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Posted: 26/07/2015 at 20:42

Well done, Speedy and TT

Busy few days for me: 12M Friday evening, 14M Saturday morning and then up to London to watch the Diamond League and dinner with a uni friend, then 18M this morning.  Tired legs after all that!

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Posted: 26/07/2015 at 20:40

Well done, Speedy

Busy few days for me, too: 12M Friday evening, 14M Saturday morning followed by a trip to London to watch the Diamond League and dinner with a uni friend, then 18M this morning.  Tired legs!

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Posted: 22/07/2015 at 06:36
3k for me at the Avon open last night. 10.47 when pb is 10.46 is kind of frustrating but the flip side is I felt very strong and was able to muster 81s for the last lap so hopefully a decent pb will be mine soon!

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Posted: 21/07/2015 at 22:16
Ooof. 3k pb = 10.46. Tonight I managed 10.47, although the 81s closing lap shows there was a bit left in the tank - and that I should have kicked sooner!

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Posted: 21/07/2015 at 17:09

Sorry, work still pretty busy so not able to comment as much as I would like.  P&D week 5 with some tweaks, including a 3000m at the Avon Open this evening.  Fingers crossed I can at least get under 11 this time...

CW: as ever, the mind boggles

Piscator: good to see you back and the improvements starting to occur

Muss: great training session

Padams: think I still owe you a 'well done' for your race

Sorry if I've missed people.

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Posted: 20/07/2015 at 07:44
Gdawg: there's a company that does English language cycling tours. I think they start in Alexanderplatz. It gives you a reasonable overview and then you can pick your favourite bits to revisit properly. The Olympic stadium is pretty fine.

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Posted: 18/07/2015 at 13:38

PP: nice progressive.  I never worry too much about pace in training.  My first attempt at 8M @ MP in January was 4M @ 7m/m before I bailed in disappointment and ran the rest easy.  Main thing was I hit 26.2 at under 6.30m/m come April

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Posted: 17/07/2015 at 22:24
Phew! Comtinuing to rediscover my form: 38.13 (course best) for a multi terrain 10k. 1st lady so ??80 in running shop vouchers, even if I only won because lots of the fast ladies from my own club stayed at home.

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Posted: 17/07/2015 at 22:20
Return to form continues with 38.13 for a multi terrain 10k. Course pb but I probably shouldn't risk racing OOJnr just yet... The fast girls stayed at home so also a nice ??80 in running shop vouchers

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Posted: 15/07/2015 at 22:11
Well done, Junior OO!
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