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Posted: Yesterday at 23:13
TR - Got a sprint Tri on first May bank hol. Don't expect much from the swim bike start as haven't been doing much but will tell me what I need to do for targeting some summer tri's (maybe on south coast Dorset way). You should be getting some new wheels soon to try out the red Tri machine?

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Posted: Yesterday at 22:33
TT, TR - I did an 18wk build this time and on reflection that is a long time for 1 race even with a few races on the way. I could have probably gotten away with 14 weeks. Maybe the taper could also be a thing of the past and just treat the marathon like any other race.

??87.50 for the medal/t-shirt combo which is almost a 50% increase on last year. Had a few wanting my number too.

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Posted: Yesterday at 19:05
Spirun - Nice run from you and very well paced.

KC - It'll be the underpasses where gps buggers up.

LS21 - Some great splits there with only a slight decrease at the end. That's a fine run and must have taken a few in that last 800.

I had my Doms legs yesterday. An hour on the bike in the evening helped flush a bit of the rubbish out and I'm walking normally now. Will still give it a day or two before I try any running. Medal finishes on eBay tonight and up to ??67 already. So ??98 to beat then.

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Posted: 15/04/2014 at 10:44

Sorry to hear of the injury woes Selbs.

PP - That's one hell of a breakfast, you sure you've earnt it seeing as sunday was an easy run . Just looked at your splits and your 1st 4, 5k splits were metronomic within a sec or 2 of each other and the last half was good too.  Maybe you should have led the elite race as Haile really didn't seem to have a clue on how to pace a race.  Still haven't watched the race yet though.

Can't believe how much interest I have had over the medal. Over 200 watchers 34 bidders at £50 and over 1day to go. Had numerous emails from people abroad asking how much postage is. Also had a guy trying to get me down in price saying he didn't have much money and did the race himself but had to pull out at 22m, promising the medal to his son.

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Posted: 15/04/2014 at 00:32
Part 2

To cut a long story short then. Finished in 2.45.45 and was disappointed after 18wk build up and a hamstring injury 4wks out scuppered the perfect plan. You don't always reap what you sew in marathon training. I'm back on the Red FGFA next year for just a sub 3 and may come back again in a few years for another proper go but with a shorter programme.
Medal is currently at ??50 on fleabay and been offered ??70 on a buy it now but will wait to see what it gets.

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Posted: 15/04/2014 at 00:15

It's been nice reading the race reports with all the impressive results.

Marigold, you really did smash it out there which isn't easy when you're running solo

Great debut Bufo

CW, CL & CD - You guys do tend to get it right on the day and pleased you got the sub 2.40 CL, especially as your all the lower mileage types although CW you are doing more these days.

TR - It had to be a 2.54, you are one of the most consistent on here with less mileage in last 3 months than some do in 1.

CC2 - Sub 3 and running strong at the end, sounds like you could have carried on.

Lev - What a run you did, Coro - How you keep knocking out the 2.35's off very little amazes me.

SL - Sounded like a comfortable run until you stopped for the family hug.

DS2 - Quite a pb there. Well done.

Dachs - Marathoning is a bloody hard game but will be much sweeter when you smash it.  I reckon there is a 2.35 in there when it all comes together. You've certainly got the talent.

AW, Yasunaga, Toro - Tough runs from you guys but at least you put yourselves on the line,

Old No.7 - You paced it really well and a neg split, liked you're out of body experience thinking it wasn't you running. Better get the photos printed just to make sure,

Haven't forgotten you HR, solid run and I saw your result and wished you those 8s. Shame if someone had told you at 800m to go you prob would have done it,  Next time mate.

