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working at it slowly

Posted: Yesterday at 11:36

morning all

(((DL))) oh dear! not going well is it

Sluggy - you need to make sure you don't compromise on the things that are most important to you - I'm assuming you are looking for your forever place to enjoy your retirement so its got to be right. I imagine you and MS in one of those apartments in a converted stately home 

I missed most of last nights bake off because I was running - but I didn't mind Candice and from the bit I was she deserved to win, Andrew was my fave though I just thought he was lovely

club are doing a 11k run for Remebrance day - it was a practice of the route last night so I went along - but 7 miles at sub 10mm pace is a bit much on a school day

working at it slowly

Posted: 25/10/2016 at 16:13

ah great doggy news Podds (apart from your wallet)

and nice to know al that Ironing is keeping you healthy Melds

working at it slowly

Posted: 25/10/2016 at 12:14


how are the boys Podds?

MC you are having a rough time! you too DL

the ultra sounds fab Melds! I like the idea of an event where you can run or walk as I would imagine it is more relaxed. 45 miles is an awfully long way though

yes I think some apprentice schemes are a rip-off. the Bigun was working on the agency at a place recently and was hoping to get a permanent job but instead the company took on 2 youngsters on apprentice scheme - cheap option. He would like to get a proper trade but he's 24 and no way he would manage on £100 a week - he already owes me a fortune! grrrr. My Littlun on the other hand lost interest with A levels and is now on his 2nd year training to be a plasterer - he managed on low wages for a year and is now getting a bit more - next year he'll be qualified and able to earn loads-a money (remember that  - Harry Enfield) he doesn't think its what he wants to do forever but is enjoying it for now so fair play I say!

running club tonight


working at it slowly

Posted: 24/10/2016 at 09:51

morning all

Sluggy I have a picture of you giggling through the show  laughter is a tonic! sounds like a fab weekend

I hope things work out for Kenny. Not all dogs are easy but if you fall in love with them you can work with the problems

Melds - please tell more about your little run! how did you pace it? was it a picnic with walk breaks? etc -  not that I'm interested in ultras at all - on no.........

DL in future just listen to OH and do as your told - you know it makes sense

Yums its so hard for kids when they are struggling to get work, my Bigun has cocked up his chances of getting further education and won't contemplate living on an apprentice wage so is doing agency work - hopefully he'll get something permanent eventually cos he's a grafter but I would love to see him get something with some decent training - being a mum doesn't get any easier does it!

Ned is doing great thanks I took him out for a walk this morning he's a bundle of energy and a real softie but very naughty with food he'll nick anything he can get hold of which can be funny but also annoying! he's still a nuisance with the cats and has a scratched nose to show for it

working at it slowly

Posted: 21/10/2016 at 11:49

morning all

oh  MC yes its best not to get involved with those discussions - but at best its naïve and at worst dangerous

I'm rather interested in cat-flaps in walls and will investigate further

phew its Friday

working at it slowly

Posted: 20/10/2016 at 09:38

morning all

welcome Peter thanks for the advice

yes I love the bake-off and the sewing bee and also watched the pottery one! I would like to do some sewing when I downsize from this job, no point doing much baking cos I end up eating it all myself

MC you do sound poorly

running club tonight



working at it slowly

Posted: 19/10/2016 at 11:12

morning all

oh no DL I wouldn't dream of taking your race place off  you - wouldn't want you to waste all that training you are doing

(((lurgified))) but you can all keep your germs to yourselves

working at it slowly

Posted: 18/10/2016 at 11:17

morning all

bliddy Tissington is full already! lucky you got in early DL

Daffers I'm so jealous - I have never been headhunted

I'm so glad you're back Chuggles  actually I havent' got time for a proper read at the mo just going to a meeting but will catch up this afternoon

I have written this year off in terms of races but my club are doing a run for remembrance day which is on the Friday evening (11k) so looking forward to that and I think there is a Christmas pud 10k. I need to get things booked up for next year and get back into it

working at it slowly

Posted: 17/10/2016 at 14:15

hahaha yes I'm definitely going to enter that too now  - it was on Saturday and Sunday this year - which one are we doing DL?

working at it slowly

Posted: 17/10/2016 at 13:09

morning all

hello Spence  well done on your amazing PB

welcome back Chuggs we've missed you

I tend to peep into @rsebook a lot because its so convenient on the phone whereas this is only convenient when I'm supposed to be working  For me I post very little on facebook though - just photos to share with family really and pet photos -  I'm quite private. Also I'm in some groups - Strictly and the Archers  plus my lovely running club. and DL we all love your sense of humour

Me and  Mr FF and the doggies had a night away in the campervan before the weather gets too cold - just as far as Derbyshire but its just nice to get away



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