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Posted: 03/03/2015 at 10:26

Ha! Just had another look at the route and they've moved the cross over point closer to Hove! Are you reading this thread Bright10


Posted: 03/03/2015 at 09:14

Agreed, booking fee is OK if there's an option eg post £2, collection free but when everyone has to pay it why not just put it in the price?

Anyway, as I'm not doing it it doesn't matter - I am doing phoenix 10k which is about £13 and won't be a log jam. 


Posted: 03/03/2015 at 08:03

I was considering entering this as it's local but it turns out I'm booked up for something else that day, also I looked at the route and don't like the idea of a bottleneck at 4 miles, it looks a bit tight to have 3 lanes going in and out of Madeira Drive.

The interesting bit though, and if I wasn't elsewhere I think I'd go and watch to see what happens, it at 3m / 8m where the leaders and tail cross over.

If the leaders are 5 min miling and the tail 15 then the leaders are there before the tail finish. Maybe they'll realise beforehand and change it!   

Brighton Marathon 2015

Posted: 02/03/2015 at 10:18

As BM is only next month now  I'll check in here now and then and let you know if I hear any useful news and can answer questions about local knowledge - I live in Brighton and volunteer for BM every year.

If you're making a weekend of it, parkrun will still be going ahead in Preston Park (and Hove Park) on the Saturday, including going under the marathon start line if you want a leg loosener or your  support team want a run and this is followed by the kids MiniMile races in the park, so it's a busy day as a warm up for your run and my 4.30am start on Sunday .

Good time for 5k run

Posted: 16/02/2015 at 11:43

I'm 20+ years older than you, can do 24 min 5k and run 3 times a week totalling around 12 miles so there's no reason at your age why you can't beat me!(assuming you don't have any disability and aren't massively overweight)

If you run 10m or 20 or 30 a week at your 5k pace you won't get any faster, you need to do some shorter sessions at faster speed, replace one 4 mile run each week with either

  • 5 times 1k with a minute rest in between at your target 5k pace
  • 200/400/800 metres repeats with rest in between.
  • hill reps - run fairly hard for 50?, 80? 100?m up hill, jog back down and repeat

If you always run at 28min 5k pace you'll always run at that pace, you need to learn to run faster and if you have limited time available it's quality that matters not quantity.

Think if it like learning to read. If you had always read the books you had when you were 5, when you picked up a more difficult book you wouldn't able to read it - it wouldn't matter how many times you read the easy books you'd never be able to read more difficult ones, you have to read slightly more difficult ones and whereas you could read the whole of a 5yrs book easily, you'd have been knackered at the end of a page of a more difficult one so gradually read a bit more.

Running's the same, if you keep doing the same thing you keep getting the same result.  

Royal Parks Half 2015

Posted: 06/02/2015 at 17:46

I also didn't pay and didn't get a place, so I'm back where I started rather than being £50 down!

Agreed there are plenty of other halves, I wanted to do this because of the route - most of the good bits of VLM without the bad bits and without being 26.2m!

Charity places I've looked at want 3 or 400 in sponsorship - I also don't like asking people for money and I'm  runner not a fund raiser so prefer just to enter things and run.

Royal Parks Half 2015

Posted: 02/02/2015 at 11:21

I'm considering entering this (yes, I know, need to decide quickly!) - some questions.

In the ballot is it easy/OK/difficult to get a place?

Is it worth the gamble of paying upfront, risking losing the money but getting the second chance offer - does it significantly increase the chance of getting in?

I might also consider the charity option, but as I run to run, not to fundraise, I prefer to pay the entry fee and run if that makes sense. 


Why aren't there parkruns in France, Germany, Spain, Italy etc?

Posted: 23/01/2015 at 13:53

parkruns exist in places where someone who lives there decides that they want one, not because HQ go looking for somewhere to start them so it's down to the locals to get it going.

The reason they started in Poland was that a Pole was living and parkrunning in Newcastle and when he went home he took the idea with him and 2 of the US ones were started by people going there from the UK. If someone contacts HQ and wants to get them going in their country then can do.

There are moves to get started in France - I know the volunteer roles were being translated into French recently. I think I've heard that there's a change happening about the medical certificate, can't remember details.

When you say that they aren't as widespread as you'd have thought, they've gone from 1 event with 13 runners 10 years ago to about 550 events and over 90,000 runners per week in 10 countries from NZ to US so that's quite widespread for an event with only a handful of staff working from a garden shed in West London!

Brighton Marathon 2015

Posted: 23/01/2015 at 13:40

PS, found my post from last year

"Getting back to hotel near start. The roads will be open from 11.30 to get a taxi (there’s a rank on East Street, probably taxis around in the Old Steine) or the bus 5 or 5A from outside the pavilion (on the Steine) BUT the traffic is generally horrific, even though there are bus/taxi lanes it might be quicker to walk, depends what’s more important, the time to get there or the ability to walk another mile or so!  


Getting from Seafront to start. The direct roads are closed from 7am so no buses or taxis that route. It's not worth getting the train from Brighton to Preston Park station, that's as far as walking direct. There are always lots of people walking that way, this is probably the best choice. I don’t know how well the taxis understand the road closures, if your hotel is east of the pier tell them to go via Freshfield Road, Bear Road, Fiveways, Preston Drove and drop you by the park/bottom of Surrenden Road but you have to drive so far out of the way it’s hardly worth it unless your hotel is a long way east. If your hotel is West of the pier they can go to Seven Dials then either drop you at the bottom of Dyke Road Drive or go down Millers Road and drop you at the bottom of the Drove / South Road near the shell garage but it’s still marginal if it’s worth it unless your hotel is a long way west of the pier. Have a look on Google maps to make sense of this."

Brighton Marathon 2015

Posted: 23/01/2015 at 13:29

Re an earlier post, buses from town to Preston park are very good...on any other day of the year but don't run on Marathon day. It's not far to walk, there are always lots of people heading that way.

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