Started day off in the Champs area which was a new experience for me and probably one of the slowest in there. Was quite at home in the FGFA the last few years, Had a quick chat with CD and CL.
Onto the race and took about 8/9s to cross line and got going alright just behind CL, let him go about 3/4m in as he was running well and I really had to run my own race.
I tried to settle into some groups but found this quite hard early on due to numbers of people at this point. Also adjusted pace to hr early on as wanted to make sure I left enough for 2nd half. I took 1st gel of 3 at 8m which seemed to kick in about 5mins later. At 10m found it to be a bit harder than it should be and this was to be one of many ups and downs to my day. Through halfway in 1.21.16 (1min slower than 2012) which was ok but knew I wouldn't be able to do that again as was already having thoughts that my 2.42 was out of the window. Had my 2nd gel around 14 and again this soon kicked in (why did I only bring 3 gels), and most of the race sipped water every 2m and the luco I never took much more than a few sips and mainly swilled it around the mouth and spat out. I didn't look at watch much after halfway so forgot about hr and splits and just tried to take mile by mile. Hit a bit of headwind around 15 so slipped back a couple of strides behind a couple of guys to take the brunt. Found Isle of Dogs pretty hard but got a little lift in Canary Wharf especially when I saw the family. Think there was a slight incline around 19 which slowed me a bit and took final gel at 20ish, again another lift soon after but was short lived. Got a buzz back on the highway at 22m getting ashout out from CRAB. I had slowed partly due to legs feeling like balsa wood and was thinking I was going to dramatically slow to 2.50. Made it to the underpass after 23 and knew it was only a few miles from there. I was still taking people on the embankment (Jock Itch gave me some encouragement here) and the last 5k split wasn't as bad as I thought looking back, but I thought it was at the time. Got to 25m around 2.37ish and knew 2.45 had gone. My good hamstring started cramping as soon as what I would call an upping of the pace so reigned it in right there and for the

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Posted: 12/04/2014 at 13:52
That's a pretty good PW TR, better than mine by 20mins. You might surprise yourself by halfway and find that the engine has more fuel in than you thought.

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Posted: 12/04/2014 at 11:45

All the power to all running in the morning. 

Just pinned the numbers on and will sort the two timing tags in a min. I got a clubmate to pick up my stuff from expo and he said Champs start have two tags and left it at that. I will put one on each shoe and hopefully my last leg won't take too long to cross the line.  Last 3 weeks have still been battling the hamstring and haven't been able to do what I want.  Target tomorrow may have to be altered partway through but would still like to aim for 2.42/3.  Looking forward to watching the elite burn up later on catch up tv.  See some of you in the champs area, the ones I know anyway and maybe the red lion depending on how I feel.  

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Posted: 31/03/2014 at 23:36
TT - That's a shame about the mara, you do seem to be unlucky for spring races.

CW - Impressive set of runs inc the over distance.

Jimbob - Hope you can at least make the startline.

Mr Boat - Big month for you. With the shorter pb's you should be on for a certain sub 2:45 if not lower.

Target for me at London was/is 2.42ish. Hamstring still hampering my running and feels like someone's tugging my leg from behind but have booked the Chiro for Thurs.

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Posted: 30/03/2014 at 17:25

Taper begins for most this week.

Special mention to Padams, great race last weekend to qualify easily.

TT and Dachs - Nice 10k's from both of you last weekend.

Luke - That sounded painful, good that you got out next day though.

TR - Glad you're still in and get to see you in the Red Lion saying you've kept the streak. If you get a PB I'll buy you the first pint...... 

Few weeks back mentioned about a leg pain. Went and saw physio who worked on my hamstring as had some thickening on it (pain wasn't in there at the time).
Next day I had tight/sore hamstring, knee & hip during and after run. Seems bit of a co-incidence not to be partly down to physio working on my hammy too vigorously. The other bits are prob run related. Since then I've been in a fair bit of pain when running and mostly when not running with sore right hamstring and quite a lot of knee pain.  I have been stretching after most runs for months now and moreso in the last 10days since I've had this. Training has been reduced and no MP running whatsoever.  I actually think the hamstring is tendonitis which I read affects the knee too. Will be booking with a chiro tomorrow and hope the last 16weeks training aren't affected by a last min injury as got myself in to good shape.

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