About me:Been running since 2001 and am now well and truly hooked despite hating PE at school I now have a strong sense that my life will not be complete until I have run a marathon in under 3 hours There are worse things to crave PBs 5K - 1906 10K - 3928 5M 3053 10M 6613 chip HM - 12343 chip Mara - 30309chip
I am a:
regular recreational runner
I have been running for:
5-10 years
I run this many times a week:
4-6 times
My weekly mileage is about:
50 miles or more
Running club / race organisation:
I am a member of a running club
I do these types of running:
road / pavement
trail / grass / woodland
athletics track
My most important reason for running is:
to be competitive in races
I am a:
I have been participating in triathlons for:
I train this much per week:
Triathlon club / event organisation:
My most important reason for doing triathlons is:
My favourite event is:
My next favourite event is:
My third favourite event is:
10 Mile
I take part in events:
12-24 times a year
I also do these sports: