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Snowdonia Marathon 2014

Posted: 31/08/2014 at 18:47

Hi all, did a 16 miler today with 335 metres of climb. Mileage is down this year compared with others but have been racing a lot more, be interesting to see what difference it makes.


Question is in my longest run (23m) how many more metres would you put into the run? Live in a hilly area so hills aren't an issue. Should I train to near the 800m mark ?



Snowdonia Marathon 2014

Posted: 29/07/2014 at 23:27

Popping over to the Motherland to do the N Wales Half on Sunday, anyone else running it ?

Anyone know what gels/drinks are used on the course as would like to train with them if possible ?


Thank you

Snowdonia Marathon 2014

Posted: 06/07/2014 at 20:22
What a wonderful gesture . Run strong sir

Snowdonia Marathon 2014

Posted: 26/05/2014 at 22:06

Cheers Brer, the only other question is re body cover. Do all my runs in shorts, is carrying extra clothing essential ? Managed 13.1 yesterday with 300m climb, so decent enough start.

Snowdonia Marathon 2014

Posted: 24/05/2014 at 21:01

Does anyone follow a specific Snowdon marathon plan or just a normal one interspersed with hills on the long run and some hill drills in the week ?

i live in a hilly area and a lot of runs include hills anyway. Most of our midweek summer races are hill monsters anyway, so am hoping they'll be enough.

i figure for my 1st Snod it'll just be a case of run/walking the hills and simply getting around. Can't wait

Snowdonia Marathon 2014

Posted: 05/01/2014 at 13:15

Jeez, you guys are incredible, Badwater, multiple marathons, I was chuffed doing 2 last year.

Just come back from a very cold 10 miler, glad to be home. Refusing to drop the shorts and t shirt yet though. What spring maras are people doing ?

Snowdonia Marathon 2014

Posted: 02/01/2014 at 18:20

Anyone stayed at Tyddyn Perthi farm in Llanberia before ? looks beautiful. 

Snowdonia Marathon 2014

Posted: 01/01/2014 at 19:58

Ha ha Stu, thought it was just me...

Snowdonia Marathon 2014

Posted: 01/01/2014 at 18:54

What's the race limit ? Over 1000 already 

Snowdonia Marathon 2014

Posted: 01/01/2014 at 00:23

Entered. Should be fun 

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