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Sub 3

Posted: Today at 19:45

Fingers crossed for you, Marigold.  I'll be in Glasgow for the CG (benefits of a sister who lives nearby )  I might even do you a "Don't Be Shit" banner

Sub 3h15

Posted: Yesterday at 07:30

Great reports, Lit and Speedy.

As Mr. Fish has hinted, Maidenhead Easter 10 for me yesterday.  Finally got the sub 65 monkey off my back, although 64.28 is still slower than HM pb pace... I suspect I was 2nd lady because most fast girls are in marathon recovery mode, but I'll take the glory.

Sub 3

Posted: Yesterday at 07:22

Been enjoying the VLM reports but not had much time to post of late.

Popped over to Maidenhead for the Easter 10 yesterday. Finally put right the absence of a sub 65 from my po10 profile albeit 64.28 was still slower than the 64 dead I split in at Bath last year. Still, over 2 mins faster than Bramley so still going in the right direction. I suspect the race falling after VLM accounts for my managing 2nd lady, but I'll take it anyway!

Sub 3

Posted: 13/04/2014 at 22:12

Congrats, CL.  I'm only sorry to hear you didn't feel well enough to celebrate in style!

Sub 3h15

Posted: 13/04/2014 at 21:54

Sounds like a fun day out, AR, if not rather painful.  You'd have probably broken 3.15 if you hadn't spent so long talking to the missus and eating  Hope the AT heals soon...

Well done on the pb, SB

Sub 3h15

Posted: 13/04/2014 at 21:32

Well done on the champs qualifier, Martin.  See you there next year

OO: congrats on the pb and sub 3

Lorenzo: that's a decent chunk off your pb and a GFA, unless I'm much mistaken.  Well done!

Poacher: well done on 3.11 - this is a sub 3.15 thread, so job done.

Sub 3

Posted: 13/04/2014 at 21:28

OK, I've taken notes, so I hope I don't miss anyone...

Coro: most people would train their nads off to manage that time.  Well done!

Postie: congrats on the course best and getting so close to an overall pb

running eye and bainspj: believe me, I should think almost everyone on this thread has had a tough marathon when things just haven't gone to plan.  If it's any consolation, it does make success all the sweeter when it finally comes!

OS: sub 3?  Given the thread title, I'd say job done!

Lev: congrats on the pb (I think) and very well paced.

CD: you've kept that AG top 10 streak going: congratulations!

Well done Spirun and Old No 7 on champs qualifiers.

HR: big pb, although I can understand why those few seconds are frustrating!

TR: really delighted for you. I know that pre-injury/illness your form predicted something better, but given the injury and illness, it's great you managed another sub 2.55.

Sub 3h15

Posted: 13/04/2014 at 17:29

Congratulations to Speedy and Lit on their well deserved sub-3s.

Sensible decision, PMJ.  

Will cyber-stalk others later, but had better do my own run soon...

Sub 3

Posted: 13/04/2014 at 17:27

Well, the news so far is very positive: congratulations to the Not-At-All-Shit Marigold, Champs qualifiers Ryan and Luke and Pi Man for smashing the 3 hour barrier in style.  Off for my own LSR fairly soon after 7 hours of rehearsing!

Sub 3h15

Posted: 13/04/2014 at 09:09

Borrowing some sub-3 speak: DON'T BE SHIT

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