

Posted: 13/06/2011 at 11:34
i hope so been dying to look at them. Think i will invest in some compression socks for the next one, see if that helps.

St Albans Half Marathon

Posted: 13/06/2011 at 11:26

Cheers  runlozrun. Cant wait to race again probably aim to do a 10k in July.

 How did you get on?

St Albans Half Marathon

Posted: 13/06/2011 at 10:09

Well done to everyone, woke up a little excited and nervous about how the day would unfold. Never done a HM race before and to be honest not really done a huge amount of training.

Weather was ideal early in the morning when i was having my breakfast but then when i jogged to the start it started to drizzle, not to bad i thought and then we got closer and closer to the start and it got heavier and heavier, then the words nobody wants to hear, the start will be delayed by 20min. Oh well time for a comfort break and a wee jog. My only worry on the day was to try and not get shin splints ( i really did stretch a lot) but as the race started within 1m they had made an appearance and i had to run with them for 5m. 5m with a stitch and shin splints is no fun in the pouring rain, but my running partner kept me going. 6m in and we switched placec in that i found my running legs but she started to really struggle i decided to stay with her as we normally run together, but just before we got onto Ragged Hall Lane she told me to go on. I felt pretty good but my garmin was all over the place so could not really get a truly accurate pace reading. When i started their was a guy with a blue t shirt on who looked really fit and was pacing a little quicker than we were at the start. So imagine how i felt when i saw him at the top of the hill just after 10m. Competitive head on i pushed hard up the hill and turned right by the pub their he was, he pulled over and i sailed past with a new lease of life, my times for the last 4 miles went from 8.08 to 7.05 and crossed the line in 1hr 46m. For my 1st one with not a huge amount of training i have to say i am pleased. Also happy that i have the bug back because i did not do any running in April and only ran twice a week in May as i lost all enthusiasm for running so feels good to get that back.

I enjoyed the lolly at the end, followed by a hot shower, a coupld of beers and a cheeky burger what a great way to spend the day raising money for 3 charities - Save the Children - Willow Foundation and the Seve Ballesteros foundation.

Going to do a 10k in July and will follow a plan as best as i can as i really want to try and do a sub 45 with an aim of breaking 40m before the end of the year.

A big thanks to number 1087 Russel who took the time to give Karina and i some pointers, cheers mate. Also a big thanks to Karina who i train with, Well done.

See you all on the road next time out.

Some help for someone who is lost

Posted: 26/05/2011 at 16:57


is that good bonkers, i reckon i could do 4.30 if i was well.

so i was thinking of doing a 10m next week and set my garming on the pace to do 1hr 40? is that a good way of doing it?

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