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Rat Race Scotland Coast to Coast

Posted: 18/09/2013 at 21:29

They had indeed taken the part of the run up the Ben tourist track out (much to my relief!) Its the first event I have ever done of any sort and it was AWESOME! I did the one day event on the Saturday, slow and very steady was my pace but I finished and had a great time. Loved every minute. Doing it by myself it did get a little lonely out on the bike legs but somebody was always semi close (usually as they were cycling past me) for a little chat and banter. Having no brakes on my bike for the second bike section made it much more interesting. Not! Having the half an hour time out section in Braveheart carpark seemed to bunch people together and for the last run it was cool running along with loads of people infront and behind you - kept me going by aiming to catch up with people ahead.

I would say that the weather helped a lot being dry and cool. If it had been much colder/wetter/windier I would have struggled. I live in Fort William and felt so sorry for the people doing it in two days I went and stood on the Banavie back road for a few hours to cheer people on the Sunday morning- if you saw someone in a pink jacket standing at the bottom of the last big hill on the last bit of road cycling that was me! Respect for camping in the misery on the Saturday night and then getting chilled to the bone on Sunday and keeping going.

Hope everyone else enjoyed it and got what they wanted out of doing the event. I had a great time and would definately think about it again! Never thought I would enjoy races but think I may have caught the bug, thinking Hadrians wall in June.....maybe.......

Rat Race coast to coast Scotland - 2 weeks away! HELP!!

Posted: 02/09/2013 at 12:19

Haha! Blitz not so much - more shuffle Did the run section on Saturday evening, came round a corner and there was a big collection of tents and a larger tent playing ubber loud disco trance music. Slightly random in the middle of nowhere but figured they were preparing the motivational music to accompany us all before the last big hill!

Rat Race Scotland Coast to Coast

Posted: 02/09/2013 at 12:11

Seems I've been posting in the wrong Coast to Coast discussion! Sorry Caroline I hyjacked your post about shoes in the other forum discussion on the race Reading all this is making me feel much better, I'm scared! Been having a complete fit over the weekend about bikes suddenly changing my mind about what I should use.But seems everyone is in the same boat and that there will be whole range of bikes out there. Going to go try out my road bike on the off road bit on Friday and see what I think (well see how fast I can do it pushing for large parts!)

Currently the weather in the Fort is blowing a gale and its wet and miserable - basically all the rubbish weather is getting itself out the way so come race day its going to be calm,cool, clear with stunning views for us all just like Ron says!!!! Joanne

Rat Race coast to coast Scotland - 2 weeks away! HELP!!

Posted: 02/09/2013 at 11:25

Aiming for the one day. Just struggling to keep the butterflies under control at the moment! I thought the route last year went along the forest track from Fort Augustus to Invergarry-Kilfinan and then along the Great Glen way forest trails from Kilfinan coming out at Clunes? This year at Kilfinan you seem to turn onto the A82 going along the road all the way to Fort William making more road and halving the off road.......?? Anyway spent the whole of yesterday in a complete panic about bikes. The solution, going to take both road and mountain bike to the Fort Augustus section on Friday afternoon this week and have a play! Will let you know the outcome Thanks for the reply made me feel a million times better. I live in Fort William so have done all the routes before just playing around but never done an event before hence scared! Its getting to the time that no matter how much training you've done it never seems quite enough! Joanne

Rat Race coast to coast Scotland - 2 weeks away! HELP!!

Posted: 01/09/2013 at 11:42

Sorry not quite shoe related but is race related...

Just looked at the Coast2Coast website and they seem to have changed the routes a bit from last year......? On the last run section there is no longer the bit up the first part of the Ben tourist track, just straight up the West Highland Way. This has got to make the last run section a little easier? Maybe?!

The biking route from Fort Augustus seems to miss out the off road section from Invergarry along the Great Glen way, with the route now being along the A82 until Spean Bridge. There seems to be a lot more road cycling now...... Thats kinda put the cat amoung the pigeons. I've been training to do it all on my mountain bike with slick tires but I hate the beast that is my mountain bike. Now there is a slight creeping feeling that I might get away doing it on my road bike? (cyclocross not an option I have either/or!) I'm fine on my mountain bike on slicks on the little technical section from Fort Augustus on the Invergarry link but what are the chances I could get away with it on my road bike - and if I did end up pushing (which I think is highly likely) would I loose too much time to make it worthwhile? Dilema's! Anybody got any words of wisdom it'd be much appreciated.

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