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Posted: 22/04/2016 at 11:08
Morning all

Long time out from posting as 2 years since last mara.

Read back and see congrats are in order to Padams. Commiserations to the injured. TR, shame about the streak (Fgfa will be missing a regular).
Good to see the old fredders from 2008. Recognise quite a few on that pic.

After pulling out last year a few weeks before with a hernia I ended up waiting until Oct to have a double op. I got back to running properly mid Jan and now with 11 solid weeks of 70mpw behind me (inc 77:08 at Fleet half) I was hopeful of another sub 2:45. I am still due to line up on Sunday from fgfa but been hit by some virus yesterday and now in bed. Not hopeful of shaking it by tomorrow and have been looking at local maras in the next few weeks to salvage the training efforts. Milton Keynes next week may be too soon. I will dose up on vit C and hope a recovery happens by the morning.

#Don't be sh1t

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Posted: 28/04/2015 at 14:16

I saw Nigel Rackham of Metros go past at 19m going well and he ended up doing 2.32.13 as a v50.  Bet he didn't think another v50 would beat him by 17s.

Good job done by all the sub 3 pacers then.  The 3mins apart guys were prob the 3.30 and 3.45'ers I saw.  I imagine at this pace you have more in front of you on some starts, like the mass Red.

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Posted: 28/04/2015 at 13:49

DOMS should just about be kicking in now if you're going to get them.

Well done RP

I was surpised at some of the pacers being so far apart in the groups, some by as much as about 3mins at 23m point. Some pacers will go out to get a cushion and others like PP trying to keep it metronimic. 

PP - You may not have been able to move much as there were nearly 1900 sub 3's this year (and 500 sub 2.45's), but think your splits meant that a lot more people prob got under 3.  That is more than any other year I can think of and the weather ended up pretty good for pb's.  I saw Mrs PP's result, fantastic time.

To echo what Crab says.  Not doing much running at mo but being a triferlete biking and swimming keeps you fit enough, although I think you gain weight easier.

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Posted: 27/04/2015 at 19:58

I may forget a few names here but here goes. Also have a number of pics taken on the course of those I know who they are. 

Padams, SL - Sterling efforts guys and pleased that you both got sub 2.28 with an all out sprint not prepared to let the other get in front. 

Lev - I remember you doing a 2:5x in Rome which seems not that long ago. You've moved on a little since then. Great run for a 2:28 and well split. 

Spidey - A nice WR which will take some beating. Must have been very hot in that suit. 

Al-P - Shame about not feeling it on the day but you still had the nads to put some effort in late on to still crack out a great even time. 

Coro - Nice London streak. Marigold - Good training run, although you might have to learn from Paula as she only takes 10s doing a Brad Pitt. 

LS - Pb and sub 2:40, what more can you ask, was it a neg split?

CD, CL - You are some of the most consistent guys on here and an inspiration that sub 2:40 after 45 is possible.  CW - Shame about those 14s but you are also one of the most consistent achievers on here.

Mr Boat - I remember we were all on that 2:45 train with Marders in 2011 when you fell off pace so to do this I can imagine your joy. Well stuck in at the end with your mates. Champs start next time fella.

Selbs - neg split and just reward for your efforts esp after your previous injury time outs. 

Jools - Fab run and congrats on team prize  

TR - 2:54, you predicted that so what else and keeping the sub 3 streak. Glad your legs feel good so you can smack the Swash. Ode - Nice one for keeping TR company and off low mileage has to be commended. 

Dan - Nearly forgot you. Sub 3 London duck broken at last in an Elvis outfit.  I shouted out a few times to Elvis just in front of Sub 3 pacers not knowing it was actually you. Sounds like you downed a few last night.

Crab - Good to see you yesterday and stellar effort for not walking. Not sure I could have talked myself from stopping.  

Good to speak to Tick Tock and ES at Red Lion both who seemed pleased with their runs. 

Not sure how to add these photos as might be too big. Will reduce size and post later. 

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Posted: 25/04/2015 at 16:55
Good luck all. I have a number of names in that app which looks good. I had to pull out but will enjoy watching a number of you on the course, running pbs and Spider-man getting a WR.

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Posted: 06/04/2015 at 14:04

TR - I may change my mind on the day seeing how I'm feeling so you and Ode may get one more. 

Dan - Ha yes I remember that, I went a few steps in front of you to stop tripping over others as they were sticking close to you. 

AlanB - Folding tyres are easier to put a new tube in and the rigid tyres are usually cheaper. You don't carry spare tyres. A decent trainer racer tyre is the vredestein fortezza tricomp or schwalbe ultremo zx. You'll get differing opinions though as it's based on personal experiences.

Just gave the bike a clean and may get out shortly for a spin in this glorious weather.  

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Posted: 06/04/2015 at 09:37

Lots of great long runs being done and glad the wind from recent weeks has calmed a bit.

Cracking run Toro  

Steve6 - tough long run. It's funny once you get past the 20m point how much extra effort it requires and can take out of you.  I was at Cranleigh, supposed to do 21 but at 15m point turned for finish. Back was giving me trouble and had no desire for another loop.

Since learning of of my hernia training has been somewhat disjointed and slower. Got out for 1st 20m in 3 weeks yesterday @7.05 pace knowing my legs lacked the long miles, feel ok apart from sore back. Reckon I should be able to keep Dan and PP company now and try and enjoy the run. Weather looking nice now so should be a heatwave on 26th. ;o)

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Posted: 28/03/2015 at 18:01
Dan - I may consider that and could be a laugh.

Good milestone CD (and win), see some guy hit his 500th last week at Frimley. Weather tomorrow is showing heavy rain at 10. Not too bad for running but carp for your duathlon, unless your finished by then.

Jap - Sounds lovely. Hope your legs are recovering well.

Watched the world xc from China earlier. African dominance as usual.

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Posted: 28/03/2015 at 16:11

MTR - Nice one on the streak, 50years to catch Ron Hill. 

Wishing swift recoveries to all benchees  

Good news on Red Lion still being available for our post mara beer. 

I'm still lining up for London but my thoughts of running it properly have now changed.  Have been experiencing lower abdomen pain for 3months which have got worse in last 5/6weeks affecting first few miles of every run and then dull ache for remainder.   Saw Dr in Jan for referral to Hospital. Had to wait over 2months to get seen today for ultrasound and been told I have a hernia.  See Dr again next week to discuss surgery but think I'll wait until after London to get it sorted, if NHS can sort it out that quick as heard there might be a wait.  Cranleigh 21 tomorrow which I will take a bit easier. 

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Posted: 15/03/2015 at 18:39
Dan, you only went and did it. Crab will at least have to give you a, modest effort now son.

Well done JAP (2.5min neg split indeed) and Wardi too.
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