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How to stop feeling fatigue during a race?

Posted: Yesterday at 14:12

Assuming the other thread started by the OP is accurate, he is a 13 y o  boy, so maybe tone it down a bit when replying.

How to stop feeling fatigue during a race?

Posted: Yesterday at 12:10

If your splits are even up until the 3M point then it's weird and hard to know what is causing it (possibly eating too close to the start time, but what would be odd it that always causes a problem at exactly 3M each time).  If your first mile is your fastest by far and your third mile is your slowest (assuming a pretty flat course), your answer is right there: starting too fast.

Sub 3

Posted: Yesterday at 10:46

SB: it's much harder to hit marathon pace in a solo training run.  I take enormous consolation from the fact that my solo MP training run for Frankfurt was (I think) 6.50m/m (possibly 6.45, but certainly no faster) and MP ended up being 6.35m/m.

5M bimble to work this morning.  8.46m/m for the benefit of the pace police.  Legs were toasted from XC on Saturday followed by 20M yesterday.

Sub 3h15

Posted: Yesterday at 06:34

Wool: I'm not sure why Bristol is classified as part of the Midlands rather than Southerns, but we are, so B&W and other local clubs (Westbury, Bath) all did the Mids on Saturday.

Sub 3h15

Posted: 24/01/2015 at 18:35
21st at the mids xc which is 20 better than I've managed before. Team gold too Ankle a bit sore now but only minor so relieved.

Sub 3

Posted: 24/01/2015 at 18:32
21st at mids xc which is 20 places better than 2 years ago. Team gold too. Ankle in one piece but a little sore.

Sub 3h15

Posted: 23/01/2015 at 18:49
I am doing bath. Not sure what the target will be, but I guess 1.20 or 1.21 would be great.

Eat fat?

Posted: 23/01/2015 at 17:04

Sometimes I think Phil's job is actually to track down cheap chocolate.  Which sounds like a very fun job.  Do you need an assistant?

Sub 3h15

Posted: 23/01/2015 at 17:02

08/03/15 - Surrey Half Marathon - Sub-90 - G-Dawg
14/03/15 - The Spring Shakespeare Marathon - 3:10 PMJ
14/03/15 - The Spring Shakespeare Marathon - Must enter GUL
12/04/15 - Brighton Marathon - Sub-3.19 - G-Dawg
12/04/15 - Brighton Marathon - 3:04:xx - FINgers
19/04/15 - Manchester Marathon - Sub-3 - Knight Rider
26/04/15 - VLM - Sub 3:15 (for GFA) - GoldenEagle
26/04/15 - VLM - sub 2.52 - Joolska

Sub 3h15

Posted: 22/01/2015 at 12:03
Can't get icing: in court today and frozen peas not compatible with task in hand.
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