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Snowdonia Marathon 2016

Posted: 16/11/2015 at 09:37

I wish I could have said that my subsequent travel plans went smoothly!! Picked up the passport no problem - just within the 4 hour deadline Ryanair stated for travellers to book in online/print out boarding passes (to avoid £45 charge). Unfortunately I was then able to log into the Ryanair site to book in! Thought it may be because I was trying to do it on my phone, so I tried to find the nearest library to do it! However I am just not used to driving in cities so after about 1/2 an hour I gave up and drove to the airport, which, thankfully, I managed to find OK. After parking, dashed to the Ryanair desk for assistance - told to try the computer near the information desk. Unfortunately said computer was out of order and after checking with the information desk told to try Swissport. Helpful chap there tried to book me online, but I'm told that there was an issue and he'd have to phone Ryanair! 15 minutes later he's back and apologising -he said he'd sorted things out with Ryanair but I'd have to go to the Ryanair desk to get the boarding pass, although the fee was waived! Helpful lady in the baggage drop off must have taken pity on me - apologised for the hassles I'd had and upgraded me to priority boarding and a seat with extra leg room (for what it was worth for a 45 minute flight!). After that, it was pretty straightforward apart from having to be frisked through security and leaving my Garmin in the tray in security!

Thankfully the rest of the experience was a very memorable one. The cross country race itself was just nothing like I'd experienced before - the standard was something else!

Snowdonia Marathon 2016

Posted: 12/11/2015 at 21:18

I'm not sure why you thought I may be steady t-rex. I don't venture far away - today was my 1st trip into Liverpool on my own! Managed to park and find passport office (more luck than judgement!). Unfortunately passport wouldn't be ready until late pm, so I've got to pick it up 1st thing tomorrow morning - thankfully en route to airport, but may have an issue with Ryanair checking in - has to be done 4 hours before flight otherwise I understand £40+ to do it there!? Hopefully can check in via my mobile, then a quick walk to the local library to hopefully printout boarding passes. I hate flying - haven't flown before without my wife who usually organises things travel wise (she's the steady/reliable one). It's Friday 14th tomorrow. What can go wrong!?

Snowdonia Marathon 2016

Posted: 08/11/2015 at 20:06

After resting/no running for 5 days after the marathon I picked up a back muscle niggle. Since easing, I have only ran twice, though that was around the Betws trail 10k course to help set up/clear up re yesterday's race. Thankfully no issues and my next event is the British & Irish Cross Country event in Dublin next Saturday. However after booking with Ryanair last week I have only just found out that they insist on a valid UK Passport to fly with them to Dublin!! Have had to book an interview with the passport office next Thursday to get a passport in time!!

Snowdonia Marathon 2016

Posted: 03/11/2015 at 09:49

That path has been there for quite a while TR. It was used for the Salomon Trail Marathon earlier on in the year. Having walked/run the path, I would say it is not suitable for the marathon - personally I cannot see any need for the route to be amended/for it to start/finish in the same place.

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 24/10/2015 at 22:23

Congrats on the PB Jones

Took it easier than last year and just ensured I enjoyed it, which I did (confirmed by the pictures I've seen - what a difference compared to those of last year!). Great organisation as always and serious respects to the marshals and supporters given the weather!

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 16/10/2015 at 13:47

Nice one FR. The organisers I know will always try and accommodate runners requests - I will never forget their thoughtfulness after being contacted, out of the blue, to see if I wanted the number that my Dad wore when he did the race! I guess that's one of the things which makes this such a special event!?

The hay is in the barn now and whilst I am behind where I was fitness wise last year, hoping for another sub 2.55

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 15/10/2015 at 09:33

Good point re BR - yes, I can imagine Beddgelert becoming gridlocked, with cars coming over the bridge from the Porthmadog direction as well. I've never spectated and haven't had family spectate on the course. I know a few from my running club go to Rhyd Du, which is just over 16 miles into the race - probably where BR's wife was - car parking there, plus a pub/café. Gels are handed out in Beddgelert - Rhyd Du is a good place to get another gel handed out for the relatively flat 5 mile section to Waunfawr - gels, jelly babies, isotonic drink handed out in Waunfawr, just before the start of the last climb

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 15/10/2015 at 09:06

ii - the atmosphere in Beddgelert (the half way point) is excellent - one of my favourite bits of the course! You've got to bear in mind if that your family are with you in Llanberis before the start the road up the Pass will be closed 1/2hr before the race starts - they'd have to go to Llanberis via Llanrug & Waunfawr - should be do'able though. I'm not sure what the parking will be like at Beddgelert at the time. After they see you in Beddgelert they should have time to hop into the car and either go back to Llanberis or, perhaps, drive over to Waunfawr and see you there (before you go up the hill) before going back to the finish

Snowdonia Marathon 2015

Posted: 14/10/2015 at 09:06

No.9 - my 1st ( & most probably last) ever single digit Snowdonia marathon number!

(Nice pic in the North Wales Weekly News Panad) 

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