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Posted: 15/02/2015 at 07:53
Selbs - Your poor wallet.

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Posted: 02/02/2015 at 12:23
Some old faces checking in, so thought I'd add mine to the mix. Well dones to the Watford racers and Marders for topping the podium once again.

Just back from a chilly 10m and popping in as I need to get motivated. Running of late has been a bit of a mish mash (as and when) so will keep an eye on P&D as their 12wk plan starts today. Missed entering Bramley 20m so if anyone can't make it let me know. Off to LA on Weds for a week so happy to get away from these icy temps and do some runs in a t-shirt.

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Posted: 27/10/2014 at 22:03
Just dropping in....

Jools - Wow, you absolutely smashed it. What an improvement. Ace.
Great runs by Selbs (glad you could get a good time, seeing what you've gone through in past few years). TT another sub 2.30. Nice.

Over and out, for now.

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Posted: 27/07/2014 at 18:42
Yeah I think the commentators are a bit off the mark. You can't just go and take a big risk and run at half mara pace for the mara, if your at the Games there's a good chance you know your optimal race pace. Only one I rate is Crammy.

I think Steve's cheeks will ache tomorrow with all the grinning he's been doing. Tune in at 20:45 as he's in the BBC studio with Lineker.

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Posted: 27/07/2014 at 13:03
Marigold, great run. Was a bit concerned at the 1:06 at halfway as that is so quick but you pulled it out the bag, a pb, 1st for England an over 40 UK best and 10th at CWG. Pretty darn awesome. Can you allow yourself a cigar now?
The Aussie ran alright too.

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Posted: 23/07/2014 at 18:24
Al P - Are you saving on petrol. Nice long commute and your splits looked like they got faster but they seemed to go off the page on my phone.

CW - Equally good vertical run from you. That'll build up the quads.

PP - That was a solid day inc the fast reps.

My legs weren't up for the 10k in Battersea this afternoon and pulled up at 5k as my thighs/quads were still moaning from Sundays effort. Bit of a shame as it is quite a quick course when it's not too hot.

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Posted: 22/07/2014 at 16:38
Padams - Sounded pretty rough but glad you're still in one piece, even if you can't train.

Jools - Nicely done on the pb.

Tmoth - Good effort.

Crab (or the new flipper) - Chuffed you got a slot. Hard work paid off.

Dachs - That's a great 5k and emptying the tank is commended.

Bufo - That was a lot of climbing. Hope you have some hair that you can make use of the dryer. Solid 5k as well.

TR - Keep up the swimming coaching as Crab shows it can be done. Shame I don't listen to myself as my swimming is non-existent.

A flat 10k at Battersea tomorrow afternoon could be a bit warm. Legs sore from Surrey Slog half on Sun inc 1500ft of ascent. Was 20s behind leader just before 13m and didn't see him go down a narrow track where the Marshall helped by not sending me the right way as he was too busy tying his shoes with his back to me. He said later he tried to call me back (yeah once I was out of earshot). Tracked back after realising the race didn't include running through undergrowth. Lost 2mins and luckily hadn't lost a place to stay 2nd.

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Posted: 10/07/2014 at 22:22
TR - Had a few races and a couple if tt's on it and it's pretty fast. Just need a higher angled stem as my back doesn't naturally go down that low. With the NF race I saw a guy was getting rid of his place but I offered a lot less than he wanted. I haven't done any swimming so maybe not a good idea after all. When you getting some trick wheels?

Jools - Happy birthday and should be getting a few F35 podiums soon.

Lev - Nice long run this morn.

Padams - The rain held off hopefully for your corp race.

PP - Hope you cracked the sub16 tonight.

New track coach has been a pretty positive experience over last few months. Tuesdays are 5k pace reps and Thurs much quicker. Tonight was 220m flat out and then walk/jog rest of lap and reducing by 20m each rep until down to 100m. 4min recovery and repeat. Spent all night chasing 15/16year olds and my legs were hammered by the last rep. Haven't run that fast ever I think and one thing that is harder as you get older.

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Posted: 09/07/2014 at 23:14

TR - Saw your result just now by surprise. For some reason I thought the Swash was this weekend.  Glad the tt bike helped you on Sunday, nice run too.

Happy birthday Marigold. Hope you had a nice birthday run. Oh and good luck for the CW.

CD - Nice to see you speeding up on the parkruns.

Dachs - Great run last week at Yateley and for all those other distances you've done.

Shame about Froome in the Tour. Brits don't seem to be doing too well at anything at the moment.

Last race on Weds was Yateley 10k, think I was tired as 20's down on last month for 35.52, came 6th and 2nd vet, a way behind Dachs (currently on same points as the other vet so I have to beat him next month to get the series). Got a 3000 Surrey League on Sat, which should be a tester for the legs.  9.39 to beat from a few months ago.

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Posted: 05/06/2014 at 11:19
I find it funny some peeps get Ironman tats when it's the first Tri they've done (there's no working there way up from sprint) usually after a pub bet. They should be honest too and put the time in underneath, like 15hrs and walked most of the run.

Concur with TT (good run mate and shame you weren't pushed as could have been low 33) about the heavens opening at Yateley and getting pretty cold. Actually I don't mind those conditions and by 5k it had stopped raining and was quite nice. I was in 4th from about 1k all the way to the finish all on my own (runner in front was a good 100m in front and no one behind for a little way). I did find I was able to keep a good pace though rather than running someone else's pace which invariably happens when surrounded by others. 35.31 (exact time as last year) for 4th and 1st vet so allows me to defend last years series win. Feeling a bit knackered now so not sure tonight's bike TT will be too good.
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