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Wednesday 7th April 2010

Posted: 07/04/2010 at 16:05

Moraghan - any film with the title "Clash of the Titans" and the tagline "Titans will clash" is not going to be a good one!  It's a bit like a recent film where a mineral that is hard to get out of the ground is called "unobtainium" - how I hated that film!  Although, lots of people seemed to enjoy it, so maybe it's just me.

Not been on here for a while - work is frantic.  But I have been doing some running.


What: 5M inc. 3x7mins push
Why: need to try to get back some speed after an injury - 5M race in 11 days!
Last hard: today
Last rest: Sunday

Have you ever done that stupid thing where you are doing timed intervals but you start to speed up towards the end in an effort to get them over with more quickly?  Or is that also just me?

Monday 29 March 2010

Posted: 29/03/2010 at 16:04


Still on the recovery trail!  Who would have thought that just 3 weeks with no running would have such an impact?  Today,  a week back into it, I at least felt comfortable all the way round my 5.5M.  Over the last few runs, my legs have felt really stiff, but my breathing has been OK.  Today, I was very pleased to feel much looser and able to up the pace at times to a level where I started to get breathless - I've never been so encouraged at being out of breath!  I still seem to have lost almost 1 min/mile compared to just before the injury.  It's probably down the back of the sofa somewhere - I've got just under 3 weeks to find it before my local 5M race.

Have a good rest of day.

Saturday 27th March 2010

Posted: 27/03/2010 at 16:26


Just popping in to report that I'm still on the comeback trail after 3 weeks off injured.  But, it's not as easy as it seemed it might be when I did my first return run!  I've run 5 times this week, all very gentles ones and 5.5M as the longest.  And my legs are really rather stiff - today it was a real struggle to get and keep moving!  But, I think things are gradually improving.  Not sure what state I'll be in in 3 weeks when I've entered my local 5M race!

Take care.

Thursday 25th March 2010

Posted: 25/03/2010 at 13:32

mava - even though I am a man, I think I would go to the doctor.

The comeback trail from injury continues.  After a couple of encouraging runs, today was a sharp reminder that I have missed 3 weeks of running.  Breathing felt ok, but legs were really tight and stiff.  Kept waiting for things to loosen up, but they never did in the whole 5 miles.  Oh, well, I guess it's all part of the recovery process.  I will have another go tomorrow.

Take care.

Tuesday 23rd March 2010

Posted: 23/03/2010 at 09:15


Yesterday's post-injury run was pretty positive.  But, then I tried to walk down the stairs this morning.  Nearly 3 weeks off and my calves are so stiff!  Gentle jog tonight, I think - need to loosen everything up.

Have a good day.

Monday 22nd March 2010

Posted: 22/03/2010 at 17:00

For a minute I thought it was a busy day on here, but then I saw that Simon Coombes 2 has been cheating to get his number of posts up...

I'm gradually trying to catch up with what's going on here after nearly 3 weeks off - I'll get back into the swing of it soon!

After Saturday's first tentative (but successful) venture back out following a torn muscle somewhere in my ankle/heel, I headed out today with a bit more confidence that I would make it all the way round.  Consequently, I was able to relax a bit more and run a bit faster.  Fairly pleased that, after nearly 3 weeks not running, I managed 5.5M at an average 8.08 pace.  This from a man who uses 8.00 as the boundary between slow and fast.  Legs felt tight after about 3-4 miles, but breathing was surprisingly normal all the way round.

I plan to run fairly conservatively for the rest of this week.  Then I have 3 weeks to work hard so that I don't embarrass myself in my local 5-mile race.

Saturday 20th March 2010

Posted: 20/03/2010 at 19:26


After 19 days with no running due to a torn something in my foot, I actually went for a run today!!  I did 5.5M at a very gentle pace, but it was good to be running again.  First mile was very breathless.  Then the ankle started to ache a bit and I went into a bit of a panic.  Then everything settled down and it was all great from about the 2 mile mark onwards.

Very happy to be back on the road.

Thursday 18th March 2010

Posted: 18/03/2010 at 17:52


I'm well out of practice at coming on here.  And way behind with the news!

I haven't put my running kit on for 2 weeks and 3 days due to tearing something in my foot.  However, it now feels like it is better and yesterday, wait for it ... I actually jogged 0.5M!!!  I was in my jeans and normal shoes, but I couldn't resist seeing what happened.  And, not only that, but the jog was back home from posting the entry form for my local 5M race through someone's door!  I now have 4 weeks to get back into some kind of shape.

Won't start until Saturday, though, as I'm off to the Cheltenham Gold Cup tomorrow.

Wednesday 10th March 2010

Posted: 10/03/2010 at 10:28

Morning all,

Just popping in to say hello.  Not running at the moment due to having torn something in my foot.  Took it to the doctor and he made worrying comments like "that's unusual".  Not sure it is all that unusual, actually - I seem to have torn something between my ankle bone and my heel just above the heel (inside of foot) - at least that's where the bruising is concentrated and where it was most tender.  Pain has essentially gone now, but I don't want to hurry back to running and risk re-damaging it.

Hope everyone else is OK.

Hope to be back soon!

Wednesday March 3rd

Posted: 03/03/2010 at 13:18


Well, no running for me for a while now.  I've damaged a ligament in my foot - inside of my left foot starting just below/behind the sticky-out ankle bone and heading down/back to heel.  I don't know how as it was fine when I last went for a run (Monday lunch) and just suddenly started hurting on Tuesday morning while I was sat at my desk.  I've no recollection of twisting or banging it, but there is substantial swelling and bruising.

Question: should I see a doctor or is it just a case of resting it?

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