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My Last Run

Posted: 15/12/2012 at 01:40

Thanks, cid.

10k tonight, nice conditions.   Around 4 degrees celsius and a little bit of wind and rain.  Had to take my gloves off after a mile, actually, which was a pleasant change from my hands going numb from the cold yesterday.

My Last Run

Posted: 14/12/2012 at 01:39

Not feeling too hot today, but ran 2 miles on the track I first started on last month.  Even though I wasn't feeling great it was satisfying that the run was so easy, because I'd had to push myself before.

My Last Run

Posted: 12/12/2012 at 10:16

Happy to have completed a tough 3k around the country park which made quick work of me before, and in much worse conditions this time.

Took a 5k detour home after that, scared an old man and his dog on the way, was very funny because the dog comically recoiled when we almost collided on a corner, and I heard the old man mutter, "F*cking hell..." as I passed.


what to wear?

Posted: 12/12/2012 at 05:22

I went on my first run in a long time last month wearing lycra shorts, regular sports shorts over them, a t-shirt, a jumper and a hat.  I very quickly fell down a hill and was covered in mud.  I was absolutely freezing as a result, and I got a lot of very odd looks during my (short) run from fellow runners.

I can't really say I pay much attention to what other people are wearing when they are running, to be honest; however, I have found that people who aren't out running often seem to find people who are out running amusing, regardless of what they're wearing.

Giving up the booze

Posted: 12/12/2012 at 04:58

I've stopped drinking alcohol completely, haven't drunk a drop in months.  Haven't smoked a ciggarette since I was 11, and I've even been trying to cut down on junk food.

I've never been a big drinker, to be honest, so it's not been hard to cut that out.  Junk food has been more difficult, and I must confess that I ordered in a kebab a few days ago; although, it was my first for quite a while.

Earlier this year I ate take-away food 5 days in a row (mum wasn't in to cook, obviously), went to a gym and was violently sick after 10 minutes of skipping.

My Last Run

Posted: 12/12/2012 at 04:35

My most recent run was on Thursday, ran 11k, which was a pb for me.  I had some unfamiliar muscle pain after it, but it was no big deal.  Haven't been able to go out since because of the ice, though. 

Out in country park soon.  It's a cool challenge for me, because I went out there with some guys from a gym during the summer and ended up falling behind, getting lost and then having to take a seat due to exahaustion. 

Internal server error when I try and change my forum name

Posted: 11/12/2012 at 21:09

Having the same problem with both I.E and Firefox.

Running Every Day

Posted: 07/12/2012 at 02:06

About me: 20 Y/O, Average height, slim

I haven't been happy with my level of fitness for a while, so I decided to start running last month.  I went to a cycle track which is near to my home, switched on my Ipod and started running.  It felt great...for a while, and then I 'had to' stop and start walking, because I felt exahausted after about 1km.  I walked the the rest of the distance I had planned and back despite feeling like I was going to throw up.  I went back out the next day and ran just under 4km.  The run back was very hard, but I was pleased to push through.

So, I've been doing pretty much the same run every day I can, sometimes twice a day.  I haven't been able to run on the track the past few days, because of ice everywhere.  Tonight, however, the ice had seemed to have to cleared up, but I was dissapointed to find that the track was still covered in ice.  I decided to go on a road run instead, though.  I ran 11.3km in an hour and 6 minutes, which was surprising. 


Anyway, I really enjoy training, but I've been wondering if running every day, or at least 6 days per week, is a bad thing?  The thing is, I do a tough full body circuit 3-4 times a week, and a some fairly light core training every other day, and I've been wondering if it will catch up on me?

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