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Sound vs Silence

Posted: 04/06/2008 at 14:20

how come crowd support doesn't come under outside influences?  To me this doesn't make any sense - this is surely the greatest influence of all, particularly in international races? 

Maybe the crowd should be made to sit in silence, or possibly listen to the commentry on their radio

Interesting point though! 

Sound vs Silence

Posted: 04/06/2008 at 14:04

This thread is a pointless exercise as there are too many issues that cause disagreement

1.    Music for entertainment - matter of opinion so no consensus will be reached

2.    Music being dangerous -

            a)    assumes that all runners/cyclists/pedestrians have the same awareness around them to start with.  Clearly some people are not capable of running safely without music (by being careless) and other people are perfectly capable of running safely with music on.

           b)    it clearly depends on the location - running on a path where you'll be the only person for miles you're unlikely to cause an accident and muggers etc. tend to focus on areas where they'll find people.  If you're running in a built up area, busy cycle path or a road with no pavement then clearly it's more important to have full awareness

3.    Music being rude at races - if someone is able to maximise their performance using music then surely it would be unfair to prevent them from using it - how about banning pace measurement devices, only allowing one type of shoes etc?!

Just my opinions:  Personally I've just started using music as an aid for marathon training after a 15 mile run without left me focussing on how tired I was and how close I was to the end for the last 5 miles or so...  First impressions are that it seems to help even on shorter runs!


Posted: 20/04/2008 at 16:53
I've got the 305 after deliberation over getting something cheaper and the reception's great and I actually use quite a lot of the features that I thought seemed like a gimmick at the beginning!  Highly reccommend 305.

Salt - good or bad?

Posted: 20/04/2008 at 16:47
Interesting subject - I've just done my first half marathon on a pretty warm day (previous max distance 10 miles) and noticed about 5/10 mins after the finish my face started to stiffen up from the salt solidifying on my face (hence reading this)!  I generally prepare my own food from raw ingredients and don't even have salt in the house so I think this could be a problem for my diet - there seems to be a lot of uncertainty and debate on this point so anyone got any thoughts/advice? 

Calf Pain

Posted: 17/04/2008 at 15:34


Thanks for all your suggestions.  I've managed to make a significant improvement after the initial problems, through stretching lots, before runs, after runs, in the middle of runs (less so now) and randomly throughout the day... 

I've also got some new shoes and this seems to have helped, though not as much as the obsessive stretching.  I've now gone from short runs of 30 mins up to longer ones (longest 10 miles).  However, I still have a problem in that my calves always feel tight over the first couple of miles (particularly annoying/embarassing when running to catch a bus etc. when I can't take more than a few paces at a time...).  This is ok when doing long runs, but in speedwork eg. 8x400 it can be uncomfortable for quite a while.

Any further advice would be gratefully received, though with my new forerunner 305 I'm enjoying myself which is the most important part of running.



Calf Pain

Posted: 17/02/2008 at 12:18

Yep a torn calf muscle seems unlikely as it's both calves that are causing problems and I also had similar problems a few years ago when I tried running about 3/4 years ago.  In that instance I gave up running after a month or so and started rowing instead.  I believe my problem comes from the impact with concrete roads.

 Also, in response to the earlier post about hills, it's a good point and I didn't ever do any hills on the treadmills but I'm running in Cambridgeshire by a river so there aren't any hills around here either!

I may try running on the grass beside the path in the next day or two and see if this has any effect.  Will have to wait for a couple of dry days though or I'll be wading in mud!  

Thanks for the replies so far... 

Calf Pain

Posted: 12/02/2008 at 17:16


I spent the last summer running about 20/30 miles a week on treadmills and had no injury problems.  After a few months off I've just started running outside on concrete paths as I'd like to run a marathon in about a years time and have found that I've had serious calf pain after every run (only about 30/40 mins). This lasts for about 3/4 days and makes it painful to walk let alone run.  I'm guessing that it could be because I have rubbish shoes, but would like to get some advice if possible rather than wasting money on something I don't really need.  My present shoes are cheap (~£40) reeboks which weren't selected for me, just bought off the shelf.

Any advice or experience with something similar would be much appreciated.



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