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Berlin Marathon 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 21:46

Thanks Martin P 5 I shall stop worrying and concentrate on the running!

Berlin Marathon 2014

Posted: Yesterday at 18:59

Alwyn or anyone else please - where do you get the participation confirmation - is that emailed to us? I don't have one but I am registered - checked on the website!

Berlin was offering last minute charity place about 2 weeks ago, haven't checked recently though.

Got hills and speed work and a 10 miler during the week then 22 on Sunday - yikes the weeks seem to have flown by!

Berlin Marathon 2014

Posted: 28/08/2014 at 17:15

Nooo that's my fault I mis read it as Powerade drinks so it's powerbar drinks, never tried them... Are they easily available to buy?

I did 18 last weekend with no gels - just jellybabies and a Belvita biscuit, but may try 1/2 banana and see how I feel - I'd rather that than gels.

Hmmmm cups - not great with them but apparently if you squeeze the top together it helps to stop it going all over you!

It's my first Berlin marathon but I did go when I was about 4 and it was still East and West (showing my age here), so no real memories. We're going for a week so will enjoy the holiday afterwards as well!

Berlin Marathon 2014

Posted: 26/08/2014 at 12:01
C P 31 wrote (see)

Tried some soft Scottish fudge my parents recently brought back for the Commonwealth games and it seemed to give me a bit more energy .

It probably did help C P 31 - it's high sugar isn't it? Is it called Scottish tablet?  I did try Kendal mint cake once but I think the mint is not so good for my digestion either! I used 3 jellybabies and one Belvita biscuit during the 18 miler and a bottle of Powerade orange which is what they're using in Berlin. Don't normally drink that much but felt ok with it, and I suspect the hydration aspect is more important than the fuel aspect? Not entirely sure though......

Quieter week for me mileage wise, then building up again for 2 weeks after that, feel excited but yes it's daunting!

Happy training everyone - we have rain and wind here - what's happened to summer?


Berlin Marathon 2014

Posted: 25/08/2014 at 14:22

Managed  18 miles on Saturday at average of 8.50 pace,  felt ok, but decided to have a homemade chocolate milk shake before I went out. Never done this before but thought it may be a nutritious drink to have pre run. Disaster!!! Horrendous GI problems (no need for details), fortunately a field was nearby and then a toilet later on, but never again   Googled it later and without doubt it was the milk!! I do seem to struggle with stomach problems and have to have a low fibre and highly processed diet the day before I run - white rice, no salads etc much to my dismay but generally it seems to help plus imodium. Now its no milk as well apart from almond milk on my porridge for breakfast.

Hope all is well and training is going well for all 5 weeks to go   

Berlin Marathon 2014

Posted: 17/08/2014 at 17:55

Did 16.5 miles this morning and felt ok - long run next week is 18, with other runs/workouts during the week. Felt ok and tried the orange Powerade drink which is what they are using at Berlin. I'm hoping this means I don't need to carry my own water etc - I hate carrying stuff or belts/bags etc!

Am I correct is saying we receive some form of email 3 weeks before the event which we have to respond to? Vaguely remember reading something like that on the website......

Hope all is well with everyone and training going well hope the knee holds up Peter   - 6 weeks to go   Yikes!  

Berlin Marathon 2014

Posted: 06/08/2014 at 06:47

I did indeed DiogoDog and I recall your name as well!

Hope you've recovered from the Games - I appreciate it must have been hard work but was it a great time as well?

Berlin Marathon 2014

Posted: 05/08/2014 at 21:42

Hi CP31, my initial thoughts were 'goodness that's lots of running!' but I suppose it depends on your starting point.

At the moment  I do one 8 miler or so a week plus one long run of around 14 miles this week which will gradually increase as the weeks go by, and then the rest is made of up hill work, speed work, cycling and swimming. If this is your first marathon should you be doing the intermediate plan - especially if you're finding it tough going and we still have 8 weeks left!  Slow and steady may be better, but as I said it's only my own thoughts and I'm not experienced - Berlin will be my 4th marathon and like Diogodog I really want a sub 4!

Any ideas about the corals anyone please - can't remember if I put a finishing time on my form (went though an agency ages ago).........

Happy training everyone!

Berlin Marathon 2014

Posted: 04/07/2014 at 16:46

Hi all, just joined this thread, doing Berlin for the first time, but my 4th marathon and hoping for a sub 4!

just wondering about corals, I didn't say on my application form what time I was expecting to finish in, is there a system in place anyone know Please?

We're flying from jersey to Birmingham then to Berlin the next day, but going for a week the idea being that if I am injured etc and can't run at least we'll have a holiday.

hope everyone's training is going well  

Portsmouth duathlon May 2014

Posted: 16/02/2014 at 07:17
White Pele wrote (see)

What date is this please?


May 11    distances are 10km or 5km Run – 23km Bike – 5km Run, not quite sure why it's a choice of 10 or 5 km initially.

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