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HADD Training Method

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 19:14

Hi Ecce - I'm in North London, it's not exactly the Alps but where I live it's quite bumpy - my local park used to be a dry ski slope. One downside of HR training is it makes you notice all those little inclines that you never noticed before but do now cos they raise your HR. You sort of remap your local area. I'm beginning to wonder if anywhere is truly flat! 



HADD Training Method

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 13:25

Thanks for the encouragement Teknik.

Very sorry to hear your bad news. Hope you're back on your feet soon.


HADD Training Method

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 13:14

Hi Nayan

yeah, I start slow. I'm generally OK for the first 20 minutes. what i struggle with is keeping a steady HR after that and in knowing the right thing to do when it does start creeping up (stop, walk or slow down?)

HADD Training Method

Posted: 20/10/2014 at 12:40

Hi all, I wonder if I could pop back into this thread (I'm an intermittent visitor to these pages) to ask a very simple question. Apologies.

I'm a big believer in low heart rate training and have dipped in and out of using it over the past couple of years. Despite this I have always struggled to keep my heart rate steady during easy training runs. In part this is due to my local terrain (not much flat where I live) but also because I haven't been able to master keeping my heart rate below my set limits. In the past this has caused frustration and led me to revert to other training methods. So a quick bit of advice from you wise runners:

What do you do on a training run if you notice your heart rate going above your limit? Do you stop and wait for you HR to drop? Do you walk? Or do you keep on running and try and bring it back down by running slower?

I'd really be interested to hear any tips and techniques you have on controlling HR at the early base training stage. This method takes a lot of commitment and mental toughness but I'm committed to using it (or a system close to it) for my spring Marathon training. 

Richmond Running Festival - Half marathon

Posted: 22/09/2014 at 11:04

Seems like lots of things went wrong with this race this year. Shame as so much of it is great.

Reading Half 2014

Posted: 05/08/2014 at 11:37

It seems all the moaning about the last couple of miles has been heard and the route has been radically tweaked.What do people think - will this make it quicker?

Brighton Marathon 2015

Posted: 02/05/2014 at 10:23

Has anyone used the park and ride for this? Does it all work OK? Wherabouts is it? 

Was gonna stay in a hotel but can't see anything reasonable.

Beginner Aerobic Base Question

Posted: 24/04/2014 at 22:05

Thanks for the replies.

If you're following the HADD method do you do these two 80% runs from the very start? Isn't that spoiling all the gains from the low HR training - or are these basically recovery runs then?

My ambition is running a marathon at a low HR but posting what I'd consider a decent time for me (3:45 - 4). Currently I'm a long way off that - on my runs under 70% I'm running at about 11 minute miles but I'm not really applying any science or method to it really, just keeping the HR low. 

Beginner Aerobic Base Question

Posted: 24/04/2014 at 14:18

This is a great discusion. I understand the basics of base and HADD training but what I don't quite grasp is the next stage up.

After establishing base, when we train for a race do we just put all these easy, low HR runs to one side and do the same mix of Speedwork/Tempos etc as we might have done anyway - or do some of the disciplines continue? Also what would happen if instead of including higher HR (anaerobic) runs in our training schedule leading up to a marathon we just stuck to low HR training - would that mean one would only be capable of running a marathon in the aerobic range?

From what I can understand running a marathon at low HR/aerobic range makes more sense as we're burning fat rather than glycogen. Is this right?



Brighton Marathon 2015

Posted: 24/04/2014 at 09:33

The percentage of people not running Brighton seems terrifically high. I wonder why it is.

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