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Posted: 06/10/2015 at 14:59

They won't be putting Marders on the cover next year unless he shaves first: saw him at the finish at Cardiff and the beard is something else.  Perhaps he'll shave before Frankfurt!

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Posted: 06/10/2015 at 08:54
Good to hear you're on the mend, TT.

7 with strides for me this morning. Legs feel pretty much normal which is encouraging in terms of race recovery.

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Posted: 06/10/2015 at 08:52
Hurrah! Minni is back

Great marathon reports from Badbark and Gerard. Love the fact Badbark just keeps on casually churning out sub 3s and Gerard turns up almost on a whim and knocks out a 3.20!

7 with strides for me this morning. Legs feel pretty much normal again after Sunday which is encouraging.

Marathon with only 18 mile long run ?

Posted: 05/10/2015 at 14:23

Did the physio sugest rebuilding that quickly?  I ask because I had a grade 1 calf tear a couple of years ago and I know that it took me 3 weeks from the injury to running a half marathon at marathon pace, and that I wasn't running at all for at least a week after the initial injury.  My physio didn't actually advise doing the half marathon because the risk of a re-tear was too high, so we agreed that I would do the race at my own risk.  I did manage to do my marathon but that was (I think) 9 weeks post-injury and I did a hell of a lot of cross-training and strengthening work.  Also, I think I probably got away with it because I was training for something like my 8th or 9th marathon and typically do 60-70 miles a week, so a marathon isn't quite the same ask for my body now as it was when I did my first marathon (they still hurt - a lot - but my body is much more conditioned than it used to be).  

Plus, I say I got away with it, but I re-tore the same calf 6 weeks after the marathon...

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Posted: 05/10/2015 at 14:09

DanA: I've never favoured the one single target approach, and so it is fair to say that my targets are:
A: 2.45
B: 2.46.30
C: 2.48

My thinking is that C should be fine, and is as close to in the bag as anything ever is in this game, B is probable and A is possible.  

I know my training has gone well, even if Bristol didn't go to plan (mostly a stress/fuelling issue, so easily explained).  My view was that Cardiff was too close to the big day to race flat out (bearing in mind P&D suggest not racing more than 10 miles flat out when in marathon training), so it was a comfortably hard run, and my legs felt pretty ok on my recovery run this morning.  It also fell at the end of a 68M week (peak is 70), with 14M on the Thursday and 10M on the Saturday, so was on tired legs.  3 weeks out from London (2.49) I did the Maidenhead Easter 10 @ 6.17s.  Runningforfitness's race calculator reckons yeserday's 13.1 @ 6.18s was equivalent to 10 @ 6.12s, so an improvement of 5s/mile (2m 11s over the full distance) - hence I'm pretty sure about the B target.  

I know that the A target will require the sort of good conditions we had yesterday/in London, but I also know that it will mean listening to my body.  I had to do that at Frankfurt in 2013 when 2.57 pace just didn't feel right, and I'll do it at Frankfurt 2015 if I have to.  I'd rather get 2.46.30 or 2.48 from an even paced race and finish knowing there is more to come than crash and burn.

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Posted: 04/10/2015 at 13:35
Bad maths: I think that is more like 2.20!

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Posted: 04/10/2015 at 13:30
Yeah, I could chat the whole way round. Warm up very steady - 8.15 ish bar a few strides - and cool down about 7.45s. 3 separate runs on the Garmin so don't have a total time but at a guess around 2.10.

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Posted: 04/10/2015 at 13:27
Well done, Ryan. Must have been hard work out at the front on your own!

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Posted: 04/10/2015 at 12:34
Cardiff half as a marathon paced effort, part of my last 20 miler. Pleased - and a little surprised - with 1.22.23 so now time to taper and get my head around 2.45 as a target. It would be quite nice to hit the guys' champs qualifier

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Posted: 04/10/2015 at 12:31

Opted for a marathon paced effort at Cardiff as wasn't sure of the sense in a flat out half 3 weeks before a marathon. Very pleased with a chip time of 1.22.23. Looks like I'd better nail my colours to the 2.45 mast. Gulp. 3 warm up and 4 cool down to complete my last 20 miler. Cotton wool and taper madness beckon!
